Being Kidnapped in Dreams

Perceiving yourself as being kidnapped in your dreams is symbolic of your fear of being held against your will. As you are taken from your home or your usual comfortable environment, you become a victim as a result of this twisted act. Even though you wish to leave, there is no possible way to. Your freedom is restricted and those you hold dear are faraway from you. Thus, dreaming of being kidnapped is the manifestation of the fear of being held against your will, to be helpless to where you want to go. Being kidnapped and unable to gain back your control of your life, you feel vulnerable with your destiny controlled by others.

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50 thoughts on “Being Kidnapped in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of being kidnapped, I do t know how I got kidnapped though. Eventually I got let out. I was at my house when a few men drove up in a van. They attempted to take me and my friend.(no clue how he got there) we struggled and escaped out of the van and returned home. A group of motorcycle gang members showed up and I hid in my attic. There was a TV and I turned it on. I don’t remember what was on the tv. I figured the guys could open up into the attic, so I took a door in the attic to what looked like a guest bedroom. For a second I thought I wouldn’t be found, then I woke up. This was a very long dream, and I’m surprised how much I remember from it.

  2. Dreamt of someone I lust over being kidnapped. The dream was very long but it finally ended with the person never being found. Whats meaning?

  3. The past few days, i fought with a special person to me, but after another fight yesterday i had this dream. And because of the guy i wanted to go back to my home country, where i am happy because the story behind me where i am now was never planned it was all so sudden. I dreamt about being home meeting my friends and having a trip and we were in this restaurant, then i went out to buy something then i suddenly couldn’t remember how to get back to the restaurant, so i was stupud enough to ride this taxi… And when i was in the taxi i realized the guy didnt show his lisence, and he just kept blabbering about lets go farther its a bit far he says. But i know it wasnt far. So i thought it was okay because i could stop and get down after a while and the driver wouldn’t let me. He drove me farther, and i realized what if he is trying to higher the meter but he was driving too fast and i can’t go out i tried arguing with him but there is no use he kept threatening me. I opened the door of the taxi. Then he got so mad.! I wanted to jump but i cldn’t he was too strong

  4. I had a dream a couple nights ago. I just remember being in a room full of ppl kind of like a really big dorm like bedroom with bunks. Similar to military style barracks. (I assume we were kidnapped as to how we got there idk) I only knew my brothers whom were also in there with me. From my oldest brother down to the youngest. A guy came in he was with the ppl that were holding us there for whatever reason. He went to the back and left the door open I then signaled to my brothers that we could escape and we all left. We told the others that we would get help. As we went running out the door the parking lot changed into my old high school lot and I’m running towards my car which is at the back of the lot I have the keys and my brothers were ahead of me. I heard the ppl behind me and I instantly woke up 😒 I tend to have fairly weird dreams but this was a bit off…Thanks in advance if you can interpret it if not still interesting to read.

  5. I had recently been having dreams about being on the phone with my boyfriend and then being kidnapped. Later on In the dream, other girls were kidnapped also, even my sister. I don’t know what this mean, but the other girls escaped, but I was somehow left behind. I ended up killing the kidnapper and I’m really freaking out right now because I feel like that’s what’s going to happen, because dreams do come true.

  6. The night before i was talkin about kidnappers with my mum and how i wanted to buy pepper spray. When i went to sleep, i had a dream were i was with my brother but not my parents. We were in the mall and a random guy comes with a mask and gets my brother and he struggles. After ward my brother was let free but i was taken. I was taken with a few other girls to this house with 2 ladys. All we’d really do is help around but i was extremely subburn and the other girls actually looked happy. I talked to her and asked her to let me free but she wouldnt, i wanted to escape with the other girl but then i woke up

  7. I have a recurring dream of being kisnapped but In the dream I’m at his house or under his supervision. Any insight would be welcome.

