Camera in Dreams

Seeing a camera in your dream signifies that you desire to live in the past or want to enjoy a moment that your mind has captured. Alternatively, it can also indicate that you need to focus on a particular situation such as getting a clearer picture or idea. Dreaming that the camera is broken indicates that you are ignoring an issue or refusing to see the big picture. It can also mean that you are trying to destroy a certain memory from your mind or the object/person in the picture.

Archaeology in Dreams

Dreaming of archaeology means you are looking into the past for hints to help you understand and perhaps overcome your personal challenges in life. This can also become a burden for you because it entraps you into wasting time on the past, while the present is passing you by. Try not to be left behind, and continue to forge forward with positive outlooks.

Attic in Dreams

Dreaming of an attic means you have a hard time letting go of your past. An attic is usually a place for storage of mementos, and things collected from your earlier years. This may be keeping you from moving forward with your career or relationship because you are letting your past define your everyday actions.

Remember that your past does not determine what you will do tomorrow. Choose to move forward, and empty out your attic of thoughts and memories.

Bottle in Dreams

Dreaming of a bottle means you are holding on to the past and not necessarily being emotionally expressive in day to day life. Try to remember the contents of the bottle to determine how to let go of your past. Is it past failures with love, career, or goals?

Another view of the dream is to see if the bottle contains a liquid under pressure. If it does, then you need to speak with a friend to get what’s troubling you off your chest. Go ahead, pop the bottle and you will feel better.