Mice in Dreams

Mice are associated with vermin. A dream with mice is not a good sign, as there are trouble looming over a chain of events. Your business partnerships will go soar as each partner is represented by the greed and hoarding nature of mice.

Your relationships will face hard times as well, because mice are known to be aggressively argumentative over territories. Tread carefully after mice appears in your dreams.

Sardines in Dreams

When sardines appear in our dreams, there is usually trouble ahead. Whether it will be a lovers quarrel or a business disagreement, you will not get away from it without any negative effects. Your reputation will be tarnished as a result.

Killer in Dreams

When you see a killer in your dreams, it is an indication of your own anxieties in the waking life. Are you mishandling work related tasks that you feel threatened about if it was exposed? There are certain things you would rather have remain hidden.

The fear of being exposed or revealed creates the killer character in your dreams. The way you handle this dream is to thoroughly go through all the things that trouble you in real life, and come up with a solution for each.

Flood in Dreams

Dreaming of a flood can signify a rush of unending burdens. The wave of things that come at your seems to be forever, stretching as far as the horizon. There is no end in sight, no visible finish to the torrent of trouble. As the word flood dictates, it comes all at once, a massive incoming of trouble and undesired things. You don’t have time to react and muster up the courage to face it. It is a simple fight for survival, from when it starts to when it finally stops.

Visualizing a bristling flood in your dream can also be interpreted repressed sexual tension or unstable emotions that you may be feeling. However, if a slow moving flood is seen in your dream, this may be symbolic of the bad times and things are about to be swept away.