  8. I was at the mall and none of the items were bagged. I had many small glass items and I was holding them in my arms. A man maybe 40/50 pulled up and said he would give me a ride, he grabbed my arm and pulled me in I sat down and inched towards the edge of the seat towards the edge. He pulled me closer and stole my phone. I felt uncomfortable. He turned out of the parking lot, he was supposed to follow my friends. I started to panic. As we were driving down the road I saw a group of my friends running around. I looked back and saw a little girl sleeping. He says I needs a dictionary, a big dictionary. I nodded and he went through some type of drive through and he was right, it was a huge dictionary. He pulled over and started closing in on me, I backed away to the sleeping girl when I noticed she was dead. I didnt dare say a word. When he got close to me he go really close to my ear and the way he whispered “I am about to kill you” is bone chilling. I couldn’t scream. He raised the book, but then I woke up with a headache where he was aiming the book. I don’t know what it means, I can’t find it anywhere. I’m 14 and still in school, thanks if you can help.

  9. Every time I have this dream I’m walking the street with my friend and come guy says come on we say no and he jumps out and chases me and he has like superspeed and kidnappes me and tries to touch me

  10. In my dream I woke up in an unfamiliar apartment. I immediately got up and hid in a side room. A man I’d never seen (mostly bald) came in with a gun, ranting about how “it was you’re fault she died.” He searched corners of the room, and almost twitched in the way he turned corners. I waited for the correct opportunity, and fought and disarmed him, I did not kill him, I beat him unconscious. I held the gun to him until the police arrived. He woke up before that and charged me. I had to shoot him. The End, I woke up after that. There is a girl I really like that I found out doesn’t like me back through her friend. I poured my heart out to her in a Facebook message (wasn’t sure when I was going to see her next). I am waiting for a response. Maybe this dream signifies my not being in control of my emotions? Maybe I am holding myself back from other people because if this girl? Maybe I am trying to let go, but am having difficulty? I know I should, but still wish there was hope. Thoughts? I also had a dream right before this one tonight in which we had a make out session, we lefty office for a “break” and made out in a car in someone else’s garage and I felt uncomfortable about it. When we got back to the office we pretended like nothing happened. The End (until my kidnapping dream happened). God my life! Ahhhh haha thoughts people?

  11. In my dream I was kidnapped my daughter and I the kidnapper took us to a room it was so dirty it was disgusting it had a nasty smell he made us lay on the bed that was as dirty as the floor soni just heald my 2yr old daughter on top of me so she will not touch any of it…. N i just cried…. Thats all i remember…

  12. I’d a weird dream last night whereby I was kidnapped in a very sly way. I was invited to a house I knew (it was familiar but unknown if that makes sense) and as soon as I walked into a room (I think a bedroom) I was immediately injected with heroin I think. I had this rush of blood go through my whole body and a sense of hopelessness. Then my heart felt all warm and fuzzy and numb, the same feeling you get when get an analgesic/anaesthetic in the dentist injected into your gum.

    After laying there for a few minutes the guy who kidnapped me left the room and came back. I timed this in my head. The second time he left I noticed a sort of knife or chisel or something like a screwdriver as my head lay over the bed/chair. I lifted this knowing that if I could stab this person I could escape. My foncern was that this was a huge guy, bigger than anyone I have ever met before. As he came through the doorway I lunged at him, atabbed him vertically through the chest cavity and again in the same area although i tried to rip his ribcage from his chest, or even break the object and leave it in his chest.

    After this I finally escaped capture. However, it didn’t end there. After I had escaped I was chased through my own area where a live. I tried warning people what had happened, even running intonmy local shop but no one was willing to help. The last thing I remember was being chased around a car or two with a knife.

    I’ve had many weird dreams like this. I seem to be involved in battles either on a battlefield or just in a normal urban area. Usually I get shop in the head but don’t die as a result but feel this weird warp like feeling in my head as if it is melting.

    These dreams have been frequent since I had a motorbike accident last year. I was hit by a stolen car which drove off. I’ve never been the same since (compared to what I do now and what I used to do under 2 years ago).

    Anyone had a similar dream or know of an interpretation?

  13. I dnt remember where I was or being taken but I was in a house with a bunch of gangsters (bloods) because they were in red. But I felt like I was being tortured I was not tied up or anything I was just not able to leave from there. There were guns drugs and money . I was the only women . the yelled things at me told me if I tried to leave they’d kill me. They had there way with me and when they did some how I must have asked to go to the restroom. They were so drunk and high someone let me go by myself. I looked the door and got out thur the window. I went close by and asked to stay inside someone’s house called the police and told the woman what had happened to me I told her to hide me in her house until the police arrived. I woke up shortly after so idk what that means because I didn’t see myself getting away and to the police . can u help me

  14. I had a dream I was being kidnapped taken to an underground secret society / they were preparing us for intruders while we were there they let us be free within our society I fell I love with someone there and we painted this wall after they started to liberate us I had to convince everyone that we were all kidnapped they almost turned on me but I got them to leave on our way out the nappers were firing spears at us

  15. I am constantly having horrific night mares mostly every night about being kidnapped or other horrible things like that and I would like them to stop please.

