Frankenstein in Dreams

Dreaming of Frankenstein means you have a fear of unaesthetic things and beings. We grow up in a world where perfect symmetry is valued. We drool over people with perfect skin. Seeing Frankenstein for all his outwardly appearances, you despise him because he does not represent what we are accustomed to and like.

Your inability to accept anything that you do not understand will continue limit the world you live in.

Spiders in Dream

Dreaming of spiders means an attachment to multitasking. You cannot contain yourself from getting involved in other people’s business even if they don’t want you to. This leads to strained business relationships and potential failings in your financial foundation.

Spiders also represent aiming for perfection when building a home or trapping for food. Every web you build is the exact replica of the previous versions.

The foundation and support that you seek may lay with your spider dream. It is letting you know to start laying the ground works of one web at a time until you have a big web to catch the opportunities that come.

Number Ten in Dreams

People always associate the number ten with perfection and quintessence. Seeing the number ten appear in your dreams may suggest that you feel content and euphoric at this point in your life. Everything to you may be ideal or almost perfect. The number ten also harmonizes with the term closure, meaning you have found the answer to what you seek for. The number ten may also exemplify the law in relations to the ten commandments.

Alabaster in Dreams

Dreaming of alabaster means capturing a successful moment in art. The form carries perfection, and endures the test of time through the love and care you have put into creating the piece. This is to show your attachment to the subject of interest where you exert all your energies.