Choking in Dreams

Choking and dreaming of it could very well be a signal for helplessness. To choke is the inability to breathe due to something obstructing the air pathway. Suffocating to death is one of the worst things in life. You are helpless to free yourself, dying in an agonizing manner in which you are completely cut off from a very basic bodily function.

To see yourself choking in your dreams is indicative that there are some things currently taking place during your awake self that you find difficult to digest or accept. Choking in dreams may have different interpretations depending on the substance being choked on.

This dream can also mean that you feel repressed, not being able to fully express how you feel.

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42 thoughts on “Choking in Dreams”

  1. Hi I feeling very anxious about a dream I had were someone was trying to drowned me and choke me it wake me up and I could not brave. Feeling very worried about going to sleep again

  2. I was about 7 month pregnant with my son and had a dream about drowning in the water. I was trying to swim Back up to my bf and he was reaching for me, but there was red demon pulling me down and I I’m just choking on water. B4 I knew it my bf was shaking me to wake up cuz he was freaking out cuz he said I was gasping for air. Freaked me out. Felt so real, i wonder if he wasn’t there to wake me up if I was going to die n my sleep. Intense

  3. I am a new mom. I just woke up from a nap in which I was dreaming that my infant son was crying and when I went to tend to him he was a man, strong and demonic like and he began choking me to death. My mother was there but she could not help me.

  4. I had a dream that someone was trying to break into my house, and i was in bed and it scared me so i went under the covers and then i heard the door break open and someone come walking up the stairs and head towards my room and then it stopped for a second, and then i heard him opening the door and he got in and ran to my room and started choking me on my bed, and he was yelling that i should regret ever being born. and then i woke up and i was the one choking myself.. I had my hands wrapped around my throat, and i was choking myself.

  5. I had a dream where I was in this house I had never been in before and I slept there with my phone charging next to me next thing I know someone whispers to me “hey” “hey” and starts touching me on the shoulder then choking me with my charging chord but it happened to me almost as if I was watching it and when I woke up I yelled but I couldn’t move and didn’t even make a noise when I tried to yell and I was in full sweats and just felt like someone was watching me. If someone could give me some feedback as to what this could mean that would be great

  6. I literally just had a dream that woke me up as I was actually choking and thinking I had something stuck in my throat. I dreamt I had lots of animals, (like even a pony haha) and my mum had come over to visit with my older sister, she said the house was a mess and I was taking on more than I could chew, the rabbit had no water. I went to get him some but I choked on the ball part of the rabbits water bottle lid and I bent over on the floor and tried to signal to my mum to hit me on the back but she continued with how I had made myself ill by working too much.
    In my waking life I am currently in a very difficult situation whether I should accept my new job offer and step out of my comfort zone.

  7. Have had approx. 6 dreams this year that I was being suffocated and strangled as though my throat was being crushed and wake up gasping for air. The first time (I know this sounds crazy) I saw a demon of some sort pull me up from the bed while this was happening. As I woke, they released me and left. For all the other experiences there was no actual person involved, but the strength and force made me feel it was male. So yeah, little freaked out going to sleep and have extreme anxiety and feelings of fear before falling asleep. Also wake in the night around 2:00 am and can’t get back to sleep for a couple of very anxious hours.

  8. It was 12.25 am and our door was had a grill door though through which air can pass. Mom was sleeping in that room.

    She experienced that she walked up to the doorand someone choked her and that she could not breathe.

    Does not anyone know what this was?

    Thanks. Help appreciated

  9. I had a dream I saw my own self choking and not being able to breathe , call for help or scream. When I woke up I felt as if a heavy force got off my neck and chest causing my heart to beat extremely fast. after that I had a dream of myself again that I was in my room hanging out with my sister listening to some music when all the sudden I was paralyzed again unable to talk , scream , move , call for help after that I woke up. the day after that which is today , it happened again but different. I fell asleep at 11:30 pm I woke up 15 minutes later due to choking and unable to breathe I was laying on my back. I turned over prayed and fell asleep again. I had a dream where I was floating in my house in the living room by the couch ( I sleep on the couch ) and I was paralyzed once again I couldn’t talk , yell for help , felt choking sensation and some type of presence. this is killing me , I’m literally scared to fall asleep now. I need answers.

