Being Kidnapped in Dreams

Perceiving yourself as being kidnapped in your dreams is symbolic of your fear of being held against your will. As you are taken from your home or your usual comfortable environment, you become a victim as a result of this twisted act. Even though you wish to leave, there is no possible way to. Your freedom is restricted and those you hold dear are faraway from you. Thus, dreaming of being kidnapped is the manifestation of the fear of being held against your will, to be helpless to where you want to go. Being kidnapped and unable to gain back your control of your life, you feel vulnerable with your destiny controlled by others.

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  1. My dream started out with me and my friends or family it seemed i was just walking down a street, then i saw a girl dressed as cinderella, like exactly liker her, big blue dress, blond bun etc. For some reason i saw her from down the street and chased her thinking she was someone i was looking for, i just felt drawn to her. As i chased her my family or friends were screaming at me wondering why i was running away to chase after cinderella. Then as i got into the store cinderella was outside she ran in and i lost her. I was in the store and saw she ran to the back of the store and disappeared. I ran to the changing rooms because that was the back of the store and as i got into the one it looked like she went into, she was gone. As i was in the changing room i was confused how she got away, but then i moved the mirror and behind it was a secret exit way that led to some sort of lair. A guy who worked in the store, he looked nerdy, was asking me to leave and asking why i ran into the change room, i said i was just looking for something and then began to leave the store, as i was leaving i saw secret messages written on price tags of items on a shelf. It seemed those messages were for me so i began to take them. As i was doing that a dark skinned cop with a shaved head and a bit of a beard starting came in the store asking for me to leave it. I said ok and as i was taking the secret messages(clues) he thought i was gone because i was couched over and i heard him speaking tot he nerd who was working in the store. It seemed odd and i thought they were working together. The cop asked me to leave again once he realized i was still in the store so i finished grabbing the clues and the cop started to chase me! I think he saw one of the clues. The store nerd also started to chase me like they wanted me or something was so confused. The door way was blocked so i ran to the changing room moved the mirror and began to run to the secret room (lair you could call it) and i had a bunch of newspaper articles pinned on the wall and a map and it looked like a investigation of some sort. Then i saw a picture of the cinderella on it and clues that looked like the clues i was taking from the store. I was scared and the guys were still chasing me, now the cop had a big knife his hand. I followed some exit way to try and get out of the store and i ended up outside of the back of the store in some alley way. The cop was right behind me and he caught up to me and we started to fight. I was fighting for my life. Next thing i knew i woke up on some beach in the sand and my sister was there too and some other people that seemed like my friends. We realized we were kidnapped and started to look around to get help or leave. Then i look over a sand bank, there were lots of bushes and stuff in the way. I saw another body of water over the sand bank then i saw the cop and the nerd that had chased me earlier. There were some other people with them as well and they were just all talking. Me and my sister decided to slowly crawl to the the beach, it was a bit far away from up but we needed to get away to escape. We then ran for the other beach landing and as we were half way there the cop and nerd and other people started to chase up because they didn’t want us to get away. We got to the other beach but they were took close to us now, we were running in bush and sand along the beach trying to get away, there was no way out from here. so we jumped into the water ad started to swim away but they gained on us and we were stuck. Then a bunch of other little kids were with us and we were all just in the water playing, but we were not aloud to leave. Me and my sister decided to try to escape and run to the third body of water beach across form it twas the exit of the beach and back to lan and roads. We waited for the right moment when everyone was distracted and slowly got out of the water and started walking, then we booked it across the beach and down a trail toward the exit of the beach/lake area. As we got to the end of the trail, the only way to the other side was to either swim, or go across from jungle gym like obstacle over the water. We saw the people chasing us again screaming trying to catch us to make sure we did not leave so we went over the obstacles, there was some rope thing we crossed then went down a slide into the water then swam a short distance to the next obstacle and climbed rope monkey bars to the other side. We ended up making it to the other side, which was a parking lot with trees surrounding it, we saw other people there too. We felt safe but we still had to get away before the guys caught up to us. I saw one of my old friends and asked for a ride and her dad let us get into his mini van and drove us home. We escaped and ended up ok. and thats how my dream ended lol… yes very strange

  2. I dreamt that I was in a hotel room with my boyfriend and some girl who I guess we were both friends with and it seemed to be a 1940s setting. We were trying to figure out something important and next thing I know, the girl was shot and my boyfriend and I were kidnapped. Once we were taken to our new destination I tried to escape and was hit by a henchman. The guy in charge saw this and hurt his helper saying no one was supposed to hurt me. However, they did take my boyfriend into another room and started hurting him minorly. The guy in charge had some sort of romantic obsession over me and actually took care of me while hurting my boyfriend. It was weird. Any ideas?

