Fighting in Dreams

When you’re fighting in you’re dreams, it’s most likely due to an unresolved issue you have within your life. The fighting represents some sort of anger or hatred you have towards someone that you haven’t been able to express. Your mind is easing itself by allowing your pleasure zone to feel the power of fighting in your dreams, when you physically can’t. Your mind is pretty much tricking you in a healthy way allowing you do accomplish what you want, while resisting you from making a bad decision. The best thing to do is to solve your dilemma with this person(s), so your mind can be clear.

Blind in Dreams

Dreaming of blindness means a challenge remains unresolved. In your waking hours, you are aware that problems exist in your relationships, yet you choose to be blind to the concerns raised to you. The procrastination may seem the easy way out until everything comes crumbling out of control and abruptly ends your relationships.

Peel away what keeps you blind, and focus on fixing the problems that need your immediate attention.