Anteater in Dreams

An anteater is a cautious animal. To see an anteater in your dreams, it is a warning of precaution for you before entering into any business transactions. The closer you involve yourself into finances, the greater the success.

Seeing Future in Dream

When you dream about a future even that is about the happen, then the dream is both prophetic and may act as a warning. Learn to channel these future dreams, and you will be able to create your own aspirations and success.

Alarm Bell in Dreams

Dreaming of an alarm bell means danger and your sense must be at its peak to make a clean escape. Do not fall asleep when the alarm goes off warning you of the impending difficulties ahead.

It also represents a wake up call that your life is stagnant, and doing a 180 degree turn from the current path may be a good change.

Ringworm in Dream

Ringworm does not appear on the human body naturally; it is a fungal infection. When you dream about ringworm, then you are likely already facing or likely to contract some type of infection. Acting as a warning sign in your dream, it is best to be cautious of activities that are detrimental to your health.