  16. In my dream i was new to my parents neighbourhood (i have actually live here for 10 years just a few streets from my parents) my car (that is my brothers in real life, but mine in the dream) had been parked in a foreign neighbor driveway i took my 2 neices there to get the car then sent the home across the road while i got the car. As i went to get in the car one of the three male neighbors sprayed the back of my neck with something cold then injected my with something to knock me out. As i felt myself slipping in and out of concious i kept screaming for help. They started talking but i couldnt hear what they were saying and then i scrambled out the door. They kept grabbing me to stop me but i broke free. In front of the house an older woman said “yes she will do very nicely” i ran past here and into another yard to hide then i woke up feeling very uneasy.

  17. I had a dream about being in my brothers house with my best friend and is weird as i haven’t spoke to my brother in years after all talking in my dream we then heard shouting outside then shadows appeared and start shouting we know your in there ****** (brothers name )My brother then looks at me and then runs up stairs me and my best mate grab things like glow bands and drinks and food then we hide inside the tiniest cupboard ever its like an L shape and pitch black . we have to hurry up though as hear door breaks down and people are angry . they then start searching the house looking for my brother and no sign of him . Me and my best friend hope we get out but we get caught we both get dragged out of hiding and i don’t know rest as i woke up.

  18. My dream started out in disney world as one of those dreams where you are trying everything you can to get somewhere by a certain time and you just can’t seem to. I was meeting my boyfriend for dinner at Ragland road in downtown disney (in my dream he was already there and I told him I’d walk to meet him) no part of what I was walking through (or running through towards the end) looked like disney world. Finally I stopped and asked an old woman how far the restaurant was from where we were and she told me about 15 minutes but that she was heading that way if I wanted a ride, so I got in the car. About 20 minutes later we were still driving and I didn’t recognize the scenery so I asked her where we were and she said about 5 minutes away. My phone had broken earlier in my dream so I asked her if I could borrow her phone and she said yes so I called my boyfriend to tell him Id be there soon and the call kept breaking up. Between the call breaking up I could hear him giggling with a woman in the background. When I got off the phone the old woman started hitting on me and I told her if she could just get me to the restaurant I would give her a kiss. She was telling me how gorgouse I was an all the dirty things she would do to me. Finally we stopped at a grocery store and suddenly I had a baby in my hands (I don’t have any kids) and my younger sister was with us and we were waiting on line for the bathroom and I asked the old woman again how far we were from the restaurant and she said “about an hour and 15 minutes” after she said that I got panicked in my dream and mouthed to my sister that when she went to the bathroom we were making a run for it. After that I woke up.

  19. I had a dream was kidnapped by a transgender woman. She was a women with a penis there was another girl with me she had already been raped and killed it was my turn. I pretended to like her and said i was fine with what her and her accomplice did. i convinced her i liked her and wanted to stay i show this by giving her oral sex then she is more trusting and leaves me while taking a shower i then hear my mothers voice at back door quietly i thought she was bringing police but seems shes alone i go to the door and i wake up what does this mean anyone??

  20. I dreamt this morning about being kidnapped by a guy and girl and put in a place with other people and there was a separate room with children in it. I found out that this couple kidnaps people to kill and dismember them. Somehow a guy in the same room and I find some knives and overpower the guy and kill him when he comes in for his next victim and kill him. We then escape the room and go to look for the room with the children in it. We find the children after passing a room covered with blood and body parts and start to escape. The girl comes out at the stairs and one of the other people runs at her and fights with her while we escape. As soon as we get outside we hide on the side of a building and see a couple of cars parked in the distance, after I realize that the land around us looks eerily similar to my moms back yard only surrounded by mountains. We run to the cars and the one I jump into has the guy that helped me find the knives and he has the murderer girl beside him all beat up and bloody. I sit beside her mad and confused that she is still alive so I pull out the knife I had which was a long kitchen slicing knife and put it and the back of her neck and say she shouldn’t get to live and push it into her neck and she is still alive and laughing so I do it again and offer the chance to anyone else and they look at me like they are disturbed and scared so I do it once more then push her to the floor and she starts quietly repeating ‘my mom, my mom’. Then I woke up..
    I didn’t watch anything scary yesterday so I have no idea where this came from. What the eff does that mean?