  10. I had a dream I was with my bestfrd watching a dance and nxt thing I started choking and could stop Wat does dat mean and no1 would help me

  11. I was chocking in my dream but there wasn’t anything actively choking me.
    No food
    No hands around my neck or any object for that matter
    And I remember myself desperately clawing at my neck trying to remove what was there but there was nothing. My dreams are always super realistic and I actually felt like I was choking. When I woke up I still remembered the feeling. In the same night (last night) I had a dream that my plane collapsed. We had to emergency land in the parking lot of a mall and I could feel the plane descending rapidly and the harsh landing…. woke up terrified.

  12. About a year ago , I started dreaming about a man choking me while I Sleep . He’s wearing a black hoodie . He’s about 5’6 . But I can never make out his face . I see him opening the door to my room & slowly walking to my bed where he sits down & immediately grabs my neck digging his fingers in it causing me to start crying . I don’t know how long it lasts , but i realize it’s a dream sometime & i try to wake up . I wake up in tears & with pain . I don’t want to go to bed anymore I’m scared & ive read books but nothing seems to help . Someone help me please I’m desperate .

  13. In my dream.i was choking and gagging and.there.was string and i pulled in the string i choked harder and finally at the end of the string was a tiny mouse. I dreamt this happened twice. What could that mean?

  14. I had a dream that I was putting in earrings then my brother came in my room. He told me to give him a shirt pin from off my dresser so I did. Once he got it, he started giving himself piercings all in his face. But some how he started getting more and more out of nowhere but they weren’t shirt pins. They were 9 inch nails. Once he finished, he took a selfie and took all of them out. Then he left the room. I felt one in my mouth, took it out, and said “I’m bout to choke on this!” Then I felt another one in my mouth closer to my throat. They both just kinda appeared there. But when I reached for the other one, it was like it turned into thin air but I could still feel it choking me. When I couldn’t handle it, I woke up. But I still felt the nail in my throat. My mouth also hurt.

  15. Hello, last night I dreamt that I was choking on some kind of net. I think it was a basketball net, I know weird right? Anyways, I could hardly breathe and I began to pull the net out, and as it came out, I could feel it moving up my throat and it was endless. I began to pull it out faster and that caused my throat to burn as if someone was giving me an Indian burn in my throat. I could also feel the heat and pain on the little thing that hangs at the back of your mouth. It felt so real and when I woke up I could feel the same pain – on the thing that hung in the back of my mouth – as in my dream.

  16. I had a dream last night that I was being chocked, that I was watching myself being chocked through the window ultimately dying. Upon this I could still contact the living as a ghost and I was told that I could only been seen in the light not the dark, freaked me the hell out

  17. I dreamt someone was pinning me down on the bed stuffing toilet paper down my throat and strangling me. I was choking and I couldn’t breathe.
    I finally realised in the dream it was a dream so i tried to wake up but I struggled to
    Then when I woke tears were running down my face. I was shaking. My throat was very dry and I was in pain from thrashing about. I was crying as the dream terrified me and i was afraid to go back to sleep.
    I needed a drink and to compose myself.

  18. Could someone tell me what my dream meant…I dreamt that my 6 year old daughter was choking on fries at an old apt we use to live at and the more I kept trying to help her the more she kept choking her knees were buckling and I felt as if I was losing her slowly? Can someone plze tell me what my dream means. I’d appreciate it

    1. I had a dream that my 2 year old was choking on a chewy sweet. I am first aid trained for my job so naturally in this dream I did what I should do but I could not slap her back as hard as I was meant to! Woke up with my heart beating so fast, my mouth was dry and chest ached! My 3 eldest were vivid drowning dreams she was choking. Horrific. Hope you managed to settle.

  19. In my dream, I saw myself stand at the busstop and i saw my pastor codling a lady across the road to where i stood. Suddenly, the lady passout the pastor tried help out, he could’nt and instead ran off and pass out as well. I immediate swung into action casting and binding but got choked and could’nt continue. meaning we were all helpless.
    why did i get choked? And could’nt the pastor deliver the girl?

  20. just a few weeks ago ive started having dreams where there is something in my mouth that i cant get out. it’s not a whole dream in itself, it’ll just randomly occur during the events of whatever dream i am currently having. it feels like a large but usually soft object is lodged in my mouth and its obstructing my ability to breathe. sometimes i can pull some of it out but sometimes i keep reaching inside my mouth but cant grasp whatevers there. last night it was a bunch of yarn i pulled out of my mouth in my dream. im getting really scared and idk what this sensation means, someone please help.

