Crossing a Bridge in Dreams

To see yourself crossing a bridge in your dreams is highly suggestive of a change or transition about to take place. You are ready, with full confidence to embrace this transition once you take the first step of crossing the bridge and into a new stage in life. This is an prominent part of your life and of course, there will be some nervous feelings involved. Do not let these anxious emotions and butterflies in your stomach hinder you from making this move. To dream that you are crossing the bridge with shaky and unsteady steps denotes your lack of assurance that this new change is better than the old. Dreaming that you are crossing the bridge surrounded by water represents all the mixed feelings you have regarding this matter.

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29 thoughts on “Crossing a Bridge in Dreams”

  1. my dream started as walking with a couple of others that work with the same company I work for. It appeared to be late fall due to the amount of brown leaves on the ground. They were casually laughing as playing some sort of game. They threw something small into the flowing river that was low and muddy and you (talking to me) that I had to cross over through the water . Day was cloudy (overcast) and I replied.. “no I will cross over the bridge) and so I find did and said I needed to check on my mother. Next thing I know I was inside this house, walking into the kitchen looking for my mom who was not there, which left me wondering where she was. dream over. It’s Oct 17th, 2017. my passed away Nov 02, 2016.

  2. I had a strange dream my mom and I were crossing a exact bridge (SF bay bride) we were on foot running across it. The strange thing was the bridge was twisted. And she was screaming run to the other side the world is ending. We get to the other side and all a sudden we are at my grandmothers house. But it’s shaking like a earthquake and more relatives were there and we kept running up the stair case. Then my dream just ended. But the entire dream I felt scared worried and anxiety.

  3. i had a strange dream where i was carrying a child in my pocket and crossing a bridge with, and the strangest part was that the baby mother entrusted me to cross the bridge with her either than her doing it herself. what does this mean?

  4. I dreamt that i was climbing a foot bridge which so many tried climbing but a strong wind blew them off,i was climbing the foot bridge with a lady who was having her support on me while i was taking my support on the rails of the bridge,but the rails itself was not complete.Every step i took, there was a strong wind but i held strongly to the rails until i got to the top.The lady having her support on me was happy and all smiles.
    Please interpret.

  5. I dreamt that I was staring at a wooden bridge, waiting to cross it. There were many people going across it with ease but I was too scared. I then decided to cross the bridge on my hands and knees but as everyone kept walking across the bridge above the water, the bridge was sinking (only for me) and I started to drown, but eventually made it across the bridge.

  6. I dreamt that was crossing a long Bridge surrounded by water and I was helping people get out of the water it onto the bridge in my dream the bridge went from the u.s. to Canada

  7. Last night I dreamt I was running. It’s as if I was exercising and there were buses passing by I didn’t seem to want to get on any of them. I instead removed any clothing that was making it difficult for me to run.

    I came across an old bridge which in real life I knew from childhood, I had to cross this bridge even though it looked unsafe, on it were homeless people some of which I said hello too and the responded while I continued to cross the bridge.

  8. Dreamt that i was crossing a wooden bridge held up by string and each step was like stepping on a wooden swing and they changed heights too! So up down wobble wobble up, some where long planks too like a tight rope but a plank…. Two of my friends jumped of into the water, i was too high up to see their landing! So i did the rest alone! And met them at the finish cus they same nd i wish i did too but also was glad i didnt! Which is interesting cus im abandoning my friends for a gap year abroad and the crossing a bridge is deffo relevant to the change from alevels to freedom!

  9. Dreamt I was driving my car on to a bridge climbed to the top (bridge was covered in a yellow tarp) and teetered. Went back down the bridge found a family to drive me over the bridge(because I was afraid of the height and the fall). Got to the other side and I got in the drivers seat and drove the family to where they wanted to go. It was weird because in my dream we spoke and they said they were waiting for some one to drive them to their destination because they needed a car and I needed someone to help me over the bridge. The dream ended in me feeling peace but when I woke I felt nervous.

  10. Dreamed I was driving and came across a bridge which became very narrow and had to get out and walk it but it became more and more narrow.

  11. i dreamt that i was crossing a very high glass bridge. i can see through the bottom and the distance to where i stand is like i was in a mountain. i seldom take activities that involves heights but in this dream i was relax and didn’t feel any nervousness or even fear.

