Ladder in Dreams

A ladder in your dream can have multiple meanings, depending on the context. The common phrase “ladder of success” may be one of them. If you’re climbing the ladder of success, your dream is about business, whether it’s starting your own, or achieving a greater value through income. This can be because you’re unsatisfied with your current status and want to achieve more.

A ladder in your dream can also be you yearning for something. A ladder is made up of many levels, and your dream can be representing you moving on through life passing many obstacles, and moving on one level at a time. This is a good dream because whatever the case is, it means progression and moving forward.

David Cook in Dreams

David Cook was the winner of American idol, him appearing in your dream can mean many things. For one, it can represent your desire for him. Maybe you have a passion for him, and his talents. You know that you may not have a chance to be with him physically, so your mind creates a tangible scenario that you can have. Another symbol is that it can represent your yearning to become the American idol. You want what he has, and your mind is trying to give you this by letting you know that you can possibly become like David Cook.

Windows in Dreams

Having a window, or many in your dreams represents either one of two things. Depending on the state of the window.

If you’re looking through the window in your dream, it means that you either want something on the other side, or you’re just observing because of a certain feeling. It could vary in emotions from jealousy, approval, hatred etc. Depending on what you see on the other side, if it’s positive, then you either yearn for it, or you like it. If it’s negative it can associate with all the other negative emotions.

If you’re looking at a reflection in the window, it could mean that there should be a re-evaluation of yourself. You might see something wrong with yourself, or your conscious is telling you that something’s not right with the way you are presently, either emotionally or physically.

Phone Call in Dreams

A phone call in your dream is parallel to a real phone call in the real world. A phone call in a dream can have many meanings and have various affects on your physical self. A phone call can be a point of realization, where the dream has hit a climax, or a significant turning point. The phone call can be something you’ve been waiting for, which can be relevant to something or someone you desire.

Physically, a phone call can be similar to other affects as jumping off something in a dream, the loud noise can usually be a point where the dream stops, and the dreamer wakes up, leaving the dream unfinished.