Armchair in Dreams

Dreaming of an armchair means you have stability and patience in your life. The armchair provides you with a level head and keeps you grounded. Your career and business dealings will continue to moving forward without any foreseeable obstacles in the way. From the seated position of power, people you encounter acknowledge your presence and seek your wisdom.

Hawk in Dreams

Dreaming of hawks indicate power and an increase in wealth if the hawk is in a calm perched position. However, if the hawk is flying in your dream, then you are giving chase to certain losses happening in your everyday life.

Marble in Dreams

Dreaming of marble means you crave power and success. Your buildings and living quarters are adorned with marble floors to makes sure all your visitors know you have the wealth to cater to such lifestyles. Your conversations revolves around how you imported the finest marble from foreign countries to top your competitors. In your waking hours, some people do not understand your obsession with material wealth.

Boots in Dreams

Dreaming of boots mean accepting your position of power. No longer are you going to slug through uneven terrain at your job with sneakers. Your boots will provide you the traction needed to power through tough situations at work, and help your subordinates play their roles. Continue to delegate with responsibility where your new found power is handled with care.