Being Fired From a Job in Dreams

Being fired from a job in a dream represents opportunity. Maybe it’s time for a change? At this point in your life, you’re probably unhappy with the situation you’re in and the job you have. But you’re afraid to let go of your current position and move onto something better. You’re in fear that there’s a possible chance that you won’t be able to move forward and instead proceed backwards. This can also be your mind trying to promote you to do well. You’re probably scared that you’ll be bad at your job and that you’re going to get fired. Also this is in relation to being insecure, in a sense of how you’re doing and your current position in life.

But in these situations the best thing to do is to move forward. Even though it may seem that your life is not at where you want, you have the ability to change it. Change will always be for the better.

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70 thoughts on “Being Fired From a Job in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was at work, but nothing about the building was recognizable. I was with some coworkers and one of them was cutting my hair very slowly and taking many breaks to smoke. At one point a younger woman came to drop off a hand written email hard copy that was official and accused me of some wrongdoing but I couldn’t make out the words. I asked the woman cutting my hair what she thought and she said “oh that’s bad”. I then fled to another coworker to ask her to provide meaning, but she did the same: just told me it was bad news. I woke up with the most horrible feeling. My dreams frequently come true in months or even years and I sincerely hope this doesn’t. I hope it is just a stress dream.

  2. My dream was that I was at work and my boss told me to just wait until there’s something to do.. he also gave the remark that I should get a whitening treatment for my teeth. I was so pissed at him, I thought it would be funny to do an office version of whitening. I took the nurses (in real life, we don’t have a nurse at work. I’m a secuirity agent for a town) post it’s (sticky paper) and turned them white. Then I got called over. Later on I asked my boss to go check my creation… as he did he screamed saying I violated a rule and that I’m probably fired. The big boss came over and screamed as well.. he brought me to his office and sang a song of how I’m fired. He explained what I did was not allowed in the rule book at work. I explained my side of the story… I remember crying but this is all I remember from my dream..

  3. I work for a MAJOR retail company that every Canadian knows. The dream starts with the company asking everyone to make a plan for the company, what their next steps should be, where they can make opportunity and what they should keep afloat.
    It all sounded fun and airy.. then they call all the employees to meet in head office in a major city and to bring their plans. It was kind of surreal because the building was very old and staircases were not making sense and there wa people coming from cracks in the walls.. so weird.
    I get into the room finally and there are 3 people sitting at a table. So 3 employees go up with their plan and hand it over and are reviewed on the spot. He starts reading mine out loud and the lady beside me starts talking about me doing a bad job and not showing up. Instantly I’m offended and I’m like “yo, what are you talking about?” The next person over starts agreeing with her so I start getting super defensive and try to protect my hard work ethic.. all of a sudden one of the reviewers chimes in so I say something like “I expect this from them, but not you! You’re suppose to be there for me!” So dramatic haha… and some big head office guy puts his two cents in and apparently in my dream I did cocaine at a party with this guy so I bring that up and strut out of the room cause I know that’s the last straw.

    All of a sudden I’m in a stairwell and I am running like a mad man with my friend because we are being chased by every employee… it reminded me of the matrix when all the agents just keep coming and coming..:

    We make it out alive and my friend tells me Brad Pitt past away today and I start to cry… haha.

  4. My dream was basically this, I was working as a removalist with a group of people, roughly all early twenties. As we were about to head off after loading up our truck, I was told that I was fired due to me panicking under stress. I got into an argument with one of them and they all drove away. I chased after the truck, quite childishly as I was quite upset. I eventually found the truck completely empty and for some reason this told me that they had all died. Very curious as to what this means

  5. Goodmorning…I keep having the same reoccurring dream that I’m being fired from my current job…Same 2 people are behind it

  6. My husband & I both had a dream that I was fired from my job. My husbands dream was pretty straight forward but my dream was more detailed. I had been taking over for another supervisor while they were on vacation & had to do some reports but when I came to work the next day my boss called me into her office & said I messed up all the reports & they need to let me go. What could this mean? I’m bothered by it since my husband had a dream the same night as I did.

