Leaves in Dreams

Red, brown, and orange leaves laid sprawled on the ground as the last glimmers of fall faded away with the nearing of winter. They fall in order to make room for period of barrenness and eventually, the period of rebirth. Thus, dreaming about leaves may symbolize that change is near and you seek advancement in life. You shed away the old and start anew to improve upon yourself. Leaves falling and then regrowing in the spring is symbolic of death, rebirth, and growth. Although you may have fallen and underwent a period of solitude, ultimately, you will absorb knowledge and be reborn. This will be your period of transformation.

Leaves in your dream may also symbolize contentment and openness towards others. They can be indications of various aspects in your life due to their varying colors.

However, to see only brown and withered leaves in your dream, it symbolizes that you feel hopeless and lost. The plain brown color shows that you feel stuck in phase of forlornness. To rid yourself of this, try to change your outlook by seeing what is causing you to feel this way.

Alchemy in Dreams

Dreaming of alchemy means transformation to someone other than your old self. You are not happy with your current situation and a positive change needed immediately. It takes a lot to change while not reverting back to your old ways and bad habits.

Alchemy dream allows you to hit rock bottom and ride the cycle to the top again.

Autumn Dream

Autumn is a season of change. When you dream of Autumn, leaves are turning brown falling off trees. The warmth and excitement is coming close to an end; replaced by transformation and change.

All good things go through cycles, and when Autumn appears in a dream, you can certainly expect the highs to go lowers, and the lows to go higher. Some positives turning negative, and some negative aspects of your life turning positive.

Bonfire in Dreams

Dreaming of a bonfire means you are getting rid of your old self and eliminating your bad habits. Whatever is holding you back mentally, now is the time to cast away the past and move on. Figure out the bad habits that you would like to cast into the fire, and replace it with something more productive. Many dreamers witness a positive transformation after dreaming of a bonfire.