Anthill in Dreams

Dreaming of an anthill means your life constantly revolves around work. The social activities and gatherings include your coworkers. You need to unwind and cut off any work responsibilities by going on a much needed vacation. Learn to define yourself by the things that you keeps you happy rather what you do on a daily basis.

Dragonfly in Dreams

If your life is facing sudden changes whether it is work related or companionship related, your dreams will feature dragonflies. Situations in your life will not be as it seems. These fast flying mid-air direction changing insects symbolize change.

When you eat or kill the dragonfly, you bring about a stop to change by focusing all your energies on a single task to attain wealth and fortune.

Pittsburgh Steelers in Dream

Dreaming of the Pittsburgh Steelers mean you are ready for football weekends where gridiron battles are many. Men do battle utilizing speed and muscle to carry the football to the end zone. The Steelers dream is also an indication of you never giving up, because those who succeed in sports never give up and continue to develop on individual talents.

Translate your sports drive to the business world, and your outstanding work will be recognized very shortly.

Blossom in Dreams

Dreaming of blossom means the work you put in is about to become the darling at work and relationships. While you have been grinding away hard, you will reap the rewards shortly. Remember the long journey you took to get there, and always continue with the journey rather than stop. The more you sow, the more you will blossom.