  3. I was at home when I suddenly appeared in this wierd room and there were three people in there and they told me I was about to be kidnapped and I asked why and they said cause it would had to be don’t or it would have serious consequences on the future, somehow I agreed to it, I asked if it would be really bad and if I’d die? They’re like it’s “you’re heart just stops once” 0_0 I was like hehe(WTF) so meanwhile they were asking if I was ready and I said wait, I just buying time to be able to text my friend(D) that I was being kidnapped afterwards I said I was ready. I then woke up in my room and I got up and walked down the hallways where Anthony was waiting 😐. Anthony is a guy I recently stopped talking/ignored his messages to because we argued too much and he still has a major crush on me. So back to the story I walked down the hallway where I was forcefully grabbed and something was placed on my mouth, I lost all memory and blacked out, I woke up in a dark room which was under a bed!? Yes ik, there was this basement compartment under the bed where he hid me and feed me through a damn tube. Not only did I get daily beating but I was forced to eat rat fecies and other disgusting stuff. And if it wasn’t finished I had to be beaten. On the first day I was captured he shoved animals down
    my mouth and made me swallow them whole.. he then proceeded to slice my ankles and arms in the most sensitive places he knew, i lost so much blood but he just wouldn’t let me die, if I lost conciousness I’d be beaten again, he even held me and told me he loved me so much and that we were going to be a big happy couple finally all alone.. I was scared and I somehow still had my phone with me. One day when he went out I used my phone to contact D which he tried to help me escape but it was quite hard since I was most of the time on 24 hour watch:-| there was this door is always try and talk to him through but it never worked out as an escape day the final day had come well at least for me. And I begged him and begged him.. I crawled to him and I told him I loved him and to please let us be a happy couple, he replied with a smirk and said “tonight,…. tonight youll finally be free from all your pain, we’ll be happy and together for ever..” that same night he tied me to a bed and he told me to fall asleep. I was really scared but still tried to, minutes…hours.passed and then he finally came, he came into the room but this time it was just an unknown figure.. i couldn’t see it’s face, less than a second later I was losing blood and I kept blacking out ; when I turned to my side the last thing I saw was my mother standing there smirking at me, and the screams of my friend D in the background, suddenly I woke up crying and shaking vigorously.. what does this all mean? This happened yesterday too but with a different dream, it affected me the same way though.

  4. My dream (at the time) was terrifying. A girl about the same age as me had me in a house unable to leave, she made me watch awful things and put spiders, snakes on my chest (I know , weird)
    I tried to escape a few times but eventually she sort of let me go. I was then in town with my dad and I was absolutely terrified she would be there and take me back.

  5. I personnal have been having issues with my ex partner and the day to day care of our daughter and 2wkends ago he took our little girl away to meet his new partner my daughter was greatly disturbed and upset to say the least. He has her again and she is again scared. I had a dream last night that he kidnapped her and he didnt bring her back on the organized day. I felt dispair was upset and hopeless i woke up crying. Please help me understand this dream it was terrifying.

  6. I have had 3 dreams of being kidnapped this month. Maybe more, but 3 that stand out. My hope is by leaving this comment that it will get out of my system. The weird thing about my dreams is that my kidnapper always has some level of decency. Like if you do exactly what i say, i wont brutally beat you, or numbing my leg before breaking it (my hubby woke me up thankfully before he broke my leg). I read that kidnapping dreams means you feel like your not in control, if that is true, i have a long time before these dreams go away because i am the farthest from being in control in my life as i could get. We are maki g progress, but we have a long road ahead of us.

  7. I dreamed I was locked in a house with some other girl. I don’t know who she is but she looks like someone from a movie. The guy who kidnapped us was in reality, a movie star.. I’m really not sure of his name but in a certain movie he kidnapped women, drugged them, and when they became conscious they were in this well in his basement. In my dream, I was trapped inside of a house right off of a busy street. It was strange that no one knew what was going on in this house. Anywho, the guy who kidnapped us left the house and somehow we were able to escape the house BUT we couldn’t get out of this huge fence, we were locked in. We saw a car he parked adjacent to house, so we somehow found the keys but here’s the crazy part. The car was fenced in too. It had its own fence. We had to climb the fence to get into the car. We finally got in the car but then the girl turned on me. She pulls out a gun and tells me, I’m not going anywhere. I begin to freak out, but then I try to talk her into going with me. She’s easily persuaded. I don’t think she wanted to be there anyways. I start the car and begin to ram the fence with the car. I’m not sure what happens next because I wake up…

  8. I dreamed I was In a box type thing stood up but tied up my hands and feet were tied to the box and a man from the back of the box the outside where there wAs a gap at the bottom abused me and licked all my skin where I couldn’t reach I struggled but it kept happening it was disgusting and I felt abused it’s like it was real I could feel it like the wet off his tongue all around my ankles. It was a man abusing me while I was already being abused because I was tied up an in a small space it was horrible

