Being Kidnapped in Dreams

Perceiving yourself as being kidnapped in your dreams is symbolic of your fear of being held against your will. As you are taken from your home or your usual comfortable environment, you become a victim as a result of this twisted act. Even though you wish to leave, there is no possible way to. Your freedom is restricted and those you hold dear are faraway from you. Thus, dreaming of being kidnapped is the manifestation of the fear of being held against your will, to be helpless to where you want to go. Being kidnapped and unable to gain back your control of your life, you feel vulnerable with your destiny controlled by others.

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60 thoughts on “Being Kidnapped in Dreams”

  1. As this dream is most likely a result of the uncomfortable and new surroundings last night – I find that it had gotten to an extreme that could be from being slightly traumatized recently or stress.. Anyway,

    When I dreamt, it was like reality. I was held hostage by four men at a hotel. I would bang at the window and yell out the door when I got the chance. Even though I was loud, no one seemed to bother with my cries for help. By this point I decided to play along and maybe they’d let me go. But it just progressed into rape from three of the men. While one idly stood by who’s of which face I remember the clearest. Each man was different. One had been in a explosion (?) and had parts of him falling off. I never got away, just woke up a laid there for a while. I don’t think dreaming in gored detail like this is healthy.

  2. I wasn’t in my apartment. I was at a house. My family and I were in a house. I was sleeping in a room. I couldn’t sleep because I kept hearing noises and voices. When I lifted my head to follow the noises and voices, I see a man cutting what looked like bar wires from the window. I screamed what the hell you doing. The man got startled and begins to run but his partner said to come back. They both approach the window and I’m screaming for my mom. They want to take me. The second guy mocks my screams and comes towards me. At this point I’m off the bed heading to the door. I know it’s a dream and force myself to wake up. It’s so unsettling and feel scared.

  3. My nightmare was about me my brother and sister being in this house and we where all tied up in different rooms in some house by a fat ladie and some guy then some how I untied myself and got free while they where killing people in the other rooms so. Then I was trying to untie my brother to save him and told him to run I went to try to save my sister but then I woke up from my dream crying and scared.

  4. My dream was about some guy kidnapping my friend, Michelle and i one day, then he made us his personal prostitutes. He wouldn’t beat up Michelle but he’d always beat me up cause I always tried to escape. Until one day while he was driving, we got into a big wreck. I survived but Michelle didnt. My mom found me and had me sent to an island where no one knew who I was but I missed my girlfriend (yes, im lesbian) and she would never answer my calls so I snuck on a boat back to where I’m from, made it to her job, found out she had moved jobs, (I’m doing all of this while my face is beat up from the abuse and the car wreck so everyone kept staring), went to her new job just so she can tell me that she met another girl and she loved her and she was sorry about all I’ve been through but she didn’t want to lose her. So I left with nothing… and in the end the guy who tortured me found me crying and beat me to death.

  5. I dreamt that I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work and a man pulled up in a white van and said he was there to tell me about a certain product he was selling. I told him I wasn’t interested and thanked him and started to shut my door. In the dream my husband and I had some items that we were selling outside of our garage. The man began looking at the items and was interested in a high chair. I told him the price and he just seemed to stall. I started walking towards the garage to put the items back in so I could leave, still waiting for him to leave. He started walking back to his van very slowly until I was outside my door then all of a sudden another male came around the corner and grabbed me and picked me up. I started kicking and clawing at his face. I tried to scream but nothing would come out. Then I woke up.

  6. I just had an awful dream i woke up crying. I had stolen something, something sort of bad and my friend (no one i actually no in real life) was getting the blame so i owened up and said thag i stole it… the next bit is a blur to remember but i was told by these men that i had to go with them and cuz i thought it was my punishment i went with them. They were in black suits. Anyway i cant remember where they took me but i hated it and i couldnt cope in their and i managed to get away after what seemed like forever but then one of the men walked out the room next to what i was in and he caught me and put me back. Hen his bit was clear, very clear, i got away again and this time it was in the scene of an alley way near where i live. I say a van and alot of those men getting out but i kept running down he alley way and i saw my friend (real life friend) and i was saying “abbi, come with me, help please!” but she said she cant cuz she has to take her brother to he park so i kept funning and when i got to the end of the alley i looked back to see if i could see the men and hey were running after me but they were a fair distance away from me but i looked to where i was gonna go next and 2 of the men were at the end of the road bit.. they didnt see me so i ran into the forest bit. I didnt realise how but i ended up hiding behind a small tree fhat 3 of the men were. Next to the tree there was a slope, one that i THOUGHT would be deep enough formme to hide down but it was parctically infront of the men but i risked it and found myself in a tiny hole. They saw me and then i just burst out crying and begging them to let me go “please let me go! Ill do anything please! If u want money ill get it! Please what do you want from me?!” One of the men nelt infront of me and lifted my chin up and said “i want you to fag yourself”. Then i was so scared i just frose then it was as tho i had a picture building up in my head of me doing it but thag went and i started begging again… then i woke up, i was petrified so i googled what it could mean and i havent found anyone have a dream anything like this for an explanatkon so id love it if you could help me cuz im scared and im under 13 to which makes it more scary