Being Murdered in Dreams

Being murdered in a dream can have many contexts. For one, being murdered can represent a struggle between the way you see yourself and what you want to become. People very often use the idea that you must “kill” your old self in order to reinvent yourself into a new person with a whole new changed persona. So, being murdered may not necessarily be a bad thing rather it can be the signs that you want a change in your life. Other contexts can include being depresses, wanting to escape your life, or fear of something being represented as the person murdering you.

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46 thoughts on “Being Murdered in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that I was stabbed in the heart, but it felt so real. I felt the knife slice through, I felt myself choke on blood. & I fell and then it stabbed my throat…I woke up.

  2. For the past two weeks I’ve been sleeping really bad at night due to the fact that I keep on having different dreams about being murdered or being bullied to a point where I actually die in the dream.

    The latest dream I had I was in my own garden hiding behind my house because I had seen three guys looking rather scary further away on the street of my house. They then drove over my lawn with their mopeds and I went out and yelled at them and for some reason I tried to throw an axe at them but totally missed and I could feel this whole weakness in my body and they started laughing at me with this terrible laugh.

    The guys then started chasing me and two of them then caught my arms and held me while the other shot me with a crossbow right through my head. I’ve never felt such feeling of weakness and not feeling strong and powerful. I woke up completely sweating and when he shot me with the crossbow it felt like I myself died.

    I’m so done with these dreams now, I’m scared of falling asleep and I sometimes cry myself to sleep.

  3. The past two years I’ve been dreaming about being murdered on multiple occasions. I think I get killed every three weeks in my dreams.

    It’s usually someone looking me straight in the eye with a pointing gun and then pulling the trigger. I feel a very sharp pain in my head and then numbness. Sometimes I don’t die immediately and I can hear them shoot another time.

    I’ve had my throat slit as well. These nightmares are horrifying. Not because I fear death but because I am convinced that I can actually feel the way people do when they die. I can feel myself gasping for breath, I can feel my hands trying to stop the bleeding and I can feel getting lightheaded because of the blood loss.

    I’m not sure what it means. The murderer sometimes has a face and they’re always male (I am female). They’re never someone I know though. It’s just, the feeling that it’s so real and I have been murdered so many times in my sleep is a little overwhelming. Everytime I tell my friends, they look at me horrified and say it’s an ‘omen’.

    Honestly wish it would stop.

    I am a nurse so I have seen people gasping for their last breaths many, many times. I’ve also been quite unhappy in my longtermrelationship and recently broke up with him. I now live on my own. I honestly feel like that’s the reason why I have these dreams. I hope in time, as I get happier, they will disappear.

  4. I dreamt that I was chased by a dark cloaked figure in an old disused building who I knew wanted to kill me. Eventually I simply give up running and this figure catches me.
    In the dream I’m sitting on a stool and the figure is standing behind me and he asks are you ready to die? I say yes and he drives a garden fork into my neck from behind. I recite the Islamic kalma as I die looking straight ahead and only seeing darkness. I awoke from the dream immediately thinking ‘what the hell? ‘ Could you tell me what this Dream means? I’ve never had a dream like this before.

  5. In my dream I made a friend that was sort of emo and we did everything together. Then at a house she started telling me thses crazy things and a woman came downstairs (guess she heard us talking)talking and asked who was there. When i turned around the emo girl was gone so i ran to a near by bar. Then she appeared next to me while I was drinking and two men were beside me talking. The emo girl lefts with one and the other stayed behind then he said “We are going to use all of you bitchs (referring to the girls in the bar) as a sacrifice ” . A guy called the girls name then stabbed her and she dropped then he passed the knife to another male he called out a name and stabbed her. They did this until they got to me and white blonde man said “I call Briana (my name),victoria’s (cousin that hung out with earlier that day) killer, ” then he threw the knife and it stabbed me but I didnt die. I laughed and it was likei was possessed. I took the knife out my neck and all the girls rose up like they were never stabbed. All the guys were scared so they threw more knives at us but nun of us died. Then all the girls killed the men. The police came to the bar and said for us to get rid of the bodies. We walked out of the bar each carrying a guy and loaded them into a van making driving and seating arrangements between us girls. Then i woke up

  6. My sister’s having recurring dreams about being murdered but her TaeKwonDo teacher (a martial art she does) who is actually really nice in real life. She really likes TaeKwonDo so I don’t think that’s the root of her problems but she is supposed to take some big tests in summer which she is a bit worried about. Are the dreams to do with her tests or something else entirely?

