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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I dreamed my best friend (let’s call her Annie), with whom my girlfriend (let’s call her Fay) and I are in a semi-polyamorous relationship, was dating someone else.

    For a little background info, Fay and I have sex. Fay and Annie have sex. Annie and I are just friends who go on dates, no sex involved.

    In the dream, I learn that Annie was dating another guy. A swimming instructor. I go to the natatorium he teaches at because she’s there and I want to bring her lunch. Across the pool, I see them hugging. Without thinking, I run up to them, gently push Annie away, and completely go berzerk. I tackle the swimming instructor, and punch him across the jaw about 8 times. While catching my breath, Annie takes my hand and leads me to her car. She drives me home in silence. I’m angry, sobbing, and sore-knuckled. The dream ends.

    Please help.

  2. Hi I’m Kirsten I’m only 16 years old and I’m kinda worried about my dream so I’ll just see what you have to say ok…..I was in a room I don’t recognise I look down at my phone and the text messages sent to a prostitute in which I was Luehring her to where I was, later when She arrived she was wearing a tight red dress she was blonde with long hair and tall she kept provoking by calling me names suddenly a knife appeared in my hand she didn’t stop so when she leaned over i stabbed her I felt like I couldn’t do anything to stop my self when I did it I felt nothing I just felt like my breath was taken away like when you haven’t drank anything for ages and you take a sip of water I didn’t see her lying on the floor I just saw the blood on my hands with the knifeand then I woke up and had to have a big gasp of air,what does this mean?