Affront in Dreams

Dreaming of affront means someone has crossed you the wrong way, and this feeling of ill will remains in your system till the day you get a chance to strike back at the guilty individual.

The affront dream might be a reminder that you should confront the person plotting against you immediately to prevent further ruin to your reputation.

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One thought on “Affront in Dreams”

  1. I have no idea why it was such an affront, it’s already been a few months, and I’m moving on, but all of a sudden I just had a dream of my ex at my house (i think it’s because I don’t have a clear memory of what his house looked like so I dreamed of mine) and my other friend’s girlfriend (and that friend is a cheater, he wanted to cheat on her with me). Then she left and I asked my ex for my stuff back and I started to beat the crap out of him for lying so much about everything in the last 2 years.