Sex with Best Friend in Dreams

Dreaming about having sex with your best friend even if you have never been intimate with them before indicates that you want to be closer to them, with the possibility of even becoming boyfriend or girlfriends. It may be a confusing situation, where the dream is telling you to get closer to them (it does not mean you need to act it out sexually).

Vagina in Dreams

Dreaming of a vagina refers to female sexuality. You are excited about the new relationship that has established as a part of your life. The relationship will get more intimate as that is what you currently desire as the vagina dream is an indication.

Happiness and fortune will smile upon you as difficulties are forgotten and you enter a stage of complete bliss.

Pelvis in Dreams

Dreaming of the pelvis means you have sexual ambiguities where you do not exhibit any dominant male or female traits. Plan on resolving your sexuality by experimenting to determine who you really are. Do not fear as it is a very natural experience that the human race has been perpetuating for millions of years. Learn to be comfortable and embrace who you are.

Bedspread in Dreams

Dreaming of a bedspread means you are looking for additional ways to express yourself sexually. Does the bedspread represent beauty and warmth? Or does the bedspread represent structure and cleanliness? Choose the one that represents you best, and you will not hold anything back when the time is right.

Clue into the various designs of the bedspread in your dream, then replicate it as best in the waking hours.