Becoming a Teacher in Dreams

Dreaming of becoming a teacher in your dream is symbolic of you passing on wisdom and knowledge to others. After years of learning and mastering the material at hand, you are able to finally bestow your intelligence on others, helping them improve their mental capacity. As a teacher, you provide guidance and look out for your students. To see yourself as a teacher in your dream may also represent you want to teach someone a lesson or to become someone’s mentor. You want them to use the knowledge that they have obtained from you and apply it to their everyday life to make practical judgments and decision.

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4 thoughts on “Becoming a Teacher in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that I was a teacher to teenagers. I was scared. Another teacher appeared taught by a man I was attracted to. In some way we now had the same class and were co-teachers. I was scared that everyone would find out I wasn’t a real teacher so I tried to used unorthodox ways of teaching. It worked everyone loved it and was having fun. I tried to use my sexuality to get the attention of the other teacher. I did feel desired with any interaction I had with him. I woke up before I could find out.

  2. Good afternoon,
    In my dream I was chosen/asked to be a swim instructor or teacher. It’s hard for me to remember my dreams however I’ve been asking God to allow me to remember my dreams for guidance. I know that sometime in the dream there was conflict with someone who maybe felt like why should I have been chosen or felt like I thought I was special. I cant vividly remember where I was teaching but I know that it was not in a swimming pool at a school but more like at a lake with trees and there being canoes involved.

  3. Hello. Good morning, I had a dream I was a biology home teacher to a boy. A junior boy and after I taught him, I rushed off to fetch water lol. I had a series of dreams in one night but that’s the most vivid of them all