Abused in Dreams

Unfortunate as it is to have this dream of being abused, no one should ever suffer through such an experience. The dream may have to do with a bad memory of being bullied or being neglected in the younger years. However, as an adult and having survived the ordeal, it is time to let go and start a new chapter in the life you want for yourself.

Distance these bad dreams by seeking therapy if necessary.

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5 thoughts on “Abused in Dreams”

  1. The dream started in my house… it was a rabbi (I’m Jewish) and usually they come asking for donations which was normal because a lot of rabbis come to house asking for money. My mom was in the room and I was lying on the floor. He bent down and touched my thighs/but and I squirmed forward and he said something but I can’t remember. Later in the dream I went to a party in my school gymnasium and saw my uncle who was a cop who was kind of the security guard. I knew that what the rabbi did to me was kind of molesting but I went on about and didn’t tell my uncle. I was walking out of the bathroom and the guy was therein. I ran to my uncle who was eating a salad and he just ignored me. I saw my sister who laughed at me because she didn’t believe what I had told my uncle and I stormed back to the party. The rabbi kidnapped me and from there everyday he kept laughing at me. One time he told me to sit on the floor in the same gymnasium and a soccer team came and it was boys from my school that knew me and on the bleachers were little kids cheering. I was humiliated. He told the soccer team that the just had to kick the ball at me, in my face, on my thighs and if I didn’t have bruises they couldn’t stop kicking the ball. The next day he told them to do the same thing. Before they started I saw on the bleachers a little Asian boy who was by himself. I climbed up the bleachers and told him that its okay and whatever he was about to see that I deserved it. The rabbi yelled at me and I sat in the middle of the gymnasium once again. I was wondering how the boys didn’t feel bad for me. When he told them to start they missed on purpose and when he figured that out he yelled so they had to kick me but the did it softly. I was so happy… the rabbi let me shower later in my dream and I had found my phone hat he took from me. I texted my dad and he didn’t care which is weird because y dad loves me to pieces. I escaped the house and ran very fast. somehow I was at my house telling about the gymnasium to my family and that’s how my dream ended. I’m really traumatized from this dream because I never remember dreams this vividly.

  2. Hi, I just the scariest dream of my life. I was dating a man I’ve never seen a day in my life and he treated me wonderful at the first part of the dream. Then as I began to see faces I remember or knew in my dream and if they spoke to me and I responded he beat me in about 90% of the dream. The wierd part was I felt every single thing each blow and I couldnt wake myself up. I cried in my dream and when I was finaly able to get up my face was covered in tears. This is wierd and scary because I was abused my entire life by people who said they loved me from family to friends. And I just got out of a mentally abusive relationship from my ex, in which it came to time where he got close or did leave me bruises. He finally left me couple months ago and the guy I dated in the dream had all the same traits as my ex. Which really tore me up because I loved him more than anything in this world regardless to all the pain he caused and sadly I still do. Can someone please tell me what this mean?

  3. dear dream master, i had this horrible nightmare last night. first it was my ex-best friends who was undermining me in front of my fiancé…i got so wound up….then my dad was on the phone asking me how i was doing at uni, and to see if i needed any money, when i told him i was getting a bit broke he suggested i take from my sister and wouldn’t hear otherwise…then it was just me and my fiancé in a bedroom and i was trying to get the fan to work…all of a sudden i was trying to have a shower and didn’t realize there was a hug hole in the wall and my aunt appeared through it out nowhere, so embarrassed and so shocked i hurried through showering and got out…my friend who’s also my cousins told me to wear this beautiful dress as id never worn it before and thought i should before i leave them tonight so i did…. i went to see my fiancé but when i walked into the room i found my fiancé with another woman and he didn’t even regard my presence much he just looked at me once and turned around. i collapsed in tears on the floor trying to understand what i’d done for him to abandon me like this. he paid no attention and focused all his attention on the woman leaning on his shoulder on the couch next to him. i stood outside the room hurt and broken on the floor having being tormented by the sounds of their kissing…. i went to my parents as they were about to pull away in the car telling them the horrible news, only my mum spoke and she didn’t seem to care much or sympathize and my dad drove away with my feet still on the ground yet the top half of my body leaning inside the car. i tried to hold on as my dad was speeding as if he didn’t even realize i was holding for my life. when he noticed me finally he couldn’t be bothered to pull over in the midst of traffic….its like everyone i thought cared about me either very insensitively abandoned me or neglected me…what does this mean…i cant get all this out of my mind and its driving me crazy..please help

  4. In many cases dreams are not meant to be taken literally, being abused in a dream may possibly mean that you yourself is causing the abuse, not necessarily physically but perhaps mentally.

    ~ Z

    1. Very true. There are many types of abuse that the mind conjures up during the dream period of your sleep. Some can be life changing, and some can be absurd.