  21. Please help.

    Last night I had a dream of being kidnapped.
    But as I woke I was in a house and a lady opened the door as I was about to open it myself. In my dream it did not seam that she knew why I was there. So I told her that I was there to see someone to give them money. She said her husband ( kidnapper) was gone to work. So I collected my things and slowly walked out the door. But as I got to the pouch I could not leave. As if there was a force field keeping me there. I then tried and tried to contact the person I have been seeing. Texting and calling him with no answer. !!! What dose all of this mean ???

  22. I had a dream last night that i was in a school, almost like a boarding school i guess. One of my actual teachers (that i know and have in real life) was teaching us english like she usually does. Then a principle or something came in and started doing all this shit and it happened gradually but it ended up being me and like three other people in the room. The principle asked my friend and i if we wanted to go somewhere else and she said yes and i said no. I woke up in a different room and he said he had to check my stomach or jaw or something and he put these clamps in my mouth. And kept prying them open amd it just hurt and i was crying and he said “yea, i have to kick it” and i was screaming as to what on earth he had to kick and why and how i got in this room in the first place. He left and we see that we are in a classroom, and my friend is laying on a bed, and i feel all sick, then i realise that he drugged me and brought me here. And he came back, and he kept asking me if i wanted to just lay down and shit and i said no and knocked over a cup of water making him mad. And I just i woke up scared to death. Help please.

  23. I had a dream that me my aunty and cousin and someone else (I don’t remember who it was) were just suddenly kidnapped by this man. And I remember trying to get out and worrying but, it was weird because my family was calm about it and I was the only one freaking out😟 I tried to get out so many times and I tried to hide but that man would always catch me and beat me afterwards and I dream about getting kidnapped often. But every time I dream about it, the story is different, they’re never the same dreams.

  24. I dreamed that I and my sister where kidnapped and we were young, like 10. These people were cult like and drugged us and were going to make us do terrible things. I could see others out age doing unspeakable things. As I layed on the floor drugged. I realized I didn’t take enough of the drugs and they were going to find out and kill me. I tried talking to strangers who I thought would help me but they were in on it. This dream was so horrible uni woke up at 5 am and couldn’t get back to sleep! It’s not the 1st time I had this dream. Please help me find a way to stop having these!

  25. I had the scariest dream. My husband was cheating on me and the window busted open. Two guys kidnapped him saying he was a liquor store thief and he was the best around. They took him but he looked all happy to go. I opened the door, they threw a smoke bomb thing in and it filled the room with smoke. It was some kind of weird powder that filled the room with something that was killing me. I was praying and everything in my dream and right before I died I woke up.

  26. I dreamed me and my daughter went into WalMart to buy some quick foods and makeup. Lol. My mom and brother went into the store next door. As I went to the counter to pay the man was very rude. I did not say anything. I was scared I wouldn’t have enough money to pay by I did. The cashier insisted on taking my bags to the car so I agreed because I had my daughter in my arms. He loaded my bags and I was mad that my mom and brother wasn’t finished and waiting on us. I sat in the car complaining. Then I realized the cashier forgot one of my items a big vanity mirror. I went back into the store he pushed me out the store yelling I didn’t need the mirror and he pushed me into my car and began driving away. I was screaming no please I have my baby with me. He kept driving like a maniac. He circled the car around and pulled close to the store. He locked the door and was yelling about how women are stupid and vain and he hatted them. I could see my mom and brother coming and I screamed for them they just laughed and walked into WalMart. My mom looked at me and said you should have stayed with us. Then i woke up.

