Blinds in Dreams

Dreaming of blinds mean there are things in your life that you don’t want anyone to know about. Whatever happens, you want to keep this part of your life private and away from prying eyes. Until you are ready to reveal the mystery, it is okay to keep it to yourself unless it brings on harm to yourself or those indirectly involved.

Cheating in Dreams

Cheating in dreams is very common. The human mind allows you to explore possibilities without hurting anyone or relationships in real life. It is healthy to entertain those thoughts from time to time, but obssessing over the cheating dreams will be your downfall where perception becomes reality.

Remember that you are not cheating if you are not caught. It is better to keep your private dream to yourself.

Bathrobe in Dreams

Dreaming of a bathrobe means you have something to hide, or have something that you are not necessarily comfortable discussing. If you are dealing with tough issues at work, it will be best to keep it private and away from being publicly known. Keep to yourself until your dream shows you removing your bathrobe.

Bathroom in Dreams

Dreaming of a bathroom indicates a need for emotional release. You feel safe and secure in one of the most private rooms in the house or public, where you get reassurances that no one is watching. The bathroom in your dreams contains your private thoughts and emotions. The sooner you express these to someone else rather than keeping them to yourself, the sooner you will surface out of the emotional ordeal.