Jaguar in Dreams

A jaguar appearing in your dream signifies that you are anxious about facing the powerful and wealthy ahead of you. If you overcome the fear and able appease the jaguar, then success will come easily. Many individuals have rise up and confronted the jaguar alone or with support and joined the ranks of the successful.

Canary in Dreams

A dream of a canary at home translates into a happy and comfortable life whether it is caged or free spirited. Canaries are full of exquisite refinement with its beautiful coat of colors, wealth and satisfying friendships. Friends and lasting relationships are the prominent traits of canaries.

Lizard in Dreams

Lizards are your enemies in dreams. These lizards will cause you harm if the dream is not handled properly. Plan on beating the lizard (your opponents and antagonists in life) and you will regain lost reputation and wealth.

Marble in Dreams

Dreaming of marble means you crave power and success. Your buildings and living quarters are adorned with marble floors to makes sure all your visitors know you have the wealth to cater to such lifestyles. Your conversations revolves around how you imported the finest marble from foreign countries to top your competitors. In your waking hours, some people do not understand your obsession with material wealth.