Alder in Dreams

Dreaming of an alder means peace and tranquility allowing your mind to recharge from the hectic waking hours. Resting will bring a bright outlook on life as you will be able to overcome obstacles in your career and financial goals.

Examine your life in a slower pace and realize how wonderful it can be without the daily distractions.

Underwater in Dreams

To dream that you are underwater is reflective of your current state. You may feel that you are drowning and sucked into a whirlpool of problems and negative emotions. As a result, you feel you are losing control of salient tasks at hand and your life. Thus, you desire to find solutions and balance in your life.

Envisioning yourself underwater in your dream also has another interpretation. Water is a breathtaking element of nature so if you see yourself underwater, it may suggests you have a great affinity for the aquatic environment. You long for the tranquility that the blue waters can provide for you. This underwater dream may be indicative of your adventurous side and urge to explore so you can escape from boring everyday life.

Yoga in Dreams

To envision yourself performing yoga in your dreams may be reflective of your actual actions during your awake life if you are a yoga practitioner. This shows that as a person, you have a great sense of tranquility and control over your mind. However, if you normally do not do yoga, this dream can allude that you need maintain more balance and harmony in your life.

Aquamarine in Dreams

Dreaming of aquamarine means tranquility and inner peace. Everything you have done in your career and relationships, you have given it your best without any regrets on the outcomes. You live life to the fullest learning as much as you can, and giving back as much as you can. You never doubt the purpose why you are put on earth.