Aunt in Dream

Dreaming of an aunt means you see yourself personified as one of your relatives. If it is an aunt that you dislike, then you hate the same traits, behavior, or mannerism that you have copied from her. If it is an aunt that you like, then you wish to be more like her in real life to have more success in your career and relationships.

Face in Dreams

Dreaming of a face represents you seeking to be more like that person whether that person’s personality, abilities, or traits make them attractive. The more you see their faces in dreams, the stronger your desires to be emulate their every accomplishments.

Seeing your own face represents a degree of uncertainly you are encountering in your own self image. Take a step back and re-evaluate areas that you can improve on, and start immediately. Before you know it, that aspect of your life has already become stronger.

Pelvis in Dreams

Dreaming of the pelvis means you have sexual ambiguities where you do not exhibit any dominant male or female traits. Plan on resolving your sexuality by experimenting to determine who you really are. Do not fear as it is a very natural experience that the human race has been perpetuating for millions of years. Learn to be comfortable and embrace who you are.