Sphinx in Dreams

Dreaming of a sphinx details a certain wisdom in your life. Sphinxes were known for being a sign of wisdom and mystery as they often hold riddles and other profound statements. Therefore, if you dream of a sphinx, it may reflect a guardianship position in your life. Ancient Egyptians used the sphinxes as guardians to their tombs so perhaps you are in a similar position? Perhaps you are actively protecting and watching over important people or even things that are dear to you?

Blanket in Dreams

Dreaming of a blanket means seeking out warmth and protection. In relationships, you will have a natural tendency to become as intimate as possible because that is how you will establish a warm relationship with the other person. In facing challenges, you will seek out stronger mentors and peers to garner their support in your endeavors.

Be aware that you will receive what you seek, remember to reciprocate, otherwise your blanket can be taken away from your as quickly as it was received.

Amulet in Dreams

Dreaming of an amulet means you are seeking magical protection from fears and evils that abound the earth. The amulet helps to create a protective aura surrounding you that wards off evil. Various amulets have additional powers such as shielding your scent from being found.

Without living in fear, you will be able to focus your energies in advancing your career.

Condom in Dreams

A condom can have many meanings in itself such as protection and sexually being active. To see an unwrapped condom in your dream denotes sexual frustration and a low sexual life. It may also indicate that you are experiencing anxiety about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases because of previous sexual contact. To see a wrapped condom in your dream symbolizes your one-sided viewpoints and not letting others voice their opinions. It also symbolizes sexual possibilities in the future. To dream that you or your partner is wearing a condom, suggests that you feel emotionally protected.