Glass in Dreams

Dreaming of glass means you are protected from the outside world. This also lends to your personality of being passive because you are rarely interacting with people and strangers at social gatherings. Your world is an enclosed snow globe where reality is created in your imagination where you can experience a consistent happiness.

Glass can also mean that your life is fragile but people never get to see the real person behind the glass.

Armadillo in Dreams

Dreaming about an armadillo is a sign of weakness and passivity. Your waking hours involve completing tasks that are handed to your rather than seeking new challenges. You feel better off alienating your friends, strangers, and all people than being proactively establishing relationships.

Jellyfish in Dreams

Jellyfish are passive creatures. Dreaming about a jellyfish or you are dreaming of swimming with jellyfishes; indicates you taking a path of passive aggressive where you take and accept daily tasks that’s given to you, but you don’t necessarily go out and seek work and extracurricular activities with passion. The jellyfish dream is hinting at you to become more assertive, to get your ideas across more forcefully rather than waiting it to happen. So start today and stop being a passive jellyfish.

Aggression in Dreams

Dreaming of aggression means you are holding back on something and need to act before it becomes too late. Is it because you have no balls, or do you ever question yourself what’s the worst that can happen? Over aggression can sometimes lead to bad decisions, but being passive and playing it safe all the time, you might as well sit at home and watch television while wasting your life away.

If you have something important to do, do it now.