Aim in Dreams

Dreaming of aim represents setting higher goals in your career and life. Currently you start out strong but have a tendency to finish last as you lose aim when confronted with obstacles. The road ahead will not be easy, so take aim of where you need to go in your dreams.

If you are dreaming of lack of aim, then you need real life practice to help you get more comfortable in managing your daily challenges.

Pyramid in Dreams

Pyramids have been considered a great spectacle of the world. The ancient Egyptians took many years to build just one, yet they have multiple pyramids in existence. Dreaming of such pyramids can signify that there is a potential to do great things in life, to build wonders and huge projects that stand out like the pyramids do. And as the years go by, the pyramids continue to stand proud and tall, braving various harsh conditions. Thus, dreaming about pyramids suggests that you have a strong and solid foundation. This can be directly translated into longevity, firm will, and the power to dazzle others.

Stallion in Dreams

Stallions are strong creatures. When a stallion appears in your dream, it signifies the power and strength within you. Being able to harvest these attributes will take you far in business and relationships. In addition, there will be individual who realize your strengths and help push you towards your goals.

Britney Spears in Dreams

Dreaming about Britney Spears is about having a strong belief in making a full comeback to regain all of glories past. It takes renewed ambition and guts to work very hard towards wealth and fame all over again. Friends and family will once again accept you for who you are, providing you with the necessary support to make you great.

It also means that you are a strong supporter of Britney Spears and love her music.