Business Success in Dream

A dream of business success signifies issues and the frustrations that are associated with the limitations in the dealings of running your business in the conscious part of your waking life. It is an indication of your high aptitude to succeed and overcome obstacles in operating your business. Alternatively, the dream may be an analogy of the success of your business and your content to have finally successfully execute and accomplish your own goals and objectives.

Oscar De La Hoya in Dreams

Dreaming of Oscar De La Hoya means taking your fighting experiences and applying it to build a thriving business empire. Whatever your work and educational experience may be, it doesn’t matter unless you apply yourself more than one hundred percent to see it succeed.

Along the way there will be people who tell that you can’t, drop them from your circle and continue to devote your time and attention to your dream goals until you have tremendous success or a miserable failure. Do not be the person stuck in the middle without trying and gain nothing from the experience.

Elected President in Dreams

Dreaming of being elected president represents your high level of self esteem, and confidence. Whatever you are doing, continue to maintain a high focus and you will succeed with the support of those who like you (and voted for you).

Nose in Dreams

Dreaming of a nose represents your desire to achieve by following new found success. The nose allows us to pick up scents that cannot be seen meaning the nose dream is an early indication that your path is set ahead of all your peers without anyone realizing it except you. Continue to thrive in finding new opportunities in your career and life.