December Dream

A December dream is the summation of everything you have achieved throughout the year. The love affairs are plenty, friendships are stronger, and wealth are gainful. To dream about December solidifies the overall achievement you made from hard work with whatever obstacles that life throws at you.

Beaver in Dreams

Beavers are industrious creatures that work hard at building dams. Dreaming of beavers means you have a strong belief in working hard to attain long term goals in life. Many times you could have been swayed by get rich quick schemes, but you choose the route of working hard.

The results show in the empire of wealth and good fortune you have accumulated over your lifetime.

Goats in Dreams

Dreaming of a goat often involves lust and sexuality. The goat symbolizes vigor and relentless energy. Following Greek mythology closely, goats also caution business deals and an association to steady increase of financial gains.

Spider in Dreams

Dreaming of a spider is an indication that you take time in your work while amassing properties of wealth beyond your wildest imagination. You will always have this hunger to acquire more things; driving you to aim higher. The downside is that you feel trapped and entangle in this web while other aspects of your life outside of work is failing.