  7. In the dream it’s like I was employed to drive cross boarder trucks. It happened that I passed through my relative ‘s place. While I had packed on the road a minor accident happened that was reported to my boss who decided to send my dismissal package in a brown envelop with another driver who took the truck back to South Africa from Zimbabwe.

  8. I got fired from my old job after dreaming I was going to get fired. Now I have a new job i have only been working a month. Last night I had a dream i was fired from my new job. What does this mean?

  9. I had a dream the other night that I was an hour late for work because I got my schedule mixed up and then my kids wouldn’t let go of my legs…. In the dream when I got to work, I was feeling really overwhelmed and like I couldn’t do anything right. I got a lecture about being late and was told that my reasoning for being late was unacceptable. I knew I had always been 20 min early to work and even so I was feeling like I couldn’t do anything right. The boss continued to criticize my work performance and while I was signing into work I mumbled, if I’m such a bad worker than why am I even here? then The boss must have heard me so he turned around and said, We can’t have people who have no P.R.I.D.E in the workplace here you are fired!. I was shocked and scared. I was pregnant and loved my job and had so much going on at home that the idea of having no job to escape to was terrifying. I begged for my job back but the boss and all my co-workers turned their backs on me and totally ignored my. I burst into tears and…. then I woke up sobbing my eyes out because the dream felt real….

    backstory. I work at a jewellery store and love my job. I have a great boss who is really understanding and really good work mates. I am pregnant with my third child, my eldest may be autistic (still waiting for the assessment results) I’m engaged to be maried next year, saving up for a house, my partner is studdying and working and we are also renovating his apartment to try and get it rented out…. I have a shared care arangement with my ex for our children as well so I live a very complicated and busy life……..

    do you think my dream means that i need to drop somthing to reduce my stress levels or something???

  10. In my dream, I slept in late till about 4 in the afternoon, while I was due at 11 (I have NEVER been late for work, missed a day, etc.), and then I was fired. Then, because I couldn’t go to work anymore, I went to see a low-budget musical of all the Disney movies mashed together…

    I also had another dream that I woke up at a house that wasn’t even mine, and I an hour late for work. I played on this Nintendo Gamecube instead of getting ready for work, and then I finally got ready for work. My car broke down, so I had to walk on foot. Then, Harry Potter was in my dream, and I stole his broom so I could use it to fly there. I was also somehow in Detroit. Just as I arrived, I realized I forgot to put on pants, and my manager fired me right on the spot.

  11. My dream was so horrible. I work at a daycare, but the plot was not even there. Kids weren’t around or other people i worked with except my manager. What was really weird was that jacky from the basketball wives was there with a computer. I was given the task to welcome people in and sit them down because we had an event of feeding people. All i remember is sitting at a corner and using my phone which would be out of the normal of what i do in real life at work! After the event was over, my manager approaches me and starts yelling at me saying “you should start finding anither job”. I became defensive and said things like “i wasnt trained right” or “i did what i had to do. It slowly became a fiesty argument with my manager because she later started calling me a liar and Lso claimed thAt i didnt even care about the situation. I started to hysterically cry and she would be like “why are you crying!!!??” And i told her how much i cared about this job and how kuch i lived it more than anything. All she said was “sucks”. And the dream ended. In real life, my manager would never talk to me this way. She’s actually very nice and is liked by every worker so it is very weird she came off in my dream as a bitch. There has also been a new girl who uses her phone and doesnt collaborate with me at work. Could this mean SHE is getting fired and not me?

  12. I work at menards as a cashier. I was checking a customer out with his items,when I noticed I wasn’t wearing pants. Just my pink thong. all of a sudden once I noticed everyone noticed. I ended up getting fired by a manager I hate at my work, who doesn’t work there anymore (thank god). After walking out to my car, I saw some kids (all boys)on a school bus who said they took my pants when I went to kwik trip(gas station) on my break. I then tryed going back into menards with a boy who said he’d tell them it was only a prank and ended up talking to a different head manager. She said she wouldn’t take me back,because I broke the policy rules. then my dream ended.

