Being Blamed in Dreams

Blame is a word meaning to shed your own responsibility for your actions and use another person as a scapegoat in order to make yourself feel better. It is a never nice to feel this way, especially when you have done nothing wrong to warrant this blame. Thus, dreaming of yourself being blamed for someone’s actions may indicate that you feel the world is crashing down on you. To you, the world is a cruel and onerous place where everyone is out to get you. At the same time, you feel suffocated and torpid to do anything to change this. In your mind, you are thinking, “Why am I getting blamed for something I did not do or partake in? Where is the justice of this?”

Dreaming of yourself being blamed for something you did not do, symbolizes your sentiment of feebleness and lack of control to dose out the flame. You feel revengeful towards the person who caused you to become embroiled in this situation in the first place. When it comes down to this, be courageous and confront the person about this. Find out the reasons he or she is pushing all the blame upon you. You should not feel that everyone is out to get you.

In a different context, dreaming of being blamed may be your mind telling you to take responsibility for your wrongdoings or hurtful harm you have caused another person. You should be the one taking the blame which is better than to feel continuous remorse and grief later on.

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2 thoughts on “Being Blamed in Dreams”

  1. Hi, I just woke up from a dream where everyone around me (even my family who was in my dream) was blaming me for a murder I am not sure if I made, this person who I “murdered” is not from here and I’ve only met him once in my life but I wasn’t sure why he was in my dream. I am not sure if I even did it in my dream. But everyone around me hated me. I felt so alone and lost. I had the notion to hide myself from people who knew the “victim.” I even tried solving the “case” but it was difficult solving the murder because everyone around me was hating on me. I felt like “Cersei” from game of thrones when she did her “walk of shame/antonement.”
    I knew it wasn’t me. But for someone reason all “clues” pointed to me. In my dream I don’t recall murdering anyone but with my bad memory in real life and in my dream I was almost convinced I could’ve done it. It felt so off. Towards the end of my dream I saw a friend who in real life is from NYC where the person who got murdered is also from but it was strange they were in my dream, even my friends boyfriends mother whom I’ve never met was in my dream and whom I made friends with. Anyway, that’s how it somehow ended. Murder, chasing, blaming and shaming are keywords of that dream. I don’t know why it is though.

  2. I dreamed of my 2 friends fighting and 1 grabbed a frame that seems to have a drawing of them by me. One throw away the drawing and the paper landed infront of me. The other girl was about to smash the frame on the other one’s head then a woman came. Yeah yelled at me and told me it my fault. And that everyone will laugh at me. I looked at my drawing crying. I took her blame and everything I said to her made me cry for real and I woke up with a strong feeling and I kept crying cause the woman’s words just really did hurt me. So I decided to read what it means.