Choking in Dreams

Choking and dreaming of it could very well be a signal for helplessness. To choke is the inability to breathe due to something obstructing the air pathway. Suffocating to death is one of the worst things in life. You are helpless to free yourself, dying in an agonizing manner in which you are completely cut off from a very basic bodily function.

To see yourself choking in your dreams is indicative that there are some things currently taking place during your awake self that you find difficult to digest or accept. Choking in dreams may have different interpretations depending on the substance being choked on.

This dream can also mean that you feel repressed, not being able to fully express how you feel.

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6 thoughts on “Choking in Dreams”

  1. I dream I’m chocking on a marble or something similar it gets so bad that I feel it wedged in my throat it’s very frightening I wake up up and sit up in bed thinking I’m chocking to death I’ve had this dream a lot it seems to be getting worse

  2. I dream that i am choking myself. What does it mean? I read tarot cards occasionally, and they say i should focus on my dreams. Not sure if that helps

  3. I recently had a dream of being ingulfed in bubbles that seeped through my pores, building up so dense that I couldn’t breathe and was choking. I actually woke up from the feeling that I couldn’t take in air, it was frightening.

  4. I frequently have choking dreams,im 24yrs old and i started having these dreams 3 1/2 years ago. In my dreams im almost always choking on objects like needles,glass,food,or something i cant identify. Sometimes ill have this dream several times a week even, what does it mean??

    1. I ve had exactly the same thing happen to me. Ive had them almost 20 years now. They are more frequent now. So grateful that I found this site and knowing that Iam not the only one suffering from this terribly frightening issue. Please let me know what you are doing about it. Ive been told its rem behavior disorder. Best wishes.