  7. I just woke up from a vivid dream of my best friend was stabbed and killed in my house by a random stranger that happen to just pop up at my door for a party… 5 girls knockedbon my door and asked for me. They walked in with a whole crowd of people and not not long after the stabbing and killing happens… plz explain

  8. I got pregnant this one guy I’m currently flirting with, and everyone in my family was happy. I was pregnant enough you can feel the baby kicking. My grandma was trying to feel the baby kick, but couldn’t feel it because of her shock proof phone. I was walking home from the mall? and my ex Eric was standing at the door ringing it. I ask him why he’s here, and he said someone is in my car. My car was parked by this tree and he parked next to me on the right side. I’m standing in the door frame, and Eric goes to knock on the glass. The guy gets out of my car, and stands next to the tree and says, “Do you know who I am?” I shake my head no, and he said “I’m Ted Bundy”, and I immediately closed the front door, locked it, and ran into another room to try to climb out the window

  9. Weapon: plastic wrap?

    Just a moment ago I had a dream where I was at a party. I was younger, because I was viewing everything from lower down and it seemed like a birthday party. A bunch of adults and their children had come over. That was just like, a pan-in of the situation. A moment later I was among the adults, taller than them, much taller. I crouched down and strategically murdered all of the adults except my mother and step father. I left the children because I wanted to murder them but I couldn’t at first at the risk of getting caught. When it came time to start murdering the children, I was the first to go. I (as the murderer) came up behind my body (of which I actually am in real life) and went in for the kill. In a moment I was in my own body and was being brutally murdered. The murderer grabbed my shoulders and hoisted me up and made a noose with plastic wrap. So I was choking, but then it (or I) wrapped my entire head with more plastic wrap so I was suffocating as well. Then after I was murdered I became the murderer again and finished off the rest of the people still living, including my siblings, and I laughed while doing so. This happened again and again, until the last time, where I was myself (real life me) and not the murderer. I guess I was supposed to be scared that something was going to murder me, but I was just trying to warn my mother that someone was in the house and was murdering the guests. She didn’t believe me until I was murdered in front of her. I guess I’ll never know of she survived, because I woke up. I’m pretty terrified to say the least.

  10. Last night I had a dream, by the way all my dreams are vivid colours and imagery, like real life, but encased in a misty circle.
    This dream was about this person who was running through the back of this house and out the back door and towards the back shed and fence. He was shooting people that were around me as he was running. I was so angry about what he was doing that I needed to find a gun to kill him. So I picked up the gun one of one of the people he shot and started chasing him through the backyard shed and over the fence. Just as I put my head over the top of the fence he came back at me with a knife. I aimed the gun at his head and nothing happened, the gun did not shoot. I kept pulling the trigger but all that came out was this thin laser type beam. I aimed the beam at his eyes hoping to blind him but this had no effect on him. He just kept slowly walking up to me in the back yard raising this knife, that really was not a knife but more like very this long sharp knitting needle. I fell backwards on the ground and he pushed this needle into my right arm very slowly all the way out the other side. I must tell you that I felt the pain as in real life. Because he pushed through my arm I was now pinned to the ground with the needle. Then a strange thing happened.
    He put something down my throat like a thin wire, and twisted it around the outside of my throat pulled it very slowly tight.
    It was like a loop or knot you would use when tying something up with string or fishing line etc. Anyway I could feel myself stop breathing bit by bit, until I completely stopped breathing. I now new I was dead in this dream. What happened next has never happened to me in a dream before, and I am now 60 years old and have had hundreds of dreams very similar to this but never to the extent of actually dying in the dream. I remember as I was dying a very warm comfortable feeling coming over me, like this is not too bad a way to die, as I could feel no pain at all at this stage. I remember the exact moment my last breath went out of me I began to see this pin prick of very bright light, then slowly the light began to grow in size as I am now seeing this lying on the ground looking upwards. Then it became super bright and then it cleared, still very bright but very clear, As I was looking up I could see my murderer looking down on me and also a small girl child who I have know idea who she was. That’s it I woke up and realized I was not dead. My dreams are like real life. full of colour and imagery, and sometimes I really wish could stay in my dream world, but not with this dream. I have several dreams where I am being attacked or I am defending myself from attack but only within the last few years am I having these dreams that are getting closer to dying in. I have never actually dided in a dream until last night, but then I woke up out of my death.

