Number Eight in Dreams

Seeing the number eight in your dream, symbolizes power, wealth, and achievement. In eastern culture, the number eight is believed to be a good and lucky number as it represents fortune and opulence. Thus, seeing this number appear in your dreams may indicate you are on the road to prosperity and affluence. You should trust your intuition, for it will guide you along the path to accomplishment.

Termite in Dreams

Termites infest and associate with destructive power until their wooded habitat is completely consumed. Dreaming of termites indicate a temporary increase in power and wealth until the foundation crumbles sending your progress back to the starting point. Being aware of the chain of events of your termites dream, you can benefit from it by capitalizing on the high points before it settles back to the low point.

Sheep in Dreams

Sheep often graze together as one unit. Dreaming of sheep mean you are thinking about all the parts of a master plan. Wealth and success is attainable upon execution of the plan. Follow the sheep strategy of perfecting each unit with care where the sum of its parts are greater than the whole.

Lizard in Dreams

Lizards are your enemies in dreams. These lizards will cause you harm if the dream is not handled properly. Plan on beating the lizard (your opponents and antagonists in life) and you will regain lost reputation and wealth.