  13. I had bad dream early in the morning at 4am, that company given termination letter and am shifting my family.
    Q: is whether good in future or bad

  14. I dreamt I was working in a factory environment. The workplace was very clean and high-tec. My old pal from secretarial college days, was working at the same table as me and a couple other ladies. I suddenly heard myself shouting my college friends name several times. Then she was unceremoniously carted off by two men. Then it was home time, and all the ladies hubbies were coming to pick them up in there cars. I noticed one of the cars had writing emblazoned across it. I got scared an jittery coz I thought it might be a taxi – because I’ve a taxi phobia. And I not really any good at small talk, and can’t abide forcing myself to be amiable.

    Last thing, the factory was on some sort of modern housing estate. The houses looked like they were made of fake light beige Cotswold stone. I looked at the estate houses and felt like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show.

    Oh, and there was a demon on the work tv in the canteen making faces at me. I kept making faces back. To all extant an purposes the demon looked like a normal human woman, but her face would keep shifting. I was the only one that noticed what she was doing.

  15. My place of work has always been a safe place for me for over a decade, so when i dreamed that i was fired it gave me quite unsettled feelings. In my dream i proceeded to try and take my life after losing my job the one place i felt safe. My place of work is very important to me and has dear meomories. This dream has made me feel very on edge. What does it mean?

  16. I entered a room where a man was seated shuffling cards. He smiled at me and offered me a seat. He said he wanted to teach me how to shuffle cards correctly. The man was someone I had never seen before, but friendly. I watched politely, thanked him and said that I better get to work. I headed into another room and my my boss approached me and said that I’d be sitting in the last room at the end of the corridor where the low performers were working. He added that if I didn’t improve this day, I would be fired. (This was not my job in real life). In my dream, this was only a second job that I didn’t like anyway–it was telemarketing. In fact, I was a bit relieved that I would lose this job, but my sense of pride was wounded. Then that part of the dream faded and I saw my ex breaking my belongings that my fiance and I just bought together. I became angry and made some type of threat and my dream ended right there.

  17. I dreamt I was fired for a customer complaint, but I did my job correctly, the manager did not care that I was right or not, just that the customer was not happy, I tried to make sense of the complaint and looked for proof that I did my job according to procedure. Was fired nonetheless. On way home i met a group of elderly women whom were strangers to me and told me about a job, but never was able to grasp where it was..the whole dream was very frustrating.

  18. I had a dream that a coworker came to tell me that I’m about to get fired by the managers because I’m not doing a good enough job I’m not fast enough I went out and demanded the managers to tell me right there and then to let me know what’s going on . In my dream they were both sweeping the floor and were ignoring me when I asked them if they had something to tell me ..then I woke up.

  19. Morning. Dreamt i got a job at stop and shop (supermarket). 3 friends were also working there, but it was their day off. It was my first day and they came there and took me into a room like a lounge and we were watching TV and basically relaxing and i was not doing my job. I remember saying to them “hey guys I need to scan this stuff in,” but they just ignored what I was saying. One of the friends was normally a very responsible person. Eventually the boss came in and caught us and said all 4 of us were fired. no one was phased except me. Thing about it is i had decided at the beginning of the shift that i was going to quit so it was relief in a way.

  20. Hello. I had a dream that me and two of my coworkers were fired. The director was not sympathetic but we were all give, heavy silver colored necklaces upon departure for the vacation time we lost. I was happy about being fired.

  21. Hi, I had a dream that my colleague at work told me he heard the rumor that I’m going to get fired from work.

  22. I had a dream that I went back to the job that fired me. In the beginning I was uncertain which part of the job I was assigned to airwatch which is responsible for making sure the air doesn’t run out of the bottles because the tankerman (Guy in charge of loading or unloading oil or chemicals on a barge) will air if any of vapors from the hazardous chemicals or released or an in case of an emergency exit is needed. But I ended up being the tankerman on the job loading chemicals. A familiar Co worker was at the job also doubled up on an opposite barge. I was starting the job but I didn’t have my flashlight to look inside the tanks at the the liquid levels. When I got fired I turned in my life vest an didn’t realize to afterwards that I left my flashlight attached. So then my girlfriend told me to ask someone for one. That’s where the dream ended.