  11. I just had a dream of me getting off work driving 18 wheeler but coming home to where me my mom and my brother used to live in my childhood life. When i get there a big group of younger guys come out a house from a few houses down and come bothering me and one pulled out a gun. I get mad explaining how ive been living there all my life and when i see they dont care i grab the guy with the gun by his neck and somehow the gun disappears from the dream. (No magic, just didnt see it for a while). So i start telling them i do music and im tryna change my city for the better so we all can make it and tell them come in my house and they come. My mom is home. I manage to calm them down and walk away for a moment but i left my phone with them accidentally so i try and find someone and end up downtown (which is impossible in my city) found a guy he tried to charge me to call the police for me (100$) i walk away eventually i end up wit my close friend who pulls us up to the house he gives me a back tells me i have to take the case if it ends that way then he dissapears but i couldnt find the gun in the back i go back in hoping they gone but when i go in my dream swiches to me running on to a school bus full of highschool kids i run on but i got a hostage with me with phone at his head but nobody see it apparently so we make it the back of the bus. I look up and a guy with a gun aims at me from the very front of the mid lenght bus i get up and charge him for some reason even tho the back of the bus is an emergency door and next thing i know im walkin in the house but once i come in i over here my mom talking and she mentions i passed away yesterday so i leave and the drram switches to me talking to a friend (i dont know the person in real life but) we talking i ask him can he see me and he says no but your voice lets me know you are really here talking to me. I wish someone could interpret that dream for me because i dont get it at all.

  12. For the last week and a half I’ve had these dreams. Scenarios if you will where I am killed by people close to me, mugged and shot on the street and lastly stabbed in an ambush with people that thought they were entitled to what I had. It’s bizarre because I remember each vividly and have only woken up surprised at the result of my dreams. For hours after I will feel the wound in my dream on my body. Not piercing pain but a residual hey remember me type of pain. I don’t know what has caused this but I’ve been growing more and more wary of sleeping.

  13. for three nights straight I’ve had dreams about some one trying to kill me i am 14 and this scares me i dont want to sleep at night because i am too scared

  14. I had a dream and it happened in the future of my life. I am still a teen but in this dream, I was a university student, living with a friend (I don’t even know who is that person in real life. I probably saw her face in the streets once). Someday, while we were studying in our own rooms for an exam, 5 intruders came in our house. I didn’t hear them because I was listening to music. They took my friend in the bathroom and they tortured her. I removed my earbuds, suspecting some noise then I heard my friend shout in intense pain, accompanied with laughters that didn’t come from her. I then understood that there was intruders. I called the police, saying there was strangers in house torturing my friend and that I was scared they would get me, but the police never came. I called them 5 times in my dream, telling them the same line, but the police still never came. When I heard that my friend stopped to scream and the stranger’s voices going away, I went into the bathroom. There was blood everywhere, and I saw that there was her teeth, all linked together with the braces she wore, on the counter of the bathroom (that was horrible! I remember it so clearly!). I then understood that she had been horribly tortured, and it would probably happen to me too. I didn’t dare open the bath’s curtains, I knew my friend’s corpse was in the bath.
    I tried to call the police another time, but the intruders came back into the bathroom and saw me. The bathroom was very small, so I couldn’t escape. I only remember that I was being stabbed several times, that I could feel the pain and that I was screaming, then I woke up in real life, shaking.

    I don’t think I’ll forget this dream anytime soon! It was a horrible nightmare!
    Does someone know what in the hell this dream could tell about my life?
    Thank you!

