Clumsiness in Dreams

To see yourself as being clumsy in your dreams suggests that certain things or situations in your life is out of your hands. You feel like you have no way of keeping things steady and afloat. Thus, you fear that eventually, things will start crumbling down, dragging you down as well. Clumsiness in dreams may be a sign of enlightenment, advising you to regain some sort of balance in your life. There may be many things knocking you down and pushing you off balance, but whatever happens, being able to stand back up after falling is a prominent step to overcome your clumsiness.

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2 thoughts on “Clumsiness in Dreams”

  1. The dream started off as a normal day at work. I’m writing on an inspection sheet as usual and the pen snaps, move a little forward and I drop my lunch, little more and I almost rolled my ankle stepping in a pothole, then my girlfriend is randomly in the dream I proceeded ask to use her phone…and broke it too. I screamed in my dream “why can’t I hold on to fucking anything” then proceeded to apologize to my girlfriend.

  2. I had a dream of holding someone’s baby and dropping the baby several times. The last time I dropped the baby, blood started coming from the baby’s head, but the baby was still living. In the same dream, but later, I was dreaming of me wearing stockings and couldn’t find my shoes. Every time you turn around I was falling and/or breaking things.