Windows in Dreams

Having a window, or many in your dreams represents either one of two things. Depending on the state of the window.

If you’re looking through the window in your dream, it means that you either want something on the other side, or you’re just observing because of a certain feeling. It could vary in emotions from jealousy, approval, hatred etc. Depending on what you see on the other side, if it’s positive, then you either yearn for it, or you like it. If it’s negative it can associate with all the other negative emotions.

If you’re looking at a reflection in the window, it could mean that there should be a re-evaluation of yourself. You might see something wrong with yourself, or your conscious is telling you that something’s not right with the way you are presently, either emotionally or physically.

Compass in Dreams

A compass has long been an instrument to help people find their way. Dreaming of a compass may signify a sense of being lost or trying to find something. Though the compass will never be able to pinpoint and tell you exactly where whatever you may be looking for is, it does give a general sense of direction. This will assist you and give some hints as to where you may be headed. It doesn’t tell you where you are, but it lets you know where you are going generally and thus, the same notion can be applied to the dreamers. They will not know the location of what they search for, but they will have that innate sense that they are close.

Seeing a compass in your dream may also be an indication for you to reflect the path that your current wake self is taking.

Mirror in dreams

Seeing a mirror in dreams is your mind telling you to take a good look at yourself. A mirror displays your physical appearance, unedited and the true visual of what you are. Metaphorically a mirror can represent the type of person you are on the inside. You see a mirror in your dreams because there is something about yourself that you do not appreciate whether it be physical or internal. Find out who you are on the inside and out and maybe then you can be at one with who you are and what you want to become. Not everyone’s perfect, but the first step to self worth is to understand and accept who and what you are.