  9. I dreamt that I was kidnapped and left in this sort of compound with a large group of friends from my hometown (which I recently have moved away from.) We were in a wire caged room that was relatively small but had full view of a party taking place throughout the rest of the compound that our captor (who I recognized but do not know personally in real life,) was throwing. There was a pool, a bar, and quite a number of people partying away totally unaware. More friends of mine kept being added to this small, caged in room. I started to make promises that I would get them all out of this situation, I felt personally responsible? The emotions felt very lucid. Our captor mocks us from the outside of this cage, as if he is trying to integrate us into this strange cult like party happening within the isolated compound. He has a gun and is oftentimes pointing it at us. It felt as though we were there for a long while. I realize there is a door on one side of the cage, that releases you into the compound (forget the logic of there being a door that places those captured into the cage, it doesn’t exist.) The only way out is to be integrated into this compound willingly. From there, there is only a small fence between you and a vast valley. No where to hide from this man waving a gun around. This man looks in his mid 40’s, and has kidnapped a group of men and women averaging 25-30. We all refuse to submit to this cult like agenda willingly, and come to find out this cage is more than just a room, but also an elevator capable of being dropped from a very high point- and there is fire that surrounds the cage at the bottom. (I am, in real life, conflicted about both subjects; I am terrified of being in high places, but love the feeling of falling. I am so transfixed by fire that I used to experiment with burning myself as a small child.) After being shaken around and burned for what seemed like hours, with occasional small interactions with my fellow captees, I suppose I invented a plan to help my friends escape. We didn’t discuss it, but as it unfolded it was a part of my thoughts that “this was a part of the plan.” We all pretended to be integrated, leaving the cage (which was unlocked mind you,) and three of us went to the bar to grab a drink. The man who had captured us stared intensely at me, as if we knew each other, which I began to realize we do (in the dream.) He singled me out and put all of his focus onto me (which I knew he would in the dream.) I start to realize we used to be lovers. The plan is for me to distract him while my friends make an escape through the aforementioned valley. The man grabs me and we start to have a conversation about our honesty to one another and trust. I have this overwhelming feeling that he will kill me if he realizes that I am only a distraction. He tells me he was always honest with me during our relationship and up until this point, even claiming that he gave up his cellular device for me, and I couldn’t even tell him that I was carrying two. He pulled out two phones, one that was for personal use and one that seemed to be property of the FBI, as if I were spying on him? He began to pull away, angry at my deception (must have thought I was bugging him, which I should have been…) yet I begin to argue that I have not used either phone to contact anyone for aid, that I did not betray him and that I “love” him. I’m still watching friends running for their lives from the compound; doing everything possible so that his attention is not diverted, I start to “seduce” him. We are on the ground, now, and I realize he has dropped his gun. As we are continuing to, ahem, engage in foreplay… I am reaching for his gun, I’m so sure I am going to end this mans life. But as we continue to engage, my comments to him become more and more real. I start to question if I could actually shoot this man. Suddenly, I am not even reaching for the gun anymore. I am touching this man, engaging in this act willingly with this man, and I know it is wrong but I start to think to myself that “I love him.” That we love each other so much we have engaged in the dangerous cat and mouse game, not only endangering the lives of ourselves but everyone we know. Hurting and deceiving each other to win affections back. As I am thinking all of these things, everyone around us is gone, even the background is fading and it is just us. My dream ends there and I am completely disturbed by its astounding parallel to a long term relationship I held with a man in real life. I never sought out therapy after he was arrested, but dreams of this nature are becoming a regular event that cause me to question the nature of my psychological state.

  10. I have two best friends viola and viona. The dream starts with me and viona going to a theme park and that is where i broke my phone in half by accident, i started crying a lot shouting how i dont have enough money to buy a new one and on that moment viola showes up and she tells me to stop and all of that. After a few seconds later viona gets a call and she says that our 100000€ are here and we hurry and get a taxi we get in and the guy looks old and very quiet and he asks where are you going so viona tells him and viola gives out the news of the money and on that moment the person changes his face and looks looks like a younger more evil person and he says you and your money are coming with me. I open the door and get out and try to get the numbers of the car whicch were of a foreign country. The car drives off and i start running up a hill where there where some buildings still undone the workers there dont help me at all even after i tell them what is going on and after that i find some girls there that where of my age(i dont know them in real life) so they help me get a phone and i start trying to call people but noone answers and i start crying again so two girls that are in my school come to me telling me to shut up and stop so i start shouting at them after that i see my father but dont calm him because he was with some friends so i get the phone again and start walking down the street and i see the man again now with another guy. He looks at me and says o hey tringa and starts chasing me there is where i woke up.

  11. Basically, a guy held me ‘hostage’ in my own house, with the rest of my family just okay with it and acting normal. I manage to lie and say I’m changing (so I can close the door to my room) then I climb out the window and began to run. I find some friends and start telling them, as I am the guy pulls by in his car noticing me. So me and my friends run to the mall, which for some reason is right next to my house? Not sure exactly what else happens, just that I wasn’t captured and he attempted to kidnap me with the intentions of murdering.

  12. June 27, 2017. Last night, in my dream, I was taken forcefully from my home and led on the run at gunpoint with my ex-boyfriend/abuser/rapist from my time in high school. Many dreams have taken place of this man showing up out of no where and causing no end of troubles for me and my now husband. Currently, he is in prison with a 17-year sentence for being complicit in his fiancé’s sexual abuse of her 2 year old daughter. It has been my fear since even before that, that he would come find me. I currently live down the road from his family, who moved to this town after I gained acceptance to the university here. The idea that he’ll get out early enough to catch me still living here is a bit ludicrous, as I’ll be leaving with my husband and not looking back in only a short number of years, but as I’ve accepted the mental and sexual abuse he bombarded me with, I’ve become more and more fearful of him tracking me down. I also see his family way more often than I’d like or prefer. It’s no surprise that this has been a common theme for my dreams for months.

