Binoculars in Dreams

Dreaming of binoculars mean you are ready to see more of the forest instead of focusing on the trees. The binoculars enable your vision to see farther and see more details before embarking on finalizing your decisions. Your peers will trust you more when you are able to present to them a longer term world view.

Dreaming of binoculars will free you from your old myopic ways.

Becoming Blind in Dreams

Having your vision obscured is a scary ordeal to go through. With impaired vision, you are no longer able to see clearly, all those important to you and your own environment. Dreaming of being blind in dreams may have different interpretations depending on the situation you are in.

To dream of yourself with impaired vision may imply that you have a great tendency to overlook things and not pay enough attention to the more trivial things of life. You may be blinded by your great ambitions for success or power that you forget those important around you. At this point, you should turn around and realize that power and success does not measure up to the extraordinariness of just having family and friends.

Not being able to see in your dream may indicate that you feel lost and don’t exactly know where your life is headed towards. You are full of uncertainty and doubt due to deprivation of a solution to your problems. You lack the information necessary and clear state of mind to make a decision to change this feeling of unease.

Being blind in your dream may symbolize your inability to make connections and relationships with your loved ones due to a barrier of mistrust you built around yourself. If you feel this way, try to slowly learn to trust those around and not think negatively of them. In order to trust others, you also need to first trust yourself and have confidence to make decisions.

Another interpretation of being blind in your dream is that you feel someone around you is hiding the truth away from you. You feel betrayed by this thought and want to learn of the truth, no matter how harsh and cruel it may be. To you, it is better to know the truth, than blindly live in false illusions.