      1. I’ve had a dream twice that my husband was driving with me in the passenger seat over a glass bridge across water. Still trying to find the meaning

  12. In my dream my boyfriend is driving a white truck, very carelessly on this I’m going to call it a Rollercoaster looking bridge over water. He’s driving extremely fast knowing out of nowhere a plank of the bridge might move up or down without notice. All of the sudden we are struggling to get up the hill of the bridge when a plank moves but we stop just in time before going over into the water. The plank comes back then we do this all of over again

  13. Hiya, my friend had a dream where she was walking across a white transparent bridge, if the bridge signifies a conscience change in life what does the white transparent mean?

  14. The other night I dreamt about the land collapsing.
    I was on my was to downtown l.a. with my friends in a light blue car, and we were somewere I can’t quite remember but I looked to the sky and the was a weird ablong helicopter just hovering in the sky, so I told my friends we need to get out of here. But no one was listening to me so I keep trying to get their attention and tell them we need to leave right now so I finally get them so budge and we get in the car and go down the freeway and end up at this wodden 2 story house with huge glass windows, we park the car and walk in, I tell them we need to go to the bathroom and get out of here. Out of no where my bestfriend shows up with my mom and all my syblings, I showed my bestfriend the helicopter in the sky and as we were watching it an authority suv black and white cop car startted to float twords the helicopter and it just sat their and hovering behind the helicpoter and it was sort of tilted slightly, I looked to my friend and said that’s why we need to leave, she said that she would go tell my mom and the kids, as she’s doing that I tell my friends that we need to leave and my mom will drive us, so we all some how fit in the care and start to drive away, we get to a bridge annd as soon as we start going over I look to the right out the window and see a huge chunk of land just dropped into the ocean, you can see it rappidly happening all along the edge of the cosline in random spots, so I see the bridge starting to fall at high speeds so I really quickly unfassen my seatbelt and ggrab my bad and jump out of the back window of the car and jump out, I look back and my little sister kristine is hanging on to my bag and I tried to grab her hand but the ground fell right beneath her so I quckily start to climb upward as the floor of the bridge is going down at and angel and I’m climbing up that angel, some how everytime I tried to get up I did, I was jumjumping to the grass that we just drove in from as the bridge was falling in pieces at my feet but I made it as the timing was utterly perfect, then I look behind me and my mom appears next to me, I thought she had died because she was driving. But we start to walk twords a camofoulged jeep and black helicopter with some type of armed forces surrounding it, in that moment I had also noticed the grass was long and blowing in the choppers blaze of perpellers, but it was also drenched in water, (like the grass in japan, how its sinking slowly and theirs water on their land.) Then I woke up ..this dream really scared me I woke up in a panic can Anyone inturpret ?

  15. I had a strange dream last night that I was greeted by a celebrity Pauly Shore of all people I know strange, anyway in my Dream I looked up and there was a Bridge and it had a sign above it saying HOLY BIBLE, as we were walking across the bridge Pauly was talking to me saying as we walk across this Bridge lets speak of Gods work and said isn’t it beautiful, but the bridge didn’t look so great there was things all along the bridge like old small paper books, my daughter ran ahead of us, on each side of the bridge was some old buildings and pillers that were vertical at one point my daughter ran ahead of us while he talked to me, I noticed my daughter had crossed the bars on the bridge with both hands out not holding on reaching for one of the vertical pillars, I screamed for her to hold on as she touched the vertical pillar, at this point I panicked and didn’t know what to do or how I was going to save her, I could see tree’s and water at first my dream went kind of crazy like first she fell in the water but I was trying to correct my dream where I was trying to come up with a solution to save her, but at that point I woke up! So glad I did that scared the heck out of me.

    What does this all mean?

  16. I had a dream that I was crossing a bridge in a vehicle over a body of water. But the thing is I was crossing a bridge with no highway. I was driving as if there was a road but in my dream when I looked down there was no road I could see the water underneath. Can anyone please tell me what this mean?

