Alder in Dreams

Dreaming of an alder means peace and tranquility allowing your mind to recharge from the hectic waking hours. Resting will bring a bright outlook on life as you will be able to overcome obstacles in your career and financial goals.

Examine your life in a slower pace and realize how wonderful it can be without the daily distractions.

Temple in Dreams

Being regarded as a sacred sanctuary, a temple is an embodiment of spirituality and meditation. Thus, dreaming that you are at a temple represents your desire to find peace and to be at a place of cleansing and spiritual enlightenment. You yearn to develop and sharpen your spiritual growth and inspiration. Seeing a temple in your dreams can represent your desire to find a place where you can take shelter at when you feel like the world is being harsh on you.

Zen in Dreams

Dreaming of Zen means attaining peace in your waking hours. No obstacles nor challenges can unhinge you from the path you take. There’s an aura of peace and balance that radiates off from you. Your peers are always at ease when they are enjoying your company.

You tend to know yourself better than anyone. Continue with your Zen like approach to all things.

Blue in Dream

When your dream is colored in blue or a bluish hue, it depicts you finding inner peace and contentment with your life. There is balance between your work and social life. Even with unplanned turn of events creeping up suddenly, you are still able to handle it with grace. You are the true zen master.