  23. i just had a dream being fired on the spot by a power tripping boss for no reason, and i was crying in my dream,the truth is i lost a good job a month ago,i was given no reason at all,and have been sad and depressed ever since,to the point i am crying in my dreams being fired,why are my dreams making me feel bad,sad and empty,why do dreams bring back bad memories?

  24. I dreamt my boss telling me that due to the economic situation in the country he has no option than to fire me. I told him that he should give me about 3 months to resign on my own but he refused and i asked him why am i being fired when we still currently employing people and he was silent. At this point i threatened to take the matter to the GMD and then i woke up and started praying over it.

  25. I had a dream last night that I was very upset with my employer and called him a “b**ch.” I never would speak this way to an employer ever, but in my dream I was beyond upset–In this situation I do recall him being just as rude back. He called me back into his office and asked for me to shut the door as he reached for a folder which contained a termination letter for me to sign. I signed the letter, but I do also remember feeling a sense of still being at my job after already being fired–as if I was lingering around. What does this dream mean? I felt a little uneasy as to whether or not this was a sign or simply just a dream.

  26. I constantly dream that I am back at my old job. And that I either get sacked, or I quit. Every time. I have this dream at least once a week. But never the same story.

  27. I dreamt that I got fired from my job and one of the supervisors that I don’t really get along with had something to do with it…..the couldn’t tell me what I did to get fired and everyone kept quiet and she was the one that stood out.

  28. I was firrd from a job for stealing. But when we reviewed the tape I stole nothing. They still walked me out the door. On the way out I began to hug all of the older women I knew in the dream. There was only one person in the drram that I felt I know in real life. They served as a coworker.

  29. I just woke up from a dream where a coworker came to tell me in the middle of a task I was doing that my boss had asked through HR that I take an early dismissal. I called my boss who confirmed I was getting fired. I sobbed over the phone telling my boss how I don’t understand and how I loved the project I was working on and had no other way to support myself. My boss said if I found another job I could continue to support myself. I continued to sob and explain to my boss that I really liked my research project and although some results had not turned out right because of instrumentation issues, I diligently did my best. There was a long silence on the other side of the phone. As I continued to sob, I ran into a person I never met before who told me that if courts found anything personal that my boss was holding against me I had grounds to file wrongly termination.
    I wad quite relieved to wake up and find it was only a dream. In real life, I have been at my research job for a little over a year. At first my boss was very supportive and patient in my learning curve as this line of work and skill sets I explained were new to me. He used to say I’m a fast learner and I feel I am learning even faster now. However in the past 3 or 4 months he’s been micromanaging everything I do or say in write in email. He even started questioning results he had praised me on six months ago saying now they have to be repeated. On Christmas eve while everyone else was allowed to leave early, he made me stay late to complete a task that couldn’t realistically be well done in one day but then decided to blame me and my techniques for the results that turned out to be inconclusive. I don’t feel as valued by my boss as I used to be. I have presented my work to colleagues who say how much hard work I put into it and how interesting they think my work is, which I agree but my boss acts like he doesn’t trust anything I do anymore. The employee in my dream who notified me that my boss wanted me to get early dismissal used to be a coworker of mine at a former job and he’s the one that had highly recommended me to the current. This employee joined the lab 3 months ago which coincides with the time my boss has started to micromanage me. This employee might have a romantic interest in me and is very kind to me.
    I think in six more months I can complete the skills I need to be even more in demand in my field but is my dream giving me strong warning signs to find a new job ASAP?
    Thanks for your interpretation

  30. I dreamed that I feel asleep at work and when I opened my eyes 2 guys were waiting to escort me out of the building. I said them, “I’m fired, right”. They only nodded yes… Then I immediately thought of my finances….

