Jester in Dreams

Dreaming of a jester means you are looking for comedy in you life. Laughter helps to heal your troubled life, and bring perspective into the mundane daily grinds. There’s a great sadness hovering over you, and the worries tend to overburden you. Seek out a pal who can make you laugh and shoot the bull over a glass of spirits.

Bitten by Snake in Dreams

When bitten by a snake in a dream, it signifies worries and stress of the waking world troubling you. The snake can represent any person or situation causing you high undue stress levels. Seek out the trouble and take care of it before it consumes you or keep biting you in dreams.

Bed Wetting in Dreams

Dreaming of bed wetting means you want more control over the things that make you anxious. At your job, there may be projects that cause you anxiety. In your relationships, there may be issues that cause you anxiety. Start by listing them out and see if you can focus on addressing them instead of avoiding them. Avoiding them will only make the worries worst, then your bed is already wet after you wake up.

Teeth Falling Out in Dreams

When you dream of teeth falling out, it is an indication that you are afraid of losing something or someone dear to you. It has often been linked to financial worries where individuals face a downward spiral that consumes them in the dreams.

After the teeth falling out dream, start paying close attention to everyone you love and cherish every moment you spend with them.