  13. I dreamt I was kidnapped with my sister by a friend I know. We were put in an isolated house for days with lots of men who were drinking and taking drugs and walking around with drugs. I managed to call my dad who came but spent time in the garden laughing with my friend while my sister and I felt like we were going to be raped by all the men and not sure how long we were going to be there. It’s felt like days already. I woke up feeling fearful. Please help me interpret what this means.

  14. I just constantly dream that people are chasing me but when I run it’s like I’m running underwater bc I can only go slow motion so it’s terrifying the whole time. Or I’ll dream someone is kidnapping me but when i try to scream my voice is gone. What does this mean?

  15. In my dream I was walking with two female friends one who is no longer my best friend for abt 4yrs and one who I just started calling my best friend after she helped me out tremendously when I was in a bind and lost my keys to my car and apartment. We were all walking and I said bye to them and they kept walking. I noticed a man was walking close to them and I shouted to them hey lookout. My new friend was quick on her feet and she hurried and turned around and ran, then my ex bff ran too. They both ran and turned down this crack in between the buildings. I was still on the busy public street and the man began to chase me. I ran and another man appeared, I grabbed onto the store brick column and screamed for help. I yelled loud and said help me someone, help! The first man stayed back a little but the new guy who appeared kept pulling me. I saw a lady waiting across the street at a bus stop and said help me! She said girl that’s not my problem. The man laughed and kept pulling. I screamed more into the store but it was hard to see because I was on the side. I screamed for what felt to be a long time and there was a female security guard and she ran out to me. The man let me go. She got me into the store, Walgreens, which looked like the one I went to at 8yrs old back home in another state. She said I know that man, he just got out of prison and he’s itching to go back. I was still frightened and upset. My friends left me and the lady at the stop was ruthless. She said she would file a report and I should go out the front because they ran to the back. I left the store and I was nervous but I felt safe to leave like the worst had been done. I walked a few steps and I woke up.
    I have some possible guesses why I had this dream, but I’d like to hear what everyone else might say first. Thanks

  16. i had a dream i was being chased by a rogue police officer… i was in my car and i drove past countless police officers when all of a sudden i was being perused. all of a sudden me and this cop are in a room where he has beat the shit out of me, im screaming i want to go home repetitively, he lets me leave but then i turn go back in the room grab my wallet and keys and say in a crying type way “il just go home now” he lets out a deep breath and i walk out carrying my things and my eyes all swollen from crying and my nose all bloody and t shirt ripped from the beating.

    any idea what the hell this is about? first time dreaming anything like this. iv just woke from the dream opened my laptop and started writing. thanks

  17. My 5 year old daughter told me she had a nightmare “a black man took her away” I don’t understand why she would have dreamt this. She is a very intelligent girl and this worries me. She goes to a very diverse school. Her female teacher is black and one of the best and attentive teachers she has had. I think she learned this descriptive word at school but I am most worried about the kidnapping and safety

  18. I have a a recurring dream. Im sleeping and in night time a couple people in all black and mask on face grab my covers and start pulling me out of bed and im kicking and screaming. Ive woken everytime screaming and crying. One night so bad i had to turn all lights on and couldnt sleep in my bed for a week.

  19. In my dream my daughter and I are in some office setting and she is akes for a breath mint takes it and begins to get sleepy I realize what is happening and force her to stay awake. Somehow we end up on my childhood street and are forced into a red SUV with a strange man that won’t go back and get my things. As we are driving he is looking at me and makes a hard swerve in the road and I pull the wheel the rest of the way forcing the SUV to flip over we all fly out of the vehicle. My daughter and I are okay the kidnapper is unconscious and bleeding from a headwound that I remember in great detail. Scared he is going to get up I pound his head into the sidewalk until I heard and feel his skull crack. Walk home with my daughter and try to leave but fear someone is coming back for us, but when we get there I don’t see her and I feel scared she did make it …… and I wake up

  20. So in my dream I got kidnaped don’t remember how but so I was in this place we’re a lot of crazy things we’re happening then I jump out of a high window to escape and landed on a bunk bed? So then I ran first I went to some type of bridge with holes in it were almost your feet went trough then I notice there’s not other side to the bridge so I went back . As I was walking I was trying to look for a nice neighborhood but when I was looking my hands started to feel greasy then I saw a sighn of Sydney Australia I was confused how I got there . I saw some nice houses and nock on a door a guy came out you kind of look like a young military guy he let me in. I was with someone randomly like my sister. He let me use his phone I had the hardest time typing my moms number the number keys were like pictures that looked like the number or symbolize them. Then it turned out I called my friend Cassie “I don’t know her number” and I answer crying that she has to help and then I hung up. In my dream I thought I left my phone but I shook my sweater which I had and my phone fell out I was confused. So I looked in it and was still having trubble finding my moms number . I should of new it was a dream by then . And other stuff happened but I don’t remember I also remember I was in like Phoenix Arizona at first but idk what happen.