    1. Kris,

      The dream means working for money is not the means to an end. In addition falling asleep on the job indicates boredom. It is time to plan on a new career where your passion applies. Money is not everything.

  31. I dream i was fire from job and that what your dream meaning it true i need change in my life but afaird do to my axiety

    1. Lawrence,

      Often times, it is better to focus on establishing better habits for career advancement and self improvement than worrying about your job. Changing jobs is a part of life, treat it as such and grow from it.

  32. My boyfriend dreamt that I was fired from my job and started working a new one. I don’t want to get fired from my current one I’ve only started working for about a month. What does this imply?

    1. Kay,

      Your boyfriend’s dream indicates that your skill set will carry you far. He’s not even worried about your lack of employment. You can easily find a new job immediately after leaving a job as if you were changing into the new shirt each day.

  33. My sister told me she had a dream about me quitting or getting fired from my job. Does this dream have anything to do with me?

    1. Kedesha,

      Do you dream of yourself quitting your job to pursue something more meaningful? If you do, then your sister’s dream is implying that she and family members are supportive of your decisions.

  34. I rarely remember dreams but this one was quite vivid. I am a teacher. I have only taught at one school for 16 years but in different roles; 5th, 1st, gifted and now special education. The school is in a large district where transfers are common. I love our vice-principal but am uncomfortable around my principal. School starts in 4 weeks. We are at a staff meeting and the principal is giving assignments. She hands me a card explaining a situation that involved me gossiping as my reason for termination. I am the Union delegate at my school so I know this is not possible but she I woke up, my hurt is just pounding and I am nervous.

    1. Rebecca,

      It may be a good idea to review the teachers union termination rules based on gossiping. Your fear of being fired from your job may be unfounded because of your extensive knowledge as union delegate, and you have done nothing wrong to warrant such a dream. The union will fight for you while principal stands to lose more against the union.

  35. I just had a dream that I was “LET GO” at my job that is known for firing people and I love working there. In my dream I took an hour plus of “break time” something I never do, and came back. My coworkers knew something was up but didn’t say anything. I already knew I was going to be let go. I get to my area and my supervisor was there and two other people. The HR person was not there. I smiled nervously and my supervisor shook her head letting me know that it was ok. Then they told me, almost remorsely I was being “LET GO” I was shocked, then started crying hysterically and saying ” I told you, to give me a heads up, this isn’t fair!” and I woke up, shocked.

    1. HKMar,

      The dream indicates your anxiety over the job’s stability due to job politics rather than merit. Of course it is not fair if you work hard everyday, and still fear getting fired from the job you love for no reason. However, it is more important to leave the office politics to others, and continue working hard without worries because the on the job skills you learn is more valuable than the fear of getting fired.

  36. Maybe this post is old but I will reply anyways as I stumbled upon this and liked what I read. But I am not sure if this is the case for me. I had a dream last night about that I got fired from my current job. The thing is that I just got the job in real life, and I love it! I AM afraid of under performing as I am a little of a perfectionist. I am also afraid that my boss will think that I am working too slow. I haven’t gotten any bad feedback, only good things right now. And I am learning so much, but still, I feel this nervousness and therefore this dream I guess? But how to move on from this? Again, I LOVE my current job, my tasks and the people. Everything is amazing. But why is this dream?

    Thank you,


    1. Jimi,

      What you are dreaming about is perfectly normal. You are worried about your performance because you are over analyzing the positive feedback from your supervisor or peers. You value your job, and you don’t want any sudden changes. At this point, do not listen to your dream, where fear can paralyze your work performance.

      Continue to push forward, learn as much as you can, and make yourself indispensable, and much more competent than when you first started.

  37. I was let go due to speaking up on work assignments and knew the new director was reorging his dept so that didn’t. A few days after being let go, I had a dream of me picking up my last items at work and bumped into directors secretary and she said she might be next. Also saw new young staff looking very lost. The lights went out for few minutes while I was there. I then grabbed my things and left. What does this mean?