    1. Do you suck dick? Maybe that’s the case. You choking on dicks too much and your brain starts to organize your thoughts and then it would be the feeling of something in your mouth you can’t get out. You get dreams due to your thoughts and your mind trying to organize its thoughts. That’s why things you have done in the past may show up as a feeling

  21. I’ve now had two dreams in which I’m being choked in the last six months. It happens while I am sleeping, suddenly I feel like a male person is actually choking me and holding me down with their hands/forearms. At this point I actually am conscious but am gurgling/gasping for air and start sweating. The only time it goes away is when my boyfriend awakes terrified from my gasping and has to shake me for a few seconds and call my name repeatedly. Actually, I’m concerned this is not a dream but something else, but not sure where to go to have that figured out

    1. Sleep paralysis is the only scientific explanation anyone could give me when I experienced the same thing. My mother had a spiritual explanation that I don’t really entertain but when it happens and it’s over I pray.

  22. I had a dream last night I was being choked with my necklace by my boyfriend. When I woke up it had felt so real and my necklace was broke. I woke up sad, it was almost as if I was watching it happen to my body from above myself and I couldn’t stop it.

    1. I think your necklace got stuck around your throat and the choking sensation prompted the dream. The necklace broke, thankfully! I never wear necklaces to bed for fear of just this. You must have a negative relationship with your boyfriend for your mind to put him in the place of the villain, or else you’re fearful or mistrustful because of your past.

  23. I had a dream where I was hanging out with my mom at night, my dad brought home cookies and then I start messing around with stuff in my parents bedroom. I open the closet and there is a person in their who is mad. My mom recognizes them, they grab me and throw me to the ground. They began to walk towards me and began to turn into a zombie, so then I tryed to look for something to kill them with. I saw a necklace and grabbed it, and when they got close enough I got it on their neck and while I’m choking them out, the scene resets and plays repeatly until I began to get backspasms and woke up.

    1. It sounds to me like you think your mom has some secret (skeleton in the closet) that is harming the family. Your dad is the nice one (cookies!) But this thing in your mom’s life, which she clearly recognizes, is threatening your stable home. You’re trying to overcome it but you can’t do it because it’s not your problem, but hers.

  24. Hi I’ve recently dreamt that I was choking to death while trying to say the kalimah but could barely say it could you tell me what that means and also I didn’t use to practise Islam that much only during Ramadan I always fast but after Ramadan it was usually back to jahaliyah but I’ve recently had a big calamity and my realationship with ya Allah is closer than before. So yeah just wanted to know what the dream interprets

  25. I dream I’m chocking on a marble or something similar it gets so bad that I feel it wedged in my throat it’s very frightening I wake up up and sit up in bed thinking I’m chocking to death I’ve had this dream a lot it seems to be getting worse

  26. I dream that i am choking myself. What does it mean? I read tarot cards occasionally, and they say i should focus on my dreams. Not sure if that helps

  27. I recently had a dream of being ingulfed in bubbles that seeped through my pores, building up so dense that I couldn’t breathe and was choking. I actually woke up from the feeling that I couldn’t take in air, it was frightening.

    1. I think it means you’re protective and worried about him. Is he having any issues talking or communicating? Does anyone in your house do needlework? If so, it could just represent fear that he’ll literally find a needle and put it in his mouth.

  28. I frequently have choking dreams,im 24yrs old and i started having these dreams 3 1/2 years ago. In my dreams im almost always choking on objects like needles,glass,food,or something i cant identify. Sometimes ill have this dream several times a week even, what does it mean??

    1. I ve had exactly the same thing happen to me. Ive had them almost 20 years now. They are more frequent now. So grateful that I found this site and knowing that Iam not the only one suffering from this terribly frightening issue. Please let me know what you are doing about it. Ive been told its rem behavior disorder. Best wishes.

      1. If you’re choking on something sharp like glass or a needle, it means you’ve said something you wish you could take back. You feel that you habitually say the wrong thing and get into trouble for it. You have to “eat your sharp words” or are “choking on your words.”

      2. my previous reply disappeared so I apologize if I’m double posting. If you dream that you’re choking on something sharp (like glass or needles) it could mean that feel like you say the wrong thing and have to eat your sharp words, or that you’re choking on the things you want to say. You’re in a situation where you feel controlled and guilty, and maybe you have suppressed anger about it. You need to find someone to talk to that will let you get it out of your system.