  21. I have had a recurring dream that someone is trying to abduct me using some type of drug in a needle. Each time I get to the part where he tries to drug me I back away, refuse to allow it or ask someone I know to do it (after they clean the needle) only to still refuse the shot. This makes the crazy man more crazy (picture the mad scientist). I’m never actually drugged and not abducted. It always ends here

  22. I dreamt that almost all our neighbours where being kidnapped including me . Forcefully to appoint that if u didn’t want they would chase you the would even cut your body parts like I saw my finger and my ear being cut so I can follow them they where so merciless but when we arrived where the held us the place was sooo beautiful. Good food good work love peace and harmony. But i would sometimes sneak back to my poor village and try to rescue other neighbours from those merciless people. Tho they treated people well they would over work us and if u don’t follow instructions you would get cut body parts and u won’t see your family again. Please send me the meaning

  23. I’m dreamt that my husband and I let our two younger children go with strangers that turned out to be kidnapping them. My husband ended up away from me with a group of his friends and I was at some strange woman’s house that was crazy. Animals and children were in every room I entered and she had friends there too that were mean and rude to me. Her husband offered to drive me to my car , which was apparently very far from where I was because I said something about walking and he said I’d never make it. I agreed but soon found out he was crazy too. I met back up with my husband and his group of friends in a parking lot somehow, but not with my car, and his group of friends included people he is friends with in real life and people I’ve never seen before, yet in my dream I hugged them all like I did know them and they wished me luck in getting my kids back. My husband came with me and the crazy lady’s husband, which he wasn’t acting so crazy anymore. We ended up at a school, maybe a high school based on the layout. Another lady I went to high school (in real life but haven’t seen or talked to her since high school) was there and she was very sick. I walked with her to find a bathroom, which was more like an obstacle course with pedestals that we had to jump from and tons of stairs going in all directions, but then I lost her and couldn’t find her again but somehow I had her purse. Next thing I knew I was at a toy store walking out the door with my husband and the crazy lady’s husband. I looked behind us and there were two women behind us that were friends with the crazy lady and I remembered seeing them at her house. As soon as I made the crazy lady’s husband aware that they were there, he ran away from us to hide. My husband and I ran in the opposite direction holding hands. We ran out of the store parking lot and into a neighborhood. It was dark and rainy at this point. The women saw us and were chasing us. By the time we reached the neighborhood the person with me was no longer my husband but was a female that I don’t know in real life, but I thought of her as my best friend in my dream. It didn’t seem to phase me in the dream that my husband disappeared and this “best friend” took his place. The crazy women chasing us were yelling things as they were trying to find us and getting closer to us. My friend and I ran up on a dark gray house with and just as I was about to beat on the door for help, I woke up. I was sweating and deeply shaken when I woke up and disturbed that I never rescued my children in my dream. I was so disturbed and the dream was so vivid that I literally had to go check on my children to make sure they were still safe and sleeping in their beds, which they were. What could all this possibly mean?? So many people in one dream and so many desperate and sad feelings!!

  24. I was kidnnaped with my friends, and the man who took up was in his 30 and he took my friend by her foot and held her up. Then I jumped on his back so he hit a table. Then he grabbed me and starting yelling at me about something (I forgot) but then me and all my friends ran out to a parking lot, stoped a car told them what happed and Reyes to hide from the man. But he found us he till us somewhere and the guy that we talked to when we first exscappes was there and that’s where my dream ended.

  25. I had a dream that I was kid napped in a forest by a man with a white face and black around the edges and in my dream I wasn’t able to look at his face and there were others there. We were made to do weird tasks and people would try to save me but I was never able to get out until I was awkakened.

  26. I had a dream, i was circling this parking lot looking for s grocery store. Something happened i was sitting on ground outside my black car and a white pickup truck pulled up 2 men hopped out and started coming toward me. I backed. Up screamed really loud and made it info a different store for help and they called the police. The truck took off but i remember trying hard to get lisence plate number but only got 3 letters. Cxcy. Terrifying.

  27. This man kidnapped me and another girl he toruted me a raped the girl and I got free some how we were under a school and me and the girl got out then I got kidnapped again with the same girl some how she had a kid and I got put somewhere else this time somewhere high and he kept feeding my werid shit like dead rats and that was the only time I was aloud out of this cage cell thing I was in I got my phone and I started to ring people but only really cared so I woke up

  28. I just had a dream where, there were 3 people in the house, 2 girls, and 1 boy, I was a girl (as I am I real life). The older girl was cooking, in the dark. I hear a bit of a clang in the storage room, I go into the storge room and see a black silhouette of a man outside the sliding glass door. i run and try to tell the older girl but my voice is gone, i cant say a word. i pull on her arm and was pointing rapedly twords the storage room. we see a shadow of a man walking into the kitchen, his face is masked so i can’t see who it is. He grabs me, and puts a really heavy jacket on me, the older girl takes something very hot off the stove and throws it on to him. She runs out the door nd he chases her. i stand there, paralized in fear. he comes back and i’m ready to fight. I try to kick but he grabs my foot, i throw a punch but the jacket feels like its pulling my arms back. He picks me up and i wake up just as he walks out the door.

  29. In my dream i saw that its night time and my school driver picks me..but he had his family in his car so i ask him that can you leave me here so he leaves me and goes back with his family..i was returning to my home that suddenly 3 boys come and one of them covers my mouth and suddenly i start reciting AYAT UL QURSI..and i recite it three times..the place was covered with lots of people..when i recite Ayat UL QURSI the kidnapper says what is she reciting..suddenly lots of people with white hats appear and save me and suddenly in my dream my youngest sister appear..we both become so happy that really Muslim people are saving us..all of the people guard us and we stop at a shop and suddenly we all start singing SHOOO Ha SHOO HA..i dont know what does this word mean but we all start singing it..people start becoming less and at the end only 2 people guard us and suddenly i see that now my older sister is with me and we sit on a car and then suddenly i woke the start of the dream i also saw alot of children and at at the end of the dream i again see those children and i say to my sister that these are the same children that we saw before and we discuss in the dream with those two persons that we are now in china and these children live near border between Pakistan And China..and now they are going to help us to reach our home in Pakistan..

