Garlic in Dreams

Dreaming of passing through a garlic patch represents a rise from poverty to fame and wealth. For a young woman, this signifies that she will marry a man with business, and that love will not be considered in the formula. Eating garlic in your dreams means that you will take a sensible view of life and leave its ideals to take care of themselves. It symbolizes abundance. Dreaming of garlic brings nothing but positive vibrations in your life, especially when it comes to money.

Aurora Borealis in Dreams

Dreaming of aurora borealis means whatever you are dealing with currently is giving off excess energy. It is your desire to capture the escaping energy, which is both warm and positive. Don’t wait for the aurora borealis to dissipate before your moment of opportunity has passed. It is also a very good indication that your actions immediately after the aurora borealis dream will be received warmly.

Pig in Dreams

Pigs are generally smart animals associated with indulgence. Dreaming about pigs is an indication or reinforcement your current success in business life and opportunities. Go pamper yourself with a night out in the town for the overall positive dream of pigs.

Insects in Dream

Dreams about insects are accompany by abundant or over indulgence of a real life substance. In terms of the positive outlook, it can mean future financial gains will come in a windfall amount. In terms of the unforeseen, images and visions will be blurred by the vast swarming of the insects in your dream.