Sphinx in Dreams

Dreaming of a sphinx details a certain wisdom in your life. Sphinxes were known for being a sign of wisdom and mystery as they often hold riddles and other profound statements. Therefore, if you dream of a sphinx, it may reflect a guardianship position in your life. Ancient Egyptians used the sphinxes as guardians to their tombs so perhaps you are in a similar position? Perhaps you are actively protecting and watching over important people or even things that are dear to you?

Becoming a Teacher in Dreams

Dreaming of becoming a teacher in your dream is symbolic of you passing on wisdom and knowledge to others. After years of learning and mastering the material at hand, you are able to finally bestow your intelligence on others, helping them improve their mental capacity. As a teacher, you provide guidance and look out for your students. To see yourself as a teacher in your dream may also represent you want to teach someone a lesson or to become someone’s mentor. You want them to use the knowledge that they have obtained from you and apply it to their everyday life to make practical judgments and decision.

Asteroid in Dreams

Dreaming of an asteroid means you are seeking knowledge from external sources. Asteroids represent sentient beings connecting with you through your dreams. Their wisdom can have profound effects on your relationships and life.

Focus on whether the asteroid is traveling in a violent path or simply going with the flow. This will determine the likelihood that your dream will be short lived or persistent.

Symbols in Dream

Dreaming of symbols means your life is guided by the wisdom of the past. Each symbol has attained and proven to carry the same spiritual attributes through thousands of years as its owners swear by its properties. Holding the symbols closes to your heart will offer you protection against the evils each symbol is created to ward off.