  30. I have been having the same dream for the past few nights and what I don’t understand about it is that I’m not the person in my dream, it’s kind of confusing my “sister” and I get kidnapped and tortured but the people in my dream I’ve never met or seen before and I’m not myself in the dream either I’m a different girl but I am one of the people who gets kidnapped and tortured.

  31. Hi my name is Amber. For the past few nights I have had the same dream where I’m staying in this beautiful mansion, I’m in my room picking out an outfit to where and then I’m kidnapped by I don’t know who. I’m held in this room with 7 other people. They keep arguing about something but idk what they are saying. I end up escaping. I run down. Like 12 flights of stairs to get to the kitchen where I bump into someone and I ask her where I can find my boyfriend(who doesn’t look like my real life boyfriend, but I can’t see his face in the dream) and my friends and she points to the door. I run through the door and I fall onto the floor and everyone looks at me and is relieved to see me, but the people who kidnapped me walk into the room demanding that I’m handed over to them and then there is a fight and my boyfriend walks over to me holds out his hand and them I wake up. What does it mean?

  32. I was inside my grandmas house on the second floor using her bathroom, when I looked outside and saw a pale middle aged woman waving at me and smiling- however this made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.
    Then I was in a car on my grandmas drive in the back seat waiting for my uncle to get in, when i saw her staring and smiling through my car window.
    Startled, I tapped at the glass and asked her to leave, but before I knew it there were two big guys with her that launched me out the car, and then the car disappeared.
    I saw my uncle race out the house to help me, swung at them both with force but they weren’t knocked down, and in turn he then disappeared too.

    I was then plunged into my grandmas garden -a place that holds several happy memories of my childhood- with these two big guys holding me by my shoulders, surrounded by what I could only describe as a rough looking family, all different ages but all wearing black leather jackets and had dirty blonde hair.
    I then saw this a mans hand slide up my dress, I screamed for him to leave me alone but he persisted and laughed along with his family.
    As I was stood restrained and forced to engage in a sexual act I reached out to members of this family for help, which made things much worse, and it seems aggravated them as they’d punch me in return.

    Only inches away from the warmth of my grandmas doorstep I tried to drag myself back, but the more people I pushed through, double them amount would appear.
    I started to ware, my voice started to fade. All colours I could see gained a red tinge, and as I noticed My shoulders were pulled up by the same man, forced to stand upright, and things only that can be described as bear traps were dropped onto my head from the sky, that cut into my skull but didn’t clamp, just impaled slightly and fell off, along with heavy bags of flour ( odd I know).. That’s when I felt my spine starting the shatter, my neck aching from the weight that was falling on my head.
    I heard somebody snigger and said that I wasn’t going to last much longer.
    I saw a hand go under my dress once more but it got withdrawn rapidly as it was covered in blood. I wiped my eyes, that also started pouring with blood.
    I though about how much I loved my boyfriend, and as my knees weakened and my vision started to fade, I woke up, sobbing.
    So vivid, and I’ve dreamed about this family before trying to kidnapp me and shooting my boyfriend before hiding him, and they always wear the same clothes.

  33. A friend and I went to a girl we met in schools house, she was Korean. The house looked exactly like my childhood home, inside and out, but it was situated across the road from my school near to another friend’s bus stop. After we talked with her for a while, my friend left and I was right behind him, however I was struggling to get my shoe tied and the girl’s mother closed the front door. She invited me to stay a little longer, so I did, because I didn’t want to be rude.

    She took me upstairs, we had a renovation in my old house and the room she had taken me to used to be the attic, and led me to a room where she said, “I’ll be back in a little, going to get some tea for us.” But, on the way up the stairs, I noticed some rather peculiar holes in the walls. I didn’t say anything, because I couldn’t see in them, they were basically black. However, I did get a glance of a face looking out and mouthing something.

    After a while, the girl’s mother was still not back. So, I decided to go look for her. On the way back down the stairs, I saw a man who looked to be extremely muscular and almost like a body guard. This scared me, so I went to gather my things and put my shoes on. The man followed me and asked, “what are you doing?”, and I told him, “I’m going home to get something.”

    The man looked rather frustrated at this, so I started to walk out the door. He shouted, “NO!”, and punched me in the face. I hit him back, and heard voices coming from upstairs, telling me to run. So, I ran to my bike. I started cycling away. Then, I got knocked down by a car while I was going across a road. The man cam and took me back inside, but this is where my dream ends.

