Dawn in Dreams

Dreaming of dawn means a renewal in relationships. You have reached a new stage of your life where you can begin again at reestablishing and strengthening all existing business and personal relationships. Human nature dictates that the norm is to ignore people that have fallen out of sight out of mind because that’s the easiest thing to do. Pick up the phone and reconnect with people you know.

Black Friday in Dreams

Black Friday is the most renown shopping day of the year. Every store is looking to give out deals, and attract a massive crowd of customers. In dreams, it symbolizes renewal, Black Friday allows the chance for change. People will buy new clothes, furniture, household appliances, and anything they find. It’s a time to shed what was once past and old, and upgrade to the present.

Perhaps, this relates to the material possessions in your life. Maybe it’s time to throw out those old pair of jeans, and invest in new ones. It relieves people of having to buy items at regular price, and gives flexibility for those with less income. It’s a sign to go out and have fun, to splurge on yourself, because it’s been long overdue. As they say ” Out with the old, and in with the new”

Birth in Dreams

Dreaming of birth means renewal of hope and new beginnings. If you are experiencing difficulties in your career and relationships, then changes will be coming that provides for new opportunities rather than you having to subject yourself to a cycle that goes nowhere.

The birth of a new project (or relations) will consume all your energy, and the reward will be all worth it.

Cockroaches in Dream

Dreaming of cockroaches means you are disgustingly dirty, and in an absolute need to cleanse yourself. The physical act of removing all the dirt represents the need for self renewal because you cannot continue associating yourself with cockroaches that tread on its own fecal matter.

Start by throwing out the old, the things that take up space both physically and mentally because a dirty past is not worth remembering and only chains you from spreading your wings to reach new goals.