Islam in Dreams

Dreaming of Islam means you are deep in spirituality. You hold dear in your heart the words of great prophets. Your goal is to treat all your brethren as equals where all fruits of labor are shared for the common good.

Continue with the daily prayers to further ascend in your studies and devotion.

*** Contrary to what others may think. Discussing bad dreams is the same as discussing good dreams, because both processes help free our minds from weighted thoughts allowing everyone to get on with their lives. Don’t allow anyone or anything to lock up your mind and soul due to ignorance.

Jesus in Dreams

When Jesus appears in your dreams, all your prayers will be answered in the coming days. Be prepared to reap financial rewards, greater health, and solutions to difficult problems. The troubles that burden you will finally be lifted because of your strong faith and belief.

It is important to remember the messages being spoken by Jesus in your dreams, because he will show you the way. Learning how to fish will help you in this lifetime.

Apocalypse in Dreams

Dreaming of an apocalypse means surviving total destruction as the chosen people who will rebuild from the ground up all over again. Your faith will be tested with difficult challenges to filter out the non-believers. Do not fear the plans laid out for you by a higher power.

Your prayers will be answered and any obstacles in your path will destroyed.

Angels in Dream

When angels appear in your dreams, they are answering to your prayers. Their presences upon you will bring about good fortune and help to dispel your worries pertaining to relationships, illnesses, and stressful situations. Have faith that your cry for help and reassurance will be answered in due time.

It is important to remember what the angels do in your dreams, or what words of wisdom are spoken to you. Heaven may be a place close to your heart.