Being Murdered in Dreams

Being murdered in a dream can have many contexts. For one, being murdered can represent a struggle between the way you see yourself and what you want to become. People very often use the idea that you must “kill” your old self in order to reinvent yourself into a new person with a whole new changed persona. So, being murdered may not necessarily be a bad thing rather it can be the signs that you want a change in your life. Other contexts can include being depresses, wanting to escape your life, or fear of something being represented as the person murdering you.

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74 thoughts on “Being Murdered in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream I was in a mystical club of magic and I saw a dead uncle. As I was waking up a guy blew powder in my face and I blew it out and when I stood up he stabbed me, then I woke up. He must have been trying to harvest my organs. I am half colombian stuff like being drugged happens on the streets sometimes down there.

  2. I dreamed that I was shot execution style, but didn’t die instantly. Instead I focused on my killer’s face- a man in his forties or early fifties maybe, Caucasian, nothing extraordinary about him- and tried to will that image into my boyfriend’s mind in the hopes that my killer would be caught. I watched this man until my sight turned black. I then woke up and instantly messaged my bf, only to find that his best friend of 43 years had shot himself.

  3. So I keep having this dream that this woman and her husband murder me and sometimes even my children in front of me while their children watch. They are always Spanish, not sure if that’s relevant, but they have dark hair and dark eyes. I think for some reason that scares me even more. Last night I had the dream again and it was taking place by water and we all ended up in a boat and then a very eerie looking lake house where I somehow managed to escape with my children, killing the constant murderers. Or at least it seemed like I did. These dreams feel so real that one of the last times I had it I had to be woken up because I was crying and begging for help in my sleep. And I wake up with the same anxiety that I had in the dream. This is has been going on for about a year- year and a half on and off. It leaves me feeling very uneasy and I was just hoping someone could help me understand what this might mean for me. Especially if it’s a warning of things to come. Thanks.

  4. Just now I was woken up my a nightmare. I haven’t had one in a while. My cousin and I went to a dance room and met with two other girls. I know them but those two girls never were friends. We got a letter addressed to us and by the way they were talking, it looked like we had gotten some before. The letter said to put on nice clothes and run down to the river by my grandmas house. I kept begging them not to go but they told me we had to. We all took off running but lost the two girls. It was just me and my cousin and an empty picnic table by the river. Then someone came up and stabbed me. I was dead but my cousin got away. The person who killed me sat down and started sketching me. DEAD. Then put me in the library for my cousin to find me.

    I also had a dream a while back that we were all put into a gutted out grocery store ( I think it was Walmart) and everyone was lined up to play games and eventually die. I was with my best friends family and we all got separated. I got by not being killed by offering things to the killers. Like helping them get stuff they need. They kept me until the end where there was a terrible death. They had my brother stand in front of me with a plate of crackers and blood. He had to dip a cracker in blood, eat it, turn around and be killed. I woke up crying and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was traumatized.

  5. I’ve always been dreaming weird dreams and by the time I wake up, I would start forgetting bits and pieces of what happened in my dreams.

    It’s happening to me again right now where the details of dream is leaving me slowly but I can still remember the details more vividly this time. I was in a work environment (more precisely, the setting was in the company I was working in currently). I knew there was someone out there – a man trying to kill people around me and eventually kill me as well. I have no idea who this man was in real life (partly bc the details are leaving me and partly the information in my dreams is very disjointed). However, in my dream I knew the man and by all means I had to ignore all the murder that happened and pray so badly that I wasn’t the next victim.

    I am having anxiety issues in my workplace so I’m not sure if there is a reason why the setting of my dream has to be at my workplace. But all I can remember from this dream was that I want to leave that workplace and hopefully the man doesn’t come after me to kill me. Throughout the whole dream, I’m just witnessing the evidence of his murder (bloodied bags filled with human bodies – tho I could not see the details of the victims, I knew they were killed and wrapped in a bag) and also trying to run away from being the victim till I was woken up. The fear in me was so strong in my dream but being woken up, the fear is still there and I’m not sure what this means.

