Bathtub in Dreams

Dreaming of a bathtub means you are seeking relaxation and renewal. A bathtub contains the cleansing liquid that will help you rid of your worries and daily annoyances. Take time to fill the bathtub with clear water and surround it with candles to enhance the mood. Sink into the filled bathtub and come out renewed.

Pillow in Dreams

A pillow can be a significant marker of weariness. The burdens of the everyday life can be a heavy load to bear on your shoulders. A pillow has always been a sign of rest, of sleep and relaxation. At night, one lays their head down upon the pillow to rest from the day’s activities. As a result, the dreaming of a pillow can show a notion of weariness in a person due to a dragging and tugging lifestyle that looks to have no end. The pillow is the end of the day, where one can lay down and rest to forget everything that they long for to end. Thus, you should take it easy on your life and try to get some rest.

Seeing a pillow in your dream can also be interpreted as you being in a comfortable and relaxed state. A pillow is something that is personal so it can be symbolic of security and comfort. It can also be viewed as a sign of laziness.

Neptune in Dreams

To dream about the planet Neptune, it symbolizes serenity, relaxation, imagination, and creativity. You are submerged with inspiration to explore and understand your loved ones. At the same time, you desire to provide companionship to your loved ones in times of need and adversity. Neptune is the Roman god of the oceans and water. Thus, this can be associated with purification and reflective qualities.

Dreaming about Neptune may indicate you may be in turmoil with your emotions as Neptune is associated with influences on your emotional side. When dealing with emotional situations, you are more prone to become sensitive to certain issues.

Spa in Dreams

Defined as a placid facility of relaxation, spas often revive people who are fatigued and exhausted by everyday life. Thus, dreaming that you are at a spa is indicative of your need or desire to re-energize yourself before dealing with upcoming tasks. Seeing yourself at a spa in your dream can also suggest that you want to wash away things that have been troubling you before you continue on to the next phase of life. You want to tackle matters at hand with invigorated spirit.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and do so as even your dream is prompting you!