Henna in Dreams

Dreaming of a henna tattoo means transitioning to the next phase of your life such as adulthood and maturity levels. Each tattoo is symbolic of your past, and as the henna tattoo fades with time, your past is washed away as well. Wear your history proud, but don’t let the past drag you down. Continue to focus on the present.

Backward in Dreams

Dreaming of moving backwards mean that you want to reexamine the past, and what if scenarios. Instead of moving forward and being outcome independent, you want to know the perfect scenarios of your plans before any execution takes place. Regardless of how perfect you want everything to be, the plan may be doomed to fail because of the non-execution. Perfection kills the smartest ideas due to lack of execution. This is a sign for your waking life to simply move forward and learn from the mistakes.

Belly Button in Dreams

Dreaming of a belly button means you are searching for your past and a time of innocence. Your current frustrations or difficulties can only be alleviated by understanding your past. Without the past, the answers may elude you longer than necessary. In addition, you may remember a time of innocence previously, but difficulties have taken its toll on you.

Focus on finding your past, of how it shaped you to be who you are. Dive deep into your belly button dream, and you will come out as a better person.

Attic in Dreams

Dreaming of an attic means you have a hard time letting go of your past. An attic is usually a place for storage of mementos, and things collected from your earlier years. This may be keeping you from moving forward with your career or relationship because you are letting your past define your everyday actions.

Remember that your past does not determine what you will do tomorrow. Choose to move forward, and empty out your attic of thoughts and memories.