Backflips in Dream

Dreaming of backflips indicate that you are willing to bend over backwards to make another person happy. This is the same as putting someone on a pedestal, constantly worshiping them, and doing everything you can to get on their good side. Stop this minute, and re-examine your values because if your life is defined by someone else, then you are just building towards long term unhappiness.

After seeing backflips in your dream, start to work on your inner self values. Do the things you love, and not the things that other people say you should to do.

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5 thoughts on “Backflips in Dream”

  1. I have recurring dreams where I can do all sorts of flips and parcours stuff. Don’t think it has anything to do with bending over backwards for somebody, these dreams feel liberating. It seems like my subconscious is teaching me that I can do whatever I dream of if I just have the confidence to commit.

  2. I just started doing backflips in my dream and I seemed pretty hyped I could do a backflip but then I started practising doing a front flip and I couldn’t do it then later on in the dream I remembered “oh yeah you can only do backflips.” Then later on I had a really vivid dream about trying to remember my other dreams throughout the night and I thought I was awake and I was trying to remember what they were about so I could look up the definition… Anyways 😂

  3. I had a lot of fun last night. I was doing backflips with ease. I just kept doing them once I realized it was easy. I’ve always been afraid to do them in real life. Last time I tried to do one, I was just a little girl. I was on the bed and landed on my neck. I was afraid that I would break it, so boy was that a lot of fun. I felt a little accomplished happy and wowed out. Now that I’m awake, not going to try it. Way too scary for me lol I’m about to turn 30.

  4. Agreed with Bob! I don’t think I’d be dreaming of trampolines and backflips if I was working for somebody else. I’m working for myself, focusing on myself, and getting free of a lot of nonsense. And I’m dreaming of backflips. Never had that dream before.

  5. I think it just means back flips are fun. I dream of back flips, and in no way can I connect it to anything other than they are fun. Maybe, if anything, it means that I wish I could do something special.