Being Murdered in Dreams

Being murdered in a dream can have many contexts. For one, being murdered can represent a struggle between the way you see yourself and what you want to become. People very often use the idea that you must “kill” your old self in order to reinvent yourself into a new person with a whole new changed persona. So, being murdered may not necessarily be a bad thing rather it can be the signs that you want a change in your life. Other contexts can include being depresses, wanting to escape your life, or fear of something being represented as the person murdering you.

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  1. My in laws came over to speak with my husband, I was upset with mother in law for not checking in with husband before then. We fought verbally and continued to fight. My husband didn’t even fight back. I just continued to battle with her for him. I finally said it’s time for you leave. And she said okay, and i had my hand out to usher her outside; she then turned and shot me in the head, only I didn’t really die. I was stumbling, but my husband didn’t notice… so I could have been a ghost. I looked for my body, but didn’t see it. My husband then took the same gun and put it in his mouth… I fought to wake up and did. I couldnt bear to watch him go through with that. Not the best feeling in the world… my mother in law get along fine I think. We don’t fight. We are cordial every time we see each other. Nobody is ugly towards each other…. this one actually shook me up. And now going back to sleep terrifies me. I don’t want to watch my husband die..I heard the gunshot in my head so clearly, knew the make and model. Never been scared of guns..