Being Fired From a Job in Dreams

Being fired from a job in a dream represents opportunity. Maybe it’s time for a change? At this point in your life, you’re probably unhappy with the situation you’re in and the job you have. But you’re afraid to let go of your current position and move onto something better. You’re in fear that there’s a possible chance that you won’t be able to move forward and instead proceed backwards. This can also be your mind trying to promote you to do well. You’re probably scared that you’ll be bad at your job and that you’re going to get fired. Also this is in relation to being insecure, in a sense of how you’re doing and your current position in life.

But in these situations the best thing to do is to move forward. Even though it may seem that your life is not at where you want, you have the ability to change it. Change will always be for the better.

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76 thoughts on “Being Fired From a Job in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was working. I am a server in a huge chain of restaurants. In the dream, I had very little to no energy, depressed, and my anxiety was high. I helped open when there were people outside waiting to come in. I sat my first table which included a family of four. After getting their drink order I was sat again with a family of six this time. I went to get the drinks for all ten guests and I was taking too long. The family of four stayed but the family of six left. Then I had a family of eight come in. Shortly they left cause I was taking too long. Finally my table of four left. Every single of them displeased and upset. Which they had every right to be. I went and told my manager. She got very upset and said, “Well, you know the rules. If the table leaves, so does that server. I hate to do this. You’re one of our best, but you’re fired.” I didn’t feel upset or sad. I felt happier, at ease. I woke up feeling great! Better than I have in a little while.

  2. I had a dream that I walked into work and you could just feel something was wrong. The admin kept pointing to her email, saying she couldn’t believe this was written. She then printed something out and handed it to me and said, how could you do something like this? Unsure of what the hell she was talking about, I looked down and it was an email I had sent regarding a question my boss was too busy to ask a company so I took it upon myself to ask. My boss then called me into her office and fired me and was extremely upset with me. It lingered on and I became more and more upset because I would never do such a thing I was being accused of. I was only trying to help. I began to cry and said I would never do anything to hurt the company and my boss started to feel bad and gave me back my position. After a meeting we had all been in, I told her I had to go because I had to go to a class at 3:30. (I haven’t been to college in over a few years.) She became upset that I had to go to class but I reassured her I could come back after if she needed me to. Before leaving she brought me to her office again to show me all of these statements on the company card that were made under my name. I had a reason for every single one and once saying what each transaction was, she started to remember the days I said we needed this and that. And then I woke up…

  3. In my dream I got unfairly fired. In the dream I thought it was my boyfriend who got me fired as we have just gone on a week break last night the is one person that fired with me but I don’t know why in the dream everyone was told before we were that we got fired. I live where I work and my room has a balcony and someone smashed my sliding door with a brick in this dream, I was in a situation with another boy in this dream he was going to leave with me but I woke up before I found out what he did. after that I had a thing where I was being sick In my dream and struggling to breath

  4. I dreamt I got fired and my friend at work knew I was going to get fired. Then I got a new job at the same place in a different department.

  5. In my dream a head a job review where my older sister and work colleague were present. after the review there was a staff meeting downstairs but I was called upstairs to discuss my review. I was then accused of lying and giving the wrong information so i told them to call the college my sister had given as a refrence but then they accused me of giving the wrong name of my friend.
    Next i saw my review on a TV screen along with my other colleagues. i turned around and shouted at my boss and scratched the mediator who turned out to be the assistant manager. i then walked out and only had a towel wrapped around me in the icy rain. i turned around and went to work to get my clothes. as i was getting dressed afew of my colleagues came to talk to me and say bye.
    next i was talking to my manager telling him how i really felt. his flirtious ways, not knowing what he’s doing, asking me to take a job that he was now firing me from.
    suddenly I woke up