    1. Ebony I had the same dream omg but I was in Jamaica the only thing I could see was the rails of the bridge… it means something I just don’t understand what. I hope you find out the meaning to this dream love I’m curious as well. I been having quite a few dreams but I look toward heaven for my answers…

  17. For a couple years I dreamed of moving out of town, there was a bridge, i had to cross that I was actually afraid of. I’d have nighmares about that bridge. I was going through a bad marriage and wanted togiveit up, so we decided to move out the state to seek change. Moved out the state things got worse, we decided to move back home, on the way back as I approached that bridge i had anxiety attacks back to back. I actually cried because i didn’t want to drive over the bridge and husband refused to drive. I prayed for clarity of mind to cross the bridge and I did, I ended my troubled marriage that I’ve been too long waiting to end the same day I returned home, though I was afraid to . I Dreamed about that bridge, two weeks after and drove over it with no fears and was happy. So therefore I see dreams really have meanings that relates to reality.

  18. Dreamt I was walking back and forth on a green bridge that felt very shaky for me. I was walking hesitantly. There was a child there too that was jumping all around, hanging on the ledge and it was steady for her. I was very nervous warning her she may fall into the water, and trying to get her down we were very high up. She continued playing in a dangerous manner. Not sure if I ended up crossing in the end

  19. I remember the beginning of the dream being that I was already on the bridge. There were other people on the bridge with me. I did not know them. They were looking over the side, not crossing. I stopped to look over the side and saw water in the distance. Not flowing under the bridge where it should have been. The water looked like it was damned up or just not flowing. The dry land indicated that there should have been to water falls. Then the water started to flow. It seemed like I need to then hurry to get to the other side incase the water was too forceful as it came up to the bridge. I made it across. However, just as I was about to step off I noticed as I looked down that the bridge surface was a glass like substance that was cracked(was not an old bridge it was sturdy) I was cautious not to step on the cracks for fear I would cut my foot. I did not see my foot in the dream. I felt safe and secure when I had finally crossed.

  20. In my dream I was walking across a sturdy metal strong bridge as I looked down I noticed water just lapping over the ground, I didn’t feel scared I just kept crossing the bridge. I looked to my right and a feral cat was crossing the bridge with me, I wasn’t afraid of the feral cat but felt like I needed to let her make her way over the bridge without getting in her way. I made it across to the other side of the bridge cautiously and steady 🙂

  21. I had a dream that me and friends went out to eat we drank alcohol then the manager told us to leave. So we began to walk it was very dark outside and we all was scared we had to cross this bridge in order to get to the other side under te bridge was water. As son as I stepped on the bridge it was very wobbly you couldn’t cross it, it was impossible. Oh I forgot to say we were all barefoot and the bridge had broken glass at the begining of it. But anyway there was no way to cross the bridge by yourself so I said why don’t we all get on the bridge that way it will be strudy so we all got on the bridge stepping over glass to not cut our feet the we all cross the bridge right before we steped off the bridge a yellow light shined in each of our face and I said thank you jesus before the light shined in my face after I said thank you jesus the yellow ligh shined in my face and the dream was over help me find out what my dream meaning

  22. My dream was that I was driving a car with a friend in the passenger seat and we were on a old back road and trying to get to the main road. I was going down hill and right before the main road was the bridge over water and parts of it were missing, but only where the tires go, and there was no way to get my tires onto it, and in the dream, I didn’t want to take time to try to find another route. So I gunned it and slid on the under carriage all the way across and made it and then once I got to the main road, it dropped off into nothing and I woke up. … Now I’m someone who dreams all the time and don’t think much about them, but this dream has stuck with me like something is telling me to pay attention to it. Any ideas? (I am debating on looking for a new job, but nervous about it.)

  23. Last night I had a dream where I was heading to the jewelry store to go with my sister to buy a wedding ring I have been insecure about my own relationship we had to cross a old wooden white bridge that didn’t cross completely to the other side you had to fall into water and swim to some stairs to get there even tho I was afraid my sister told me not to be. what could that mean?

  24. last night i dreamed that i was running to catch someone, i run run and run, until i felt tired, and i just let it go.. when i walk, i cried, and it rained, while i was about to cross a bridge, i met two of my friends, and they told me they will bring me home. when we were on the middle of the bridge, someone came, smiling, he told me he’ll bring me home instead. when we walked down the bridge, and we rode a tricycle, he wiped my tears and told me everything will be alright.