Joke in Dreams

Dreaming of a joke may be the subconscious part of your mind telling you that it is time to be serious. A joke is something to lighten the mood just temporarily. Thus, if your mind is dreaming of a joke, this is the temporary moment of relaxation and humor before diving into something more serious. Perhaps there is something that you have been putting off or procrastinating upon in real life; it is probably your mind knowing that you are putting it off, yet you do nothing about it. Therefore, with this knowledge, you should dive right back into your work and be serious. This dream can also be implying that you feel like you are not being taken seriously and you feel frustrated by this.

Beds in Dreams

Dreaming of beds means your mental state has reached a point of exhaustion while gaining a vast among of knowledge in the process. You are the type who welcomes relaxation and can shut down responsibilities to recover the body and mind.

Also, a bed can mean a place of union between you and your loved one to share intimate moments.

Spa in Dreams

Defined as a placid facility of relaxation, spas often revive people who are fatigued and exhausted by everyday life. Thus, dreaming that you are at a spa is indicative of your need or desire to re-energize yourself before dealing with upcoming tasks. Seeing yourself at a spa in your dream can also suggest that you want to wash away things that have been troubling you before you continue on to the next phase of life. You want to tackle matters at hand with invigorated spirit.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and do so as even your dream is prompting you!

Snow in Dreams

Snow in dreams represent many things, depending on their context:

Snow can mean gentleness, as snow is white and fluffy, it can symbolize who you are as a person, or the characteristics of a person you care about. This can be seen as a time of peace in your life, or a time of relaxation. Accept this time of peace and let it take you in.

When covered in snow, snow represents the idea of hiding or being hidden. Your mind is trying to repress memories or trying to hide things that you wish to get out of your life. You may not necessarily be in a state of happiness, but you’re trying to relieve yourself of some problem in your life.

Snowstorms represent chaos in one’s life. It is all fluttered and unorganized, and it’s getting in the way of you doing what you need to do. Perhaps you need to organize yourself, and allow yourself to walk past the storm. You can’t allow the snow to block your view on your goals. Walk forward in progression until you see a clearer day.