Seeing Future in Dream

When you dream about a future even that is about the happen, then the dream is both prophetic and may act as a warning. Learn to channel these future dreams, and you will be able to create your own aspirations and success.

Win Sweepstakes in Dream

Dreaming of winning a sweepstakes represents a prophetic message that you are chosen to win. The prizes in the sweepstakes is something you desire tremendously and winning it would mean a great deal to you and your family. The winning dream also carries with it a lot of luck to the host dreamer. In the waking hours, pick up a couple sweepstakes form and fill them out because you are feeling lucky.

Seeing the Future in Dream

Dreaming of seeing the future means you have prophetic abilities to witness events before they happen. They can involve plane crashes, car accidents, trains jumping the rail, a person getting shot, or two people arguing. Unfortunately large catastrophes are hard to prevent as pin pointing every exact detail can take days or weeks before anyone is willing to listen to your dreams.