Trapped in Dream

Dreaming of being trapped means you are stuck in an unfulfilled job or relationship that everyday you are wishing to get out and never see the same people again. Going through the same routines daily will make anyone feel trapped. It is your responsibility to mix it up by taking a vacation and planning special events rather than heading home to watch television, sleep and restart the day with the same daily grind.

Blessing in Dreams

Dreaming of a blessing means approval for your actions. There may be some fear on taking your next steps before you get the blessing, but do know that if you had already taken all the precautionary steps, then the blessing is nothing more than a nod of acknowledgement for your work.

Don’t be trapped by getting blessing for everything you do, otherwise it becomes a vicious cycle of that many superstitious individual never recover from.

Trapped in a Castle in Dreams

When one thinks of a castle, they often think of grandness and great power and wealth. It is a dream that became reality for many to live in a castle, for it is indicative of your dignified status. However, envisioning yourself trapped in a castle in your dream is equivalent to you feeling trapped and confined. It can be summed up with this simple assertion, “Although you live in place of great beauty and fortune, you lack happiness due to your feelings of being limited.” Always in the spotlight due to your high status, you feel limitations shrouding you and hindering you from doing what you really want.