  27. Well the dream started off as a holiday with my class to a place no one knew existed. So my 2 friends and i saw a lady being beaten up nd we went to go call for help but no one would help us. The next day we went to the beach for a few hours. We needed to take a shower and this guy who was really good looking offered to show us where the showers were but they were full so he offered to take us to his place we all agreed and he did but once we were in he didnt let us out. He took us to the shower and watched us shower and he locked all the doors and took all the keys so we couldnt get out. Eventually our class left and went back without us and we were soon forgotten by everyone and i woke up before the ending

  28. I had a dream that had me wake up glistening with sweat. I was in my room and saw a tiger out my window. It was walking around outside on the roof very close to my window. But then it turned to be a man in his 40s and he was greasy, and gross. He tore the screen and opened my window so fast before i had time to react. He came in and grabbed me, pushing me against him and forcing my face to meet his. His lips brushed over mine and i tried to push myself away but i couldnt. he made clear his intentions with me (rape) and i ran downstairs when i had the chance. He chased me all sround my house and then got me, pulling out some injection device thingy he said he was going to inject me with if i wasnt good. I told him i had to go to the bathroom and i dialled 911, they didnt answer. i ran away and stumbled and he was gaining on me. i ran for my room and broke through the other screen and tumbled down my roof

  29. I have been dreaming that a gang have raped, kidnapped and beaten me whilst I was on holiday. I tried to escape a number of times but kept getting beating up till I could not move. I managed to escape after a number of occasions and finally succeed but ended up in a horrible hotel. I have had this on a number of dreams but in different circumstances. Could you please tell me what this means cause I am due to go on holiday and feeling like I need to cancel it because of these dreams. Thank you x

    1. Katrina,

      Dreaming of being kidnapped is certainly a nightmare. However, dreams are how your brains likes to role play events that may be causing you anxiety. For the trip, you might be feeling as if you might not enjoy it, and your brain is rationalizing all the what if scenarios for you to not go. Don’t let your dreams create fear in your life that holds you back from exploring and going on adventures. The world is not as horrible as the media would like us to believe.

  30. Hi, My name is April. This is the second time I’ve had the kidnapping dream, and they’re quite a few months apart. All I can remember from the beginning is that my very sweet friend and I are walking and then we get kidnapped by an organization. We end up in a warehouse, on a platform,with toxic chemicals in big cylindrical container which they threaten us with. At this time in the dream, we are both severely distraught. My friend has a blank stare, looking downward, white sitting in a chair. And I am walking rapidly back and forth. My emotions are between finding an escape and hysterically crying. We somehow escape and we’re in a neighborhood. We see three black guys and one comes to us concerned, as I am looking lost. My friend is still in a state of shock. As he’s showing us the way, the dream jumps scene to a white male and female. And they take up to an opened wall food joint. My friend has lightened up slightly by now. A black woman’s comes from the kitchen with a Togo box and notices me. She tells me hey and sits by our hostess. She asks me what’s wrong and I can’t remember what I said, but she understands and tells me about her mother being in an unfortunate incident and opens the Togo box to reveal a kitten hiding behind a salad. And I got a kitten last week by the way.
    Thank you for reading.

  31. Okay, so I was in the future like with star trek characters and I was taken to 1950’s or 1930’s. I had been kinapped and made a house wife to replace this guy’s other wife. The guy was an English teacher I used to have who is really weird. I kept trying to protect my cat who I don’t own anymore and turned into my roommate’s cat and it escaped through a chain link fence.I was wearing a hoop skirt and when I went to kiss the kidnapper goodbye it was this 1950’s version of me as a different person than I am now. My lips were bleeding and I had to kiss them. When I was at the run down house I tried shutting the fences but couldn’t secure them andthe last thing I remember is looking up and down the street for help but all the houses were not safe and I had left my phone and wallet in the man’s car when I checked my purse that was in the front yard.

  32. I had this dream where I am in a library and I am with people that smoke marihuana but are not doing so at the time. As I am walking towards the door I spark a cigarette and I am hiding it in my sleeve because these two authorative looking men are coming towards me. Just as I get outside two other younger men stop me and are acting like they are police but do not have uniforms on. They think that my smoke was marihuana and when I tell them it’s just a cigarette they don’t believe me and start to be really rough with me and throw me to the ground with my face in the dirt. The next thing I remember I wake up in my dream and i don’t know where I am but I am outside at a plastic playground somewhere and I have a mouth full of pebbles and I have inhaled some because I am coughing them up. Then I wake up out of my dream coughing. I had this dream twice last night!