  34. I had a dream that i was with my boyfriend on vacation and then I got kid napped by this small Asian lady and a big black dude and a big white dude and I was trying to escape but I couldn’t they would catch me everytime and they flew me to china . It was me and 2 other girls . Well they flew us to china to be escorts to there guys attending a wedding and so I pretended to be having fun at the ceremony and they gave us rice to eat and I saw the rice it was almost real and then I started thinking I miss my family and my boyfriend and I didn’t know how long I was going to be there. I didn’t want to go through the whole day in a wedding not knowing what will happen so I made a run for it and ran into the building as fast as I could and I heard the woman scream out behind me “she’s getting away go get her now I want her here ” I ran yelling to everyone to help me out i was kidnapped but nobody understood me until I ran into this security room and locked it but they found me and they were trying to tear down the room and I remember crying so hard that I just wanted to be home and that’s when I woke up I’ve been having these dreams a lot lately I don’t know why

  35. I am curious about this dream I had and am not really sure as to what it means. Wondering what others thoughts were on it. I only remember bits and pieces but I remember being kidnapped by a guy I don’t know who he was cause he was wearing a mask the whole time(a really scary mask I might add) I just knew he was a man. He was torturing me in my dream.. pulling my finger nails off and I was screaming and crying in the dream but also felt myself screaming and crying in real life and then I woke up I felt like I was having a heart attack and I was all sweaty. And ideas on what this could mean?

  36. I had a dream that my beloved elder sister is kidnapped at some public event. We looked for her almost everywhere but we couldn’t find her. The place was new it wasn’t something that I’ve visited before. In my dream I have a dream, where my sister tells me that pls help me out soon, The AC in the room is cold my hands are freezing- I was holding her hand, I felt her hands they were cold she also gave me hint that there is a telephone in the room. Once I go to my mother she says it’s getting late well look for her later that’s when my other sisters freak out and say that no she needs to be found NOW! And I just woke up

  37. I dreamt of being kid napped by multiple people they Too my brother me and more random people and then the dream was also weird because it felt like a part two to a dream I have had before but it wasn’t recent like the dream felt annual though and I survived from the last dream but I had no confidence that I would this time because in the dream its like a game but people end up dying and this time my brother was there and I was terrified for the both of us I remember the numbers from the adress but not the street …I’m so confused

  38. Oh goood god.
    Just right now i woke up from a dream… i was running with a boyfriend (a man i went on one date with last weekend 😮) through an arid town not unlike vegas (sans casinos but was abandoned hotels) however streets were bare & ppl were running from some kind of killer deforming plague..somehow we knew if we got to a building without the rain hitting us we would not get disease . We had to get in building and get to the top to get the sun on our face… basicallyrunning from disease zombie plague in form of clouds and rain
    I get into abandoned resort & make my way to the attick.. i have to squeeze my body through tiny window panes to get through maze of windows into other rooms until reach attick
    I get there and there are several other girls in room facing the sun. Suddenly we all get caught by a group of men who kidnap us. Cut scene and we are in a car with these men who tell us we all belong now to the one man who is a muslim who will shoot us if we try to escape. To proive this he pulls out gun and holds to all our heads…i belueve im about to die and then he shoots another girl in the chest n she dies in front of us. He takes us all to high end restaurant where we all sit with him like a damn harram. Suddenly i am trying to win his trust whilst telkung girls we have to escape and we only have one chance. They agree and i tell them whilst man busy talking to ither ppl we are gng to run..just sneak out n run like fuck to her car which is outside
    (Now in reality not dream…)I wake ubruptly

  39. I dreamt I was a nurse in America (I’m from the UK) and me and 2 others had been kidnapped. We were being held in a quiet hospital room by Hannibal Lector. He was making us cook and eat fried chicken and after 3 days he let us go. The scariest part was running away down the corridor. We burst into a staff room where everyone was on the lunch break and called the police. I saw Hannibal walk past the room so followed him outside.
    Along the corridor he had shed different items of clothing so I chased quicker but he had disappeared by the time I got outside. I was shouting “where are you” on my knees when he drove past in a taxi watching me but I did not see him.
    I woke up at this point and had clearly been tossing and turning in bed.

  40. Well I am 30 I have no kids would love to though in my dream I had a baby girl And I was emotionally crazy over someone taking my first and only child well they would not let me go to work and the police was telling me nothing so I was having a nerves break down and on the end of my dream it was someone I no took my baby from me I ended up finding her and she looked at me with her pretty blue eyes and smiled this was so emotional still woke up upset because I would love to have a healthy baby hurts my heart more then anything

  41. I dreamt that I was out with a group of friends hanging out and eating lunch and my friends were teasing me and a girl about liking the same guy and asked the guy who he liked best. He answered that it was the girl and then they started dating then suddenly his chair flipped backwards and caused him to go down a hole that then closed before we can do anything. We all began to calmly go searching for him while his then girlfriend left him for another guy when as I was searching on my own when a guy comes flying and attempts to kidnap me by grabbing my wrist and trying to fly away when suddenly one of my friends saved me and pulled me down. The man that could fly did not give up and continued to attempt to kidnap me while the same friend and another friend saved me multiple times till we get inside the library and the flying man decided not to go in for some reason. I began walking out with my two friends down a path where we passed a building and ended up in a digging/ plant site where multiple of monsters were there and began grabbing my friends and I got scared and ran inside the building where there were more monsters. I just gave in and allowed them to take us to a room that was apparently the tortyre room. The room was rusty with a few lights and a cage in the corner with a couple of picnic tables in the middle. A small monster came in and began talking to, a thing similar to face-timing, to what I assume the leader of how he is going to torture us but in a weird way because he made one guy eat a burger but I can only assume that he was Vegan.