  15. I had a dream I was add a new job trying to train with a couple of other people and a guy behind my back grabbed me and started trying to hold me hostage for some random reason I pulled out a screwdriver and started launching at him then other people came to my defense and pulled out weapons also but the guys get started murdering everybody finally grabbing me and cutting my throat and I swear I could feel every bit of it with a huge knife and let me drop to the ground and bleed to death I can see myself leaving out in the Dream from my neck it was horrible the worst part is he was leaving all of us was murdered and he came back because I was gasping for breath I can feel every bit of this dream FYI and then pulled out a gun and pointed it to my head and shot me to finish the job

  16. In my dream, there was a warning going around about a murderer. People around me were dying, being found in awful ways after being attacked by the murderer, but there was one child that I watched die. There were two children, aged about 5, watching a Red Kite bird fly around scouting for food over the top of a dead lake bed. One of the kids fell over the railing preventing the steep fall down into it, he landed on a thorn bush if I recall correctly. This, however was not the cause of his death. The oversized bird swooped down and began to eat him. I screamed “Don’t look!” And jumped over the railing, but each time I jumped, I somehow ended back up the top, behind the railing again. Eventually, I gave up and talked to the living child, asking him where he lived, telling him that it would be ok. We reached his house and he went inside. Later on in the dream, I found myself at a broken down Volkswagen Camper where a group of teens were literally sitting there doing nothing. I knocked on the window, but got no response. They were all dead, yet they had no wounds. This is the point where I was killed. Stabbed repeatedly in the lower back. I felt every single knife entry. Yet the most vivid, scary part will always be the young child’s terrified screams of pain. What the hell could this possibly mean, if anything at all!?

  17. I just have dreams where I keep getting murdered . I can feel the pain. I act out and say I’m better this way.. and I’ll haunt you better than you are haunting me..

    I had a creepy haunted house dream with psychopathic killers in the house .
    I recently have been wanting to quit drinking and spicy food may be a trigger ..
    I also cheated on my boyfriend and feel really bad about it , wasn’t supposed to happen . Could it be a sign to end it ? Or am I premonitioning a murder, or perhaps my own death .

  18. I had a dream that I was in a maze and a serial killer came and cut my stomach open and I his in a little box of the maze. I then woke up and I went back to sleep. Then I was in the passenger of a truck with this guy and we come upon people in masks and they come and cut my stomach open again and I hide in another small area. I woke up again and went rolled over and fell back asleep. Has no problem. Rolled back over to the other side and the dream started again by me in an ambulance with my stomach wrapped and the medics in the masks from the second dream and then they cut my stomach even more. I woke back up and stayed up the rest of time. I had school the next morning. That whole day I was tired. What does this mean?

  19. I DREAM OF BEING MURDERED, my husband is some sort of top secret agent in a dangerous job. ( Really he is i the army). There is a someone muffling people around our house, woman horribly. I’m stepping over bodies and hiding , listening to the horrible screams of woman being cut up to death. I sea the murders face , i int recognise him.. then i see ,myself mere on a table top. my husband holding my cut open stomach together to attempt tisane our unborn baby thats already dead. (I’m not even pregnant). It was bloody a`and gory. then woke up.

  20. i woke up in the middle of the night from one of the most terrifying dreams ive ever had. there were all types of crazy things going on but one part of the dream that stuck out the most was when i was being murdered i could feel myself being repeatedly stabbed and the funny part about it is it wasnt really me being murdered it was some other women and it was like she was showing me who she was killed by and how it happend for the longest ive been trying to figure this dream out . but this wont be the first dream ive had like this , i tend to have a lot of paranormal dreams about past houses ive lived at that has had paranormal events happen to me . it is a must for me to figure this dream out

  21. I wake up strapped to a table, with a bright light hanging up above me. I hear a scraping sound to my left and turn my head. Sitting at a small round table is a man sharpening a variety of knives. As i look, he tells me that itd be better if i looked away when he starts. He then stands up and walks over to the table. He takes a rag out of his belt and begins shoving it into my mouth, explaining he doesnt like the noise. When he is done he steps to the foot of the table and pulls out a knife. Sometimes i look, sometimes i dont. He starts by making a shallow cut going all the way around my ankle, and then begins to pull the skin up and slice it away in strips. I feel burning agony as he works his way up my leg, then to the next, then my arms, then my chest, then my face. All while talking to me, telling me horrible things, all about what ive done and will do if given the chance. When hes done, he stares for a few minutes, then walks up and buries the knife in my chest, down to the hilt and twists. I can feel the blood filling up the lung he punctured and begin running up my air passages, where i start to choke on it. As i pass out, i wake up. This happens to me every night, seven days a week 365 days a year. Im at the end of my rope, waking up and having it only be a few hours after i fell asleep

    1. That’s terrifying… it’s also weird that he was trying to be considerate of your feelings about watching yourself get cut up.

