Money in Dreams

Dreaming about money is your need for power and control. When money is examined in a literal sense, it is nothing more than a number printed on a piece of paper or digits in a bank account. However, this measure allows any individual to accomplish great things without limitations.

Is your dream about attaining great wealth or simply dreaming of the day you become debt free? Each dream is at a different level depending on your own success level and financial competency.

Walrus in Dreams

When you dream of a walrus, you are content with being top dog and dominating over situations and relationships. There will be people close to you that hate you for the hoarding of power and position. However, you will continue to put them in their place with your overwhelming strength and power that comes with your fortuitous wealth.

In relationships, you prefer to date anyone you please and not held to the same standards of seeing only one person at a time.

Mars in Dreams

The red planet, Mars was named after the Roman god of war. To visualize this planet in your dreams symbolizes passion, courage, power, and ambition. As the god of war, Mars was imbued with great masculine power, pride, and determination for avarice and success. As a result, seeing this planet in your dreams, represents your fiery motivation for achievement. Failure is not an option for you.

Whale in Dreams

Dreaming about a whale signifies power and strength. Everything being foretold by the dream is positive. Expect a good turn of events coming your way. Enjoy your business and love life with full confidence after dreaming about whales.

Your business will grow with unlimited success. And your relationships will be stronger and more intimate.