Shark in Dreams

Sharks are fearsome creatures of the sea that will tear into every prey. Dreaming of sharks often mean there is an immediate threat close to you. The fear of this powerful enemy or obstacles has you frozen in your tracks. There is little meaning in running away from this fear as foreshadowed by your dream of sharks. The best solution is to confront what is holding you back in order to move on and advance.

Missing an Appointment in Dreams

If you dream of yourself missing an appointment, you are not focusing and paying enough attention to the details of your life. You fear that you are not achieving your goals and that there may be many obstacles in your way that hindered you from keeping that appointment. You should try to live up to the expectations that you want for yourself and not others around you. Even if you did miss that appointment in your current awake self, it does not mean that the world is going to end. Try to reschedule if possible.

Apparition in Dreams

Dreaming of an apparition means you are longing to see the person that has influenced your life the most and need them to be there for you as you go through rough times. What would they do if they were you? How would they take on the obstacle and overcome it?

These apparitions are your subconscious attempting to guide you through the process of overcoming challenges.

Mosquito in Dreams

Dreaming of mosquitoes represent problems that are currently bugging you. Whether it is buzzing around and waiting to take a quick draw of blood to feed itself, the mosquito must be squashed before your days return to normalcy. Your goals for wealth and happiness are on hold while these obstacles continue to trouble you as pestering mosquitoes.