    1. Kim,

      You still long for familiarity of the old job to see how everything is transitioning without you, while knowingly you have already moved on because at the end you grabbed your things and left. That’s the main point of the dream as you have put closure into leaving that job.

    1. Georgie,

      You know what they say, work is like a contest. You want to be winner every time as that is how you get the raises and recognition. Your dream is trying to say that no one is perfect, and the worst that can happen is that you get sacked. Then you move on to the next dance off or job.

  38. I had a dream about getting fired. It involved HR and my boss. They pulled out 8 boxes of things I have done wrong. It was some as simple as doodle on paper, which they said was stealing company products. I also had some big things. Mind you have been in trouble for anything. My overall sense in the dream was anger.

    1. Monica,

      You may feel that they are nitpicking at your smaller faults, while you are not getting recognition for your bigger contributions. In all honesty, this may not be the right company or group that you necessarily want to commit yourself to if you already see that they are not able to see the true value of what you bring to the team.

  39. Before i went to sleep last night, I placed 4 amethysts on my night stand next to my bed. The dream i then had consisted of me starting a job at tj maxx (a retail store) in which i was starting around 4 pm. i got there and began my training, pretty basic stuff, but then in my dream i remembered in reality i actually work at wawa & i was supposed to be in at 10:15. I started getting confused. I then knew i would get fired and didn’t bother to show up. instead i jumped from a random roof like nightcrawler and broke into my friends house to have breakfast with her.

    1. Darwin,

      Even though you are getting fired from your job in the dream, you end up meeting your friend for breakfast. It shows that you know that a job does not define who you are, or your self worth. That’s great self awareness.

  40. In my dream a coworker told me I was going to be fired. In real life, I just received an award at work for a project I worked on with others, so go figure. I actually feel very secure at work, but would like to move on to a new job so maybe that’s what the dream is about. and although I can be rational about the dream, it has really bugged me.

    1. Jett,

      Your dream is helping you rationalize in pursuing a new job even though you are doing well in your real life job. You are trying your hardest to find fault at your real life job to give yourself an easy way out.

      Why not refocus on what’s good about your current job, and still look for a new job. Every one wins when you are able to transition out on high note.

  41. I had a dream that my job fired me. In my dream I received a phone call from a former coworker telling me the memo hasn’t dropped yet but the job is letting me go. I have not been in trouble with my job, it’s a civil servant position meaning I really have to do some crazy stuff to get fired. I am currently studying for a promotion test.

    1. Faith,

      Your dream is providing you reason to procrastinate on your studying of the promotion test. DO NOT let your dream foil your progress because sometimes dreams are always about how to take the easy way out. Why would anyone want to study if they are already dreaming of getting fired.

      Focus on the positives. Dream about how you will spend the increased disposable income after your promotion.

  42. Had a dream of been fired last night, and trying to get a position in another department, where they decide to put me is not where i wanted to be, so i was worried, trying to secure a place in that particular department i want to be.

    1. Lara,

      Change always bring on dreams whether negative or positive. Your dream is trying its best to address all the what if scenarios. What if you don’t fit into your new role, will you be fired? What if you succeed, will you be promoted? Start thinking more positively, and your dreams will changes towards more positive outcomes.

  43. I keep having dreams of getting fired over stupid stuff. I hear from my co-workers I’m doing very well though. Where I’m working is at my old private school so some of them are my old teachers from back in the day. I’m 21 now. If they keep telling me that I’m doing well and I am, then why these dreams? Please help.

    1. Ebasha,

      Your dreams may still be reminiscing of your younger self as a trouble maker, and don’t know that you have grown out of your trouble making youth. It may be just a warning for you take your job seriously, and try making a career out of it.

  44. I dreamed being fired last night. The position did not looks like my current job, just received a notice about terminating the contract. Let’s see how close situation moves around your suggestions.

    1. Sergio,

      Your dream of terminating a contract may be a sign to free you from your responsibilities, while allowing you to seek out a new job that is more fulfilling.