Friends in Dream

When friends appear in your dreams, these are the individuals you care about very much. You are happily conversing with them daily, helping them through good and bad times, and earning the trust of your peers. You are quite popular and a socialite to be surrounded by close friends. You feel very confident and comfortable just meeting new people and making friends.

Audition in Dreams

Dreaming of an audition means you are trying to win the approval of your peers. You are scared of the impressions that you may give them through your day to day interactions. Are you going to sweat through the audition or ace the audition in your dreams will indicate whether you have won their approval.

Team in Dreams

Dreaming of your team represents the people who will push you forward and help you excel. These peers are always available to support your foundation. After the team dream, go and pick out gifts for each individual to show your appreciation for them.

An individual can succeed for only so long without a team.