Decorating in Dreams

To dream that you are decorating something indicates you are trying to cover up imperfections or render something as clandestine to others. You do not wish for others to find out what may lay beneath the exterior of the object that you are decorating. At the same time, dreaming about decorating may reflect your desire to ignore or bury an issue at hand. You put layers and layers of decoration on top of it, hoping to avoid addressing the very heart of the issue. You rather deal with the superficial layers first and want to worry about the core of the problem later.

Alternatively, decorating in dreams can indicate that it a time of celebration and festivals. You are in preparation of honoring the holiday or a prominent day in your life by embellishing it with pretty ornaments and garnish.

Gargoyle in Dreams

Dreaming of a gargoyle means you know of some incident that cannot be revealed to the public. Whenever it tries to surface into the light, people involved tends to make it hidden again. Dealing with such a difficult situation is disheartening, and can continue to drain you of your energies until you too become part of the problem.

Set yourself free by distancing yourself from the issue, as if you have absolutely no more involvement in it because it is beyond your control. Your dreams then will be clear of any gargoyles.

Accident in Dream

Dreaming of an accident represents a sense of trouble or problem waiting to happen. There’s a negative sense of urgency that requires your immediate attention. Take a step back from everything going on around you to reevaluate the situations that can cause you emotional pain and anxiety.

Ostrich in Dreams

An ostrich is a powerful bird, yet often misunderstood. When an ostrich appears in your dream, it is a representation of you avoiding reality. You run away from problems and avoid on coming problems. This leads up to more problems eventually crushing your spirits in the process.