    I just hope someome can interpret this bc I’m coming up with nothing much and for my own reasons – that I don’t forget the details for this dream at least till I have a better understanding. Thanks for reading this tho, at least 🙂

  6. I had a dream where 5 of us were put into a house and used for a twisted game show. There was borders around the house and whoever made it past the border got to live, but there were people with shotguns and rifles shooting at us as we try to escape. A girl ran out to try and get past the border but she was getting shot at, so she ran back in the house and she told me there’s no point trying to win “the games rigged what’s the point?” She then ripped a leg off of a chair…. or something wooden, and stabbed herself in the face with it and killed herself. I decided I was going to escape and I made a run for it. But no matter how fast I’d try to run.. I was stuck in a jogging-like speed. I almost made it to the border when a man with a shotgun hit me with the stock of his gun. I hit the ground and looked up, he laughed and pulled the trigger… he had shot me in the face.. my face was half attached as I took my last few breaths before I looked to the right and just let myself die.

  7. I dreamed about entering a dark old house and barely seeing nothing, besides a man that I don’t know entering through the door with a big knife heading towards me. I scream as loud as I can for enyone to hear me, and then I get stabbed to death.

  8. I always have weird dreams, but my latest dreams have been intense. I would be standing outside my home and I would see two people fighting two houses from mine in their covered driveway, like pushing each other, both are men and in the dream I know them but in life I have no clue who they are. I dreamt that I stepped in-between them and then this sudden pain from a gun or knife I am not sure is stabbed/shot in my chest. The men are not there anymore but I lay on the ground blood pooling and I feel numb, I look left and I see a long row of walls the same then I see the newspaper with my picture on it but then I stand up from the ground and walk home and everyone is talking about my death then it jumps to the other guy that said sorry to me then I wake up… its very weird and I oddly feel at peace after the dream…

  9. I think the explanation is almost true for me, but in my dreams I think the murderer is my former self coming after my current, more successful self. In my dream there’s a wild, chaotic woman trying to kill me. I spend my entire dream running and hiding from her. I think she is me and I’m trying to reconcile the person I used to be with the far more responsible and levelheaded person I am today. It’s possible that it could mean that I have a fear of self-sabotage, which is a pattern I’ve followed throughout my life.

  10. I keep dreaming that I and my family will be killed somehow. The other night, I dreamt that a guy was trying to shoot me and my family, but me in particular. This dream was set into separate scenes and was very vivid.

    Secondly, and even more creepy! I dreamt that this horse was in our house and was going to trample on me. After this, I went up to my Mum… to see that a creepy blue doll- that looked like a clown doing this dance in her mirror. I asked Mum to come and see it but as soon as she did it vanished. After that she said “oh my goodness. Thank you so much for spotting that! It’s probably downstairs with the gilotene” 😰

    Plz interpret these dreams for me! I’m at this current state that I’m in school but haven’t done so well recently and am desperate to improve.
    Is this the reason why I’m having these horrible and vivid nightmares 😰😰

  11. I dreamed many nights jn a row that im being killed. Not falling, not being chased, but killed and in every dream I was killed in another way. Once i was shot by a stranger in the head, once I was pushed into some labyrynth with another person and we tried to escape but we were killed by some monster of sort i dont know. And one that i remember the clearest is…
    First thing i see is a grave in the middle of some nice peaceful typical American neighbourhood… thwn i kinda go back prior to seing that grave. I was walking in some American neighbourhood (im from south,southeast Europe) and all of a sudden there was a car that pulled over by me and guy in it had a gun and told me to get in so when i got in i saw a couple guh and a girl in the back seat who werent saying anything. We drove in silence to some backyard, not the same as one from the beginning of the dream, where 4 of us sat for one table. Then the kidnapper took out a knife and said “now were going to play a game, and oneof you isnt walking out alive”. He spjn the knife and on who the handle pointed he had to kill the one on who the knife pointed and he spjn the knife and the handle stopped pointing towards that guy and edge to the girl. Then i remember saying… “No, dont do it, (and saying to the kidnapper) kill me” … then he killed me. Can anyone explain to me is this normal? What does it mean to be killed so many times in so many different ways?

  12. In my dream someone was knocking on my mothers door… Would say who they were as she asked… So I go open the door… Then bang… I was shot right in the forehead smh

  13. in my dream i was being chased around by the same people but in different waves. i had friends who helped me fight back and stay alive until the last fight. i felt the most hopeless when i saw everyone with a chainsaw. at this point i was standing in a corner trying to swat chainsaws away with my bare hands. i ran through and got trapped into another corner. the thought of me dying felt inevitable. what could this mean?