  42. I had this nighmare where it was night (all my nightmares that involve kidnappings are at night when I’m alone) and I was sitting on a lawn chair in this open grass field near a vacant street and my sister was on the other side of the trees not too far. I was writing in my notebook with my pen about deforestation (I watched Cowspiracy the night before RECOMMEND!) as I was writing, this black Range Rover drove close and stopped the car as soon as they saw me and opened the door and that’s when I started to run and call my sister’s name but the distance between me and her became more and more and I was moving slower. Can you help me understand what it means?

  43. As this dream is most likely a result of the uncomfortable and new surroundings last night – I find that it had gotten to an extreme that could be from being slightly traumatized recently or stress.. Anyway,

    When I dreamt, it was like reality. I was held hostage by four men at a hotel. I would bang at the window and yell out the door when I got the chance. Even though I was loud, no one seemed to bother with my cries for help. By this point I decided to play along and maybe they’d let me go. But it just progressed into rape from three of the men. While one idly stood by who’s of which face I remember the clearest. Each man was different. One had been in a explosion (?) and had parts of him falling off. I never got away, just woke up a laid there for a while. I don’t think dreaming in gored detail like this is healthy.

  44. I wasn’t in my apartment. I was at a house. My family and I were in a house. I was sleeping in a room. I couldn’t sleep because I kept hearing noises and voices. When I lifted my head to follow the noises and voices, I see a man cutting what looked like bar wires from the window. I screamed what the hell you doing. The man got startled and begins to run but his partner said to come back. They both approach the window and I’m screaming for my mom. They want to take me. The second guy mocks my screams and comes towards me. At this point I’m off the bed heading to the door. I know it’s a dream and force myself to wake up. It’s so unsettling and feel scared.

  45. My nightmare was about me my brother and sister being in this house and we where all tied up in different rooms in some house by a fat ladie and some guy then some how I untied myself and got free while they where killing people in the other rooms so. Then I was trying to untie my brother to save him and told him to run I went to try to save my sister but then I woke up from my dream crying and scared.

  46. My dream was about some guy kidnapping my friend, Michelle and i one day, then he made us his personal prostitutes. He wouldn’t beat up Michelle but he’d always beat me up cause I always tried to escape. Until one day while he was driving, we got into a big wreck. I survived but Michelle didnt. My mom found me and had me sent to an island where no one knew who I was but I missed my girlfriend (yes, im lesbian) and she would never answer my calls so I snuck on a boat back to where I’m from, made it to her job, found out she had moved jobs, (I’m doing all of this while my face is beat up from the abuse and the car wreck so everyone kept staring), went to her new job just so she can tell me that she met another girl and she loved her and she was sorry about all I’ve been through but she didn’t want to lose her. So I left with nothing… and in the end the guy who tortured me found me crying and beat me to death.

  47. I dreamt that I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work and a man pulled up in a white van and said he was there to tell me about a certain product he was selling. I told him I wasn’t interested and thanked him and started to shut my door. In the dream my husband and I had some items that we were selling outside of our garage. The man began looking at the items and was interested in a high chair. I told him the price and he just seemed to stall. I started walking towards the garage to put the items back in so I could leave, still waiting for him to leave. He started walking back to his van very slowly until I was outside my door then all of a sudden another male came around the corner and grabbed me and picked me up. I started kicking and clawing at his face. I tried to scream but nothing would come out. Then I woke up.

  48. I just had an awful dream i woke up crying. I had stolen something, something sort of bad and my friend (no one i actually no in real life) was getting the blame so i owened up and said thag i stole it… the next bit is a blur to remember but i was told by these men that i had to go with them and cuz i thought it was my punishment i went with them. They were in black suits. Anyway i cant remember where they took me but i hated it and i couldnt cope in their and i managed to get away after what seemed like forever but then one of the men walked out the room next to what i was in and he caught me and put me back. Hen his bit was clear, very clear, i got away again and this time it was in the scene of an alley way near where i live. I say a van and alot of those men getting out but i kept running down he alley way and i saw my friend (real life friend) and i was saying “abbi, come with me, help please!” but she said she cant cuz she has to take her brother to he park so i kept funning and when i got to the end of the alley i looked back to see if i could see the men and hey were running after me but they were a fair distance away from me but i looked to where i was gonna go next and 2 of the men were at the end of the road bit.. they didnt see me so i ran into the forest bit. I didnt realise how but i ended up hiding behind a small tree fhat 3 of the men were. Next to the tree there was a slope, one that i THOUGHT would be deep enough formme to hide down but it was parctically infront of the men but i risked it and found myself in a tiny hole. They saw me and then i just burst out crying and begging them to let me go “please let me go! Ill do anything please! If u want money ill get it! Please what do you want from me?!” One of the men nelt infront of me and lifted my chin up and said “i want you to fag yourself”. Then i was so scared i just frose then it was as tho i had a picture building up in my head of me doing it but thag went and i started begging again… then i woke up, i was petrified so i googled what it could mean and i havent found anyone have a dream anything like this for an explanatkon so id love it if you could help me cuz im scared and im under 13 to which makes it more scary