  33. I was having a dream of going to my big concert at school, when all of a sudden I appear in dog cage. somehow I managed to get out. I saw two other dolls that were kidnapping, I felt as of they had human life force within them. I put them in a bag and tossed them out the window safely.Then it was my turn to escape but it was too high to jump and there was nothing to supress my fall. I saw my kidnapper as I was trying to escape, he was to busy on his phone. so then I tried knocking on the window downstairs where his mother would be. (I was being held hostage in the attic) Shortly after the Mom said my dad was here to pick me up. it was normal when they were walking me to the door as if nothing happened. Then some kid grabbed my phone off my hands and said “look he has GPS on his phone that’s how they found us!” so my kidnapper says I’m not going anywhere but in my imagination I pictured of busting through the door downstairs to get outside and that’s exactly what happened. I ran into my dad’s car and inside there was music playing. this song was familiar but the only thing different was that I heard whispers such as if someone was cursing me or telling me something. my dad kept telling me what was wrong. I couldn’t respond as though I was traumatized. I was trying to tell him what happened but I just didn’t work anymore. all I kept thinking was going to my school concert and how would I be able to communicate with my girlfriend. and I shit you not my kidnapper wasn’t far from my house.

  34. Yesterday night I had a dream about my aunt kidnapping me along with three of my friends. We ran and made it into this school just as the kids were getting out of class. I felt safe, but then looked around and saw that they were gone. I continued to look and saw my ex-boyfriend standing there, looking at me as if he missed me. I ran out of the building and out of nowhere I appeared at my school, a Christian Academy and saw my three friends again. I ran over to them and hid with them from the kidnapper,then we went into the building and my friend started to look at me with a grim expression and she fell out and I told her to snap out of it. Then we left the building thinking that all of us were safe and then my friend said, ” What if the place the kidnapper wants to take us to is a good place?” i then looked at he with a confused expression and began to yell at her. We continued to walk to this place and then stopped. and they all said that it would be good for me and they sprinkled something on my head and i could here distant laughs and i was in this mansion and we were dressed up in these clothes and they all said welcome and thats when i woke up. Can anyone tell me what this means, i woke up thinking about it and began to cry because i didnt want to go with them. and i kept repeating to myself i dont want to go

  35. I had two dreams of the same idea In the same night. They both were of me getting kidnapped by some creep. Both times I was kidnapped from different places yet I never woke up anywhere or saw myself be murdered. The first one I had was about some creepy guy. He took me because he wanted to turn me into a manikin, his own personal barbie doll. He took me from school. Once I was taken I never woke up somewhere or had visons of my demise. The second one I was with my family and this weird looking couple had some car trouble so, us being the kind-hearted people we were, we helped them. But the guy kept tryin to get into our home. Finally at one point he grabbed me and made a run for the blue 1985 Chevy truck. I fought and fought to get out of his grip and knocked him off his balance. I woke up at that point. I don’t know what these dreams mean and they are starting to scare me. I’ve Been having nightmares every so often for two or three weeks now. But never in the same night have I had two nightmares.

  36. Couple nights ago I had a dream that I was kidnapped I was taken by a bunch of men and stored with a whole bunch of girls around my age who looked like they were in college I was really scared and couldn’t understand anything but there were cages and using a dark room with only one light a couple days later I Skeep but nobody finds me I don’t really know what it means but it kind of freaked me out and it really broke me up I don’t understand why I would have this dream and I am just confused

  37. I’ve had recurring kidnapping dreams for several weeks now. One that scared me the most was one day I was just have a pretty much normal day, then out of no where these people I don’t even know have kidnapped me and have me pinned down trying to microchip me… The last one was me sitting in my car at a store parking lot, there was a man who was breaking into other people’s vehicles. I locked all the doors and tried to hide but he still broke in, and proceeded to drive away with me in the car saying I would be killed if I looked for help.

  38. I had a dream of being kidanpped.. I was at work and we got robbed and I was taken. The kidnapper was not anyone I recognize, but was very nice for the most part. He changed my looks (cut and dyed my hair, had me do my makeup different then I usually done etc.) He also told me that when we were in public, I would act happy or else… So I had a good time while we were together. He also changed his looks when we were in public, like he did when he robbed the store, but never used the same hair that he did when he robbed the store. He was very smart and handsome.. Not sure if any of this means anything… Anyone?