  14. to set the scene i need to say that my team and I (10 of us) are very close in age and friendships. we have a laugh and go out a lot as well. last night i dreamt that me and my colleagues had been at a fun fair and were staying in this huge mansion. we had heard that there was a murderer about and in the mansion and we needed to keep ourselves safe. Me and my friend were staying in a room together but were scared so asked our male colleague (only 1 year older than me) to stay with us in the spare bed. somehow i figure out that he was the murderer and that he wanted to slit my friends throat and stab me so, without giving away that i knew, i persuaded all my other colleagues to stay in a room together. me and my friend moved downstairs to be with everyone else and put all the mattresses on the floor but when i looked over i saw that the balcony door was open. I got scared and said we needed to search the room. the colleague who was the murderer came into the room and said he would help with the search (for some reason no one else knew he was the murderer) and i tried to shove him out the room. the rest of the dream is jumbled up, we’re all lying sleeping and then awake and talking and i am holding my hockey stick as a weapon. i then walk in on the murderer colleague telling my friend he likes her and goes to kiss her (it’s so weird as i can remember vividly what the room looks like, they’re stood in front of this huge roaring fire with a portrait of someone above but i can’t see who and there are old, really huge chairs in front of them) but i see the knife and run to stop and then it’s like a deadly game of hide and seek in the mansion as we’re trying to stay away from him and keep ourselves safe. what on earth does this mean?!

  15. Last night I was dreaming I was back this area, like an old-not- so abandoned town. I’m driving and make a bad turn and I get this town. Deep inside I’ve been here before several times in my dreams. So of course I have the thoughts of this creepy house and suddenly I know there is a a murderer near that house. I’m stand outside my car and looking at these bang up houses. My stomach turns Bc I know I have a bad feeling in my gut. I’ve been here, I keep telling myself that. In reality, I have had this dreams several times in my life. Almost always the same but just a bit different at the same time.
    I somehow get near this house and I see him (the murderer) and he sees me. I hide. Then I can’t leave Bc my car doesn’t work. So I’m at a bar figuring how to leave this town and he walks in. He notices me and I look away and act like nothing. Thingschnage right after as I’m no longer at the bar and at the creepy old house and some those people at the bar too. We try to leave but are locked out and he is all y’all ready? Basically to get killed or chopped up or whatever this man was going to do. I can’t breath and I know I’m going to die. The dream ends that way.
    What the hell does that mean?

  16. In my dream, I was in a restaurant sort of thingy. And a man lined five children up against the wall. Have them their last words and then shot them all in the head. I was crying so he brought me a glass of milk…..then he put the gun up to my head when I was drinking it and said, “Goodbye.” I screamed wait…just then a cop car zoomed by. But no cops ever saved anyone. Then he made me repeat this “I am a stupid Christian” I horrifyingly replyed realizeing he waned these to be my last words. “I go to church on Monday (I have no clue) and God isn’t real” I screamed at the top of my lungs “NO” and he shot me. Then I “respawned” as the same person but back in my house. In my dream I thought that God had given me a second chance. Then I woke up. Interpretations are appreciated. Thank you. God bless and have a great day.

  17. My in laws came over to speak with my husband, I was upset with mother in law for not checking in with husband before then. We fought verbally and continued to fight. My husband didn’t even fight back. I just continued to battle with her for him. I finally said it’s time for you leave. And she said okay, and i had my hand out to usher her outside; she then turned and shot me in the head, only I didn’t really die. I was stumbling, but my husband didn’t notice… so I could have been a ghost. I looked for my body, but didn’t see it. My husband then took the same gun and put it in his mouth… I fought to wake up and did. I couldnt bear to watch him go through with that. Not the best feeling in the world… my mother in law get along fine I think. We don’t fight. We are cordial every time we see each other. Nobody is ugly towards each other…. this one actually shook me up. And now going back to sleep terrifies me. I don’t want to watch my husband die..I heard the gunshot in my head so clearly, knew the make and model. Never been scared of guns..