      Do you know who this person is? If so think about why they’d do this, and what do they mean to you.

      If not, it could mean that you need to shed your skin so to speak, and reinvent yourself.

      And maybe it could mean that you need therapy, I have no clue, dream explanation is guess work.

      Maybe it means you need to do something differently, maybe there’s something in your life you’re not too keen on. Try to pinpoint this and fix it as best possible.

      Best of luck to you.

  22. I dreamt three people were chasing me to murder me. They were strangers one man and two women, a family possibly. They found me at work, in a parking lot and a theme park. I asked a policeman for help he brushed me off but his radio said there’s been six murders. I’m wondering what it means it was a very real dream, I’m a woman if that matters to the dream.

  23. I’ve currently been having a constant nightmare, Ive had the same nightmare for 3 nights and this includes me running through a dark and gloomy park, there are loads of tall trees surrounding me and it’s completely black, I can just about see my hand in front of my face. I start to get chased by a group of boys or men I can’t really tell, they chase me and chase me, I finally think I’ve found a hiding place behind a massive tree trunk, until one of the boys/men drag me from behind the tree, I am passed from one to the other and I am sexual assaulted by each and every one of them, after they have finished they all talk it in turns to stab me with the end of a very sharp stick/ branch. After this they kick and beat me to death, I’ve always woken up after this. I don’t know if there is a reason that this is happening but I’d love to have guidance on why my dream is like this. I recognise one of the people in my dream and it’s starting to really scare me. I know it’s not normal and I need somebody to give me the reason why.

  24. I was with my friends. We were racing our cars on this never ending parking lot. Then this pther car came out of nowhere. We parked to see who it was. It was a man who came out of his car with guns. We admittedly began to run, but this dude was crazy fast. He shot and killed one of my friends( just a couple shots to him) then he pointed it at me. But he seem to be more chaotic and violent with me. He wasted all his rounds on me. He then got a machete and began to cut out my eyes then decapitate me. I fight back but was not successful.

  25. I was with my friends chilling out somewhere, we were having fun. Suddenly someone came from the back side and killed one of my friend. After tht he chased us. I was able to hide and looking for some ways to escape, but I woke up at that point.

  26. Dream 1: There was a classroom shooting and I didn’t see who it was but I got shot in the back. The weird thing is it didn’t hurt but I was getting really weak.

    Dream 2: I was interviewed for a job. The girl after me didn’t get interviewed and went beserk. I wanted to put her in her place but decided to call the cops. She ends up choking me and I’m to weak to stop her.

  27. I dreamt I was murdered by a poison dart, it missed, but I still pretending to die, so the one trying to kill me, would think I was dead……

  28. I’m having recurring dreams of being murdered while I’m alone ,and in bed or getting out of bed . Only once have I actually seen the killers face. But on one ocassion I was just about to meet my demise,I Turn my head and there was a long lady covered in blood lying dead from to killer who was about to do the same thing to me.And as soon as the killer bashes my head I woke up. I am a trusting person and fell if confronted head on I can defind my or over power the killer. But is this why my dreams only happens while I’m in bed or vulnerable

  29. It’s never the same. It’s always different, sometimes I’m hunted, sometimes they’re my friends, other it’s just a normal day and all of a sudden some one is after me. Every night, 2-3 times a night. I can never sleep. What does this mean? Why can’t I sleep? Is there any way to stop these dreams by myself?

