Chased in Dreams

The fear of being chased in dreams stems from real life anxieties. Have you committed an attrocious act that you are hidding from everyone and scared of being found? You are running away at the same time being chased in your dream, because it is instinctive to avoid being caught. There is a lot of pressure on you to keep avoiding the issues at work or your relationships.

If you continue to have these being chased dreams very often, seek out a person you can trust and discuss with them how you can confront the issues at hand. There is no need to keep feeling vulnerable every night you fall asleep.

Mouse in Dreams

Dreaming of a mouse means how timid and scared you are. You tend to back up and run away from every confrontation, or difficult assignments. You are a master as avoiding tasks, and have an excuse for everything whether they are of big or small importance. As a person, learn to grow some balls and start standing up for what you believe in, otherwise you are just taking up space.

Agoraphobia in Dreams

Dreaming of agoraphobia means you are scared on new settings and unfamiliar places. Or your anxiety triggering your dreams to associate with a terminology related to the specific phobia.

To counter the agoraphobia dream, you should bring a friend to new places allowing you to lean on their shoulders when you have a panic attack.