Back at School in Dream

Being back at school in a dream is a classic sign of something being undone. When you’re back in school, you’re typically there to work. The mind sending you back to school can be because you’re slacking off, and you need to work on something that you’ve been neglecting. Or because your mind wants you to reconnect with some childhood vendetta that was left blank. Perhaps you’re missing something you had in your childhood? such as your parents, or a friend? The ability to be free with no worries about life? Or just overall the enjoyment of being a kid, and you miss the concept of childlike freedom.

In any case, this dream most likely is representing your mindset as a child. It has some relation to how you behave and the way you act during your childhood. It may be something you miss, or something you’re longing for.

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2 thoughts on “Back at School in Dream”

  1. Back to school dream: I see myself going to school but not wearing a uniform. I was wearing a nice cream dress with some bright golden cream shining. I noticed that i was walking with my mother and my auntie when I cross the river to school. To much water in the river and very to such that you see something down 👇 there on water. When I get to school the teacher was about to to close the gate I entered then. I was telling one of the lady who was working with me that I no longer at work I’m back to school now. I set and think about things I learned when I was doing standard seven and I told myself that I going to find them because I’m old enough to find out what ever I need. My dream end