  39. We’ll 2 days ago my husband had a dream of me being kidnapped , and this morning I had it again- a bit diffrent.
    I was kidnapped and with a few people I ran and found a gun wanted to kill someone but there were no bullets in the gun- I woke up as I ran away over small rocks- diffrent colours
    Big and small- what could this mean! Please help- I fear for my life!

  40. I had a dream that i remembered this morning as i woke up. There were three men who entered inside my room through the window. The window screen has been broken and so they can get through inside the room. I run as fast as i could. Then leaped as high as i can through our gate. Then as i was running i felt it was not that fast and its really hard to run. But then i escaped and went into my neighbor the next street. Then I went farther and somebody noticed that I was the one who escaped the kidnappers. He knew the kidnappers so I was again tried to be caught but then there was a police man. So I escaped again. When I got home I fixed my broken window so it could not be opened from the outside. That is the end of my dream.

  41. I cant sleep so maybe telling you with help me. Theres a guy here who is an escort and basically anything illegal. I had never seen him before and now. I see him more. I had a nightmare he was there and he had a bodyguard. He is friends with “this guy”who hit on me. At this party when I went to leave and “the guy” had a knife and was playing around but I almost got stabbed, then my friend went and yelled at the bodyguard and he told him, better back off or hell die. I was in the elevator and somehow I ended up in a room with my uncle and some of his buddies. They heard about it him wanting to kidnap but not in enough time. One of this had found me and dragged me out. Somehow I escaped before I made it there. I called the cops and they like nbd. I was screwed then I got a text from him it said “wanted to see how you were doing. I won’t give up on you. If anything bad happens no one will ever notice” Then I tried to hide again. I was found again and this time I was alone. I had to run cause they were getting close. I ended up face to face with him, it was so scary. I woke up. Heart beating out of my chest. I remember every detail and maybe more:/

  42. i had a dream last night. i was out to lunch/or dinner with my fiance and his friends. a guy came over to me and said something i do not remember. i went to the bathroom and he kidnapped me. put his hand over my mouth and told me it will be easy if i do not scream. and just left. he tied my arms behind my back in a van and gagged me. said i will do what he says and it will be that way. i have no idea where i ended up. when i woke up i was naked. told me from now on im his slave and will do whatever he tells me to do. he asked if i understand and scared as i was i shook my head. he then chained me to a wall where i was left. he then blindfolded me so he would not let me see what he was doing. he came back and asked me if i liked what was happening. i shook my head no. he told me he didnt care and then unchained me and made me do something to him. after that he put me in cage to sleep for the rest of the night.

  43. I had a dream that I was at a store and my parents left me there. I tried calling them but no answer. Then a man with a machette walked in the store,he grabbed me and threw me in his car and drove away as fast as he could. I tried to scream but nothring, Then as soon as he was going to kill me I woke up…but I didnt know the man…

  44. I keep having dreams I get kidnapped , in my latest dream I went outside to look for my dog and got taken. I got tortured and raped by a group of guys . one day I tried to get away and started to run. Thts were I woke up. Getting kidnapped is my biggest fear.

  45. so i keep having dreams of people trying to kill me but there always different types of people like 1 it was zombies another time it was a group of kids and another time it was a old white man who seemed to be a gangster and he had a samarii sword…in all these dreams i kill the people chasing me with either a knife a bat or my fists….wht dos it mean

  46. I had this dream not long ago that was kidnapped but it wasn’t by anyone I didn’t know… It was by someone I met earlier in the dream and I think he was am obsessed bestfriend and I had a boyfriend in my dream and he gave me a drink and I like blacked out and woke up in this new room but it was a nice room and he came in and acted like we were together but still threatened me if I left :S

  47. I keep having this dream that I get abducted, it always takes place at night and there is a really skinny grose looking man and two others. It goes on for a little while and I always escape. After I escape I run home and ill try to tell ppl but I always wake up here. When I wake up im usually freaked out and ill snuggle up tight to my gf and hold her. Im 27 years old, have a job that im out of town mon thru fri, but pays well….id really like to be able to understand this dream though.