  30. In my dream there were three large metal claws, like old fashioned gardening tools. They were in a pile in my grandads house(not in real life) A woman who I did not recognize had been hurt by one of them and it puzzled me so I tested how sharp the instruments were, the largest was quite blunt. Next thing I know there is a little boy trying to play with the claws, I told him that he shouldn’t as that was how Grandad got his scars on his face (also not true) the boy left and I went to move the claws, the largest one was gone and I started to panic. I turned around and a woman who I could not make out lunged at me with the claw and pushed it against my throat. I knew I would die so closed my eyes and prayed. Everything went black and I woke up still in my goes on a bit so I won’t bore you with the rest but I was just wondering about what on earth it means

  31. I’ve had this dream ever since I can remember someone PLEASE HELP it rendures me motionless in fear every time I wake up from it.
    I was running and there was someone following me and I went into this house. I locked myself in a room with a floral pattern on the wall that was blue and a pink floral bedding like mid 1900’s style . The room was a rectangle and to my right was a end table the bed was in front of me and to the left against the wall that my back was to there was a tall dresser and in front of me kiddy cornerd facing me (diagonally across the room) there was a t.v on static. I went across the bed in a panic to a old fashioned phone and started sliding the numbers I heard a horrid scream that pierced my ears and I looked at the t.v and there was a girl in there playing with something and when I looked at her She made eye contact with me and her eyes were all black. I could literally feel panic like I knew I was gonna die, the door broke down the static on the t.v started again I was thrown onto the floor then I was watching my body fight off this person but he won and gutted me and I swear to fucking God felt it. From the running heart racing ear piercing screams to the knife rupturing my stomach. HELP

  32. I had the dream three times where I wake up in an abandoned trailer and as I start to work my way down to my home I see the same man and for some reason he does not like therefor sending his friends to try and kill by any means necessary. In the dream I star to fight for my life by killing them using anything I can but I can’t find a way out unless I wake up p. too scary and vivid for me so if that means change lord knows I want and need it.

  33. I have been having a recurring dream since i was a kid where i am chased around in a huge labyrinth-like building by a masked man in black, the building changes every time and by the end of the dream he catches me. He kills me somehow, that too changes every time, and when he unmasks himself it’s me. Ive been having this dream about once a year since i was 8 and often wonder what it means.

  34. I’ve had several dream in which I die this is the most recent.

    In real life I had recently discovered a lump on my back but it’s probably nothing. It gets me thinking about making an appointment to get it checked out. In my dream eventually I end up in a car with my mother. We are supposed to arrive somewhere but instead she stops at a free clinic for an examination. I meet a black man who complements me on my hair, I couldn’t tell if he is being sarcastic but he look rather unkept. He takes me to the back office looks like a run down old club room with paper everywhere. I sit there alone for a moment until another man come asking me to persuade him to help me. He was implying he wanted a bribe, I open my wallet and he reaches in grabs several bills. I protest and try to leave, he grows angry shoves me down and a small crowd of clinic workers look on. I protest that I come here for a deal, and I begin to regret not turning around at first sight of this place. He mocks me and says you are new, implying I have to pay my dues. He then pulls out a revolver, I try to run but there is no time, he lays in five shots. Everything instantly goes black and I feel myself fall to the ground. (I don’t know if this is a dream or if this is real.) I try to will myself to get up and run. I feel myself fading, desperate I beg my body to get up, fight, wake up, wake up. I wake up in real life, I’ve been holding my breath since I’ve died in my dreams.

  35. I had 2 dreams in one but the first felt almost real…. at first it was me and my girlfriend going to sleep and after she fell asleep I awoke with her killing me. In the second, she was pregnant, she went to the store but left her phone at home with me. Two black.guys stormed in saying how they were moving in not even realizing that j was there til I shouted at them ” get the fuck out if my house.” I gonna assume the one who spoke up.was the leader and said “you don’t understand, im fixin to make this my room.” Next thing I know I’m dialing 911 and running for my life. After a few minutes of that I’m being drug by my hair and all of a suddeni feel this sharp pain in my shoulder as something grinds into the bone. Before to long I blacked out and woke up into an overly alert mind running a million miles a second. Nit the first time I’ve had dreams like these.

