Rape in Dreams

The act of being raped in dreams is a strong sign of a bad relationship. You are most likely with some one you feel inferior to. Instead of being in a partnership where you and the other person, listen and help one another, the other person most likely dominates. You feel insecure and unable to make them listen to you. There’s a feeling of being tied down and not being able to defend, or protect yourself. You’re in fear that your partner can hurt you and that you’re not safe when you’re around them. It’s a sign that you’re not being taken seriously and that your partner doesn’t really care much about you.

This is the time for you to re-evaluate your relationship and talk about it. You can’t just live in the shadow of someone else for the rest of your life. Stand up, and be strong, because you’re the only one in control of yourself.

Sex Change in Dreams

Sex change in dreams that you are not comfortable with your heterosexuality and you are uncertain about it. Someone of the same sex has gained your interest and curiosity so the heterosexuality you are accustomed to is now faltered. Heterosexuality is usually considered the “norm.” So by being someone of the opposite sex in the dream allows you to like the person of the same sex, without fear or being different.

Abstinence in Dreams

Being Abstinent in a dream can represent the idea of being afraid to give yourself up to someone else. You may be afraid to give a part of yourself to some one by having a sexual encounter. This can be a sign of being vulnerable or a fear of getting close to a person. Abstinent in a dream is also a sign of an issue with commitment. Perhaps you don’t want to be close with the person you’re in a relationship now, because you’re afraid they might hurt you.

You need to talk with your partner and make sure you trust them enough to bring this up to them. Ask them how they feel about being abstinent and evaluate how you feel. You may be feeling unprotected and vulnerable to being hurt.

Having Sex in Dreams

Having sex in a dream needs no further interpretation. It is what the dreamer wants it to be. The human mind is amazing in that it allows us to fantasize and visualize our desires in dreams as if it was real.

Dreaming of sex is often the result from and onset of falling in love, physical attractions, and longing for someone.