  36. I have always been haunted in my dreams, but it was never me who was killed. Lately, it has been me. The latest one was where I was walking through the mall with a “friend”, who was a girl I’ve never seen before. She was walking quickly ahead of me, trying to get away as I stumbled behind her in a drunken stupor with a plastic cup of a spiked drink. Then, I am at my grandmother’s house (she and I were close before she passed away and a lot of my nightmares take place here). My sister comes into the living room and knocks a bunch of pills out of my hands and I scramble to pick them up. Then, we are standing at the kitchen island and I had just shot up with heroin. She stares at me with disapproval, and then she walks away. A strange man walks in to take me to the back room to lie down. As I am lying on the floor under a blanket, another man pulls out a sword and begins taking “practice shots” at a third man while the first man watches. Before the man is dead, the killer stops and the man doubles over clutching his stomach. The killer then slams the edge of the blade across my throat with the blanket still covering it, so I couldn’t scream. He then instructs the first man to pull the blanket off me, which he does. Immediately, the killer raises the sword and begins chopping and slicing my abdomen, so viciously that he actually has to take a second to grab the dying man by the back of his shirt and tosses him across the room to finish. All of this I can feel until I am supposed to be dead, but I am still conscious. The killer is not satisfied until I am in two very bloody and mangled pieces. Then, I am a passenger in a car with two strange men, the driver was supposed to be my boyfriend.

    This dream really got to me, not only because of the pure evil vibe of the dream and the fact that I still felt the effects after I awoke with severe pain in my abdomen, but because everything that happened was completely the opposite of who I am! I have never touched a drug other than what was prescribed to me and I very rarely drink, nor do I surround myself with various men…this dream still haunts me and I have no idea what it means…

  37. My mother died when I was 15. Her other children went to live with their father(my step father) in Georgia. She didn’t leave us anything in her will because she didn’t have anything to give. So I’m having trouble interpreting my dream.
    In my dream I was talking to my mother while she was cooking dinner. We were in a large 3 story, empty house. I talked to her for just a second. She told me there was jewelry upstairs in her room. I ran upstairs and had to break into the room because it was all boarded up, like most of the empty house. I found some of the jewelry. But as I was about to take it and hide it my step father tried breaking into the room. I was pushing the broken door so he wouldn’t open it. He was trying to stab me through the crack of the door but it was so thin he just punched through the middle of the door and stabbed me in the heart. Then I woke up.

  38. My dream was very odd. My friends and i are camping near a lake. Theres a beautiful brick church that has a cute dock off over the lake so we stop to get a closer view. My friends all walk back to the jeep and i stay there, Staring at myself in the water seemed to calm my nerves. Until a preacher wearing one of those outfits the excorcize in comes up behind me and starts to drown me in the lake. My friends dont notice untill its too late. There horrified faces looking out the back window of the jeep are the last thing i see before i wake up.

  39. I dreamed that the guy i’m seeing was a murderer and had murdered alot of women and left them hanging in a tree, he hadn’t been caught and i was watching tv and they put a picture of him on the tv saying he was a murderer and if anyone had seen him to turn him in.

  40. My dream was being shot on the sidewalk in my wedding dress with my mother driving on the street talking to me. after I am shot, my mother gets toward me and I say I love her, which confused her because she don’t understand why I am randomly saying that until she realized what happened and began to cry. But I reassure her that its okay and that I will be fine and that I loved her very much.

    1. I’m originally from a large city with a high murder rate. 15 yrs ago I moved to a smaller state which is when the dreams began. Each dream is me running from people or a person trying to kill me. I’m always somewhere like a house or abandoned building. Every dream I try my hardest to hide or get away. Sometimes I’m caught but most times I get away or find a good hiding place. There are also times when I don’t get away & am killed by this peron or group of people. I have had this dream every couple of months for the past 15yrs. Tonight I was at a skating rink in my dream with my daughter & left my purse at our table. Someone stole my phone & I flipped out (which I do often in real life). The guy came bk feeling humiliated by me & had his girlfriend shoot me & i dont want to type the rest but my daughterwas on my lap as i tried to shield her.

      Earlier this evening I did repremand her about getting a new pair of boots muddy at school today. As mentioned before I have been known to confront people when i feel im being disrespected or done wrong.

      I don’t know why after all these yrs i still have these dreams of being killed or hunted down. Please help!!