Crying in Dreams

When you dream about crying, it represents the sadness you have in your heart. Someone close to you are leaving or choosing to distance themselves. You question the actions they do, and don’t quite understand why it is happening and the only outlet is to cry because you are sad.

Not know the reasons why certain things happen the way it does is very saddening and frustrating.

It is also a time you remember the people that you cared about and they may have parted this world. Crying in your dream is a show of your true feelings that you have hidden from your waking life.

Cries of joy are rarely dreamed about.

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26 thoughts on “Crying in Dreams”

  1. Saeed,

    I have this dream; that I’m on crowded street or squre with lot people, it seems they all having fun, among the crowed, I feel so sad and lonely, looking for some one to recognize, but they all seems to me stranger, deep down I feel so sad and lonely, and wanna cry so hard and shed my tears, but I’m not able to that, despite every part of my feeling wanted to cry, so I’m silently crying inside of me without the tears, but I know I’m so sad, and want to cry my guts out, but not able to do it, at the end on those unfamiliar streets I’m walking and looking for some one that I know him! all I feel; lonely and dedoarate for some sort of friend or acquaintance,,,

  2. It is the 2nd time it has happened to me in the last 2weeks. I am 31, male. There were tears from the first dream. This morning I did not have tears but I still feel the emotion behind my eyes, the worry of what I means, the memory of why I was crying in the area. I have a daughter but my old friend who recently did was in the dream, entertaining children. There was the loss of a baby boy in the dream.. I don’t see my daughter often and her mother and I are not together. I pay for them, but the bond between me and my daughter is paltry really. Maybe we need each other more. Her mum doesn’t work and she has an older adopted daughter. Maybe I’m spoiling her by paying her life, half my wages almost, and paying for her adopted daughter, she recently accidentally disclosed. I’m working well paid job that’s robotic. I’d prefer a happy close knit family… The dream before was about Jesus as well as some loss, the tears flowed in sobs. His love, does make me emotional

  3. I was dreaming about me in a dark room in the corner and crying like crazy saying “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” What does that mean?…

  4. It has been a year since I adopted a 7 year old boy. Both his parents are deceased. I dreamt that his father can to collect him because he just found out he was his son. At first in my dream, I didn’t cry. But eventually I started wailing like I was being tortured. I sent my entire dream crying and asking people to help me find him.

  5. I don’t know but, I still am so sad.
    I’m a new born Christian.I know that everyone of us has a fight to do,which life puts up against us.but mine went too far,and got me tired. Since 2012 I made through a very unpleasant storms of starting something and not finishing but just to take a start all over again in totally different life pathes untill today.
    lately i backslid and kept repenting.I was also asking Jesus Christ to answer me literally. it went long that i even prayed giving up” my Lord Jesus,I am tired.I can’t get on anymore.You gave me once,almost everything without me asking, now that i went on losing and not bearing any fruit,my wage is shown and taken from me.Here Lord, have my breath,take it it’s not even mine right? or what is in it for me to eat and drink and wake up to live as they cruel masters wish…….am i even worthy?….” and last night i was praying, wanted to cry but couldn’ i went to sleep.i had 3 dreams, and i saw myself,arguing,soughting mercy,and last one about requests.
    after each of first two dreams, i woke up and went back and still all crying bad.but no tears while waking.
    but the 3rd time i went back again,dream was>> I knelt down face on ground and holding my abdomen thight and SAID “GOD PLEASE,IS NOT MINE EMBARESSMENT ENOUGH?? PLEASE COMPENSATE MY LOSSES? O I CRAAAA-YIEEEEEE TO YOUUUU!” and i cried in a very new sorrowful voice i HAD NEVER heard before.
    I got up waking,and my eyes literally hurt, can’t open wide.though tears never came out while waking.
    I still am even more i the only person? JESUS HELP ME?!

  6. I dreamt that I was there with a close friend of mine and she was there with this guy that she likes and he’s imprisoned and she came to visit him and I saw the strong love that they shared and I was touched that I began to cry.

  7. I dreamt I was looking for the right clothes to wear in the drawer, ones I wanted were missing, couldn’t understand why…had to get to my voluntary work with kids….was very late , sat and cried and cried, life was too busy, doing too much that |I couldn’t manage, crying non stop

  8. I took a three hour nap yesterday and I woke up and I was crying while I was sleeping like really bad. I remember my whole dream everything I just don’t understand thanks never happened to me before

  9. I have never woke up crying before. It was very odd that I did this morning. Ok so, last night I had a dream about some of my family. We were at my grandparents house. My aunts were telling me what to do and I would say “No, I’m not going to do it.” But, I was joking with them. They didn’t seem too pleased. My uncle was telling me to do stuff too. My grandma was getting angry because I wasn’t listening. My aunt handed me a paper that looked like a brochure and she told me to put it in my grandma’s room. I ended up reading it and then all of a sudden I started crying because I was angry. I forgot what my mother said but she looked at me and I was so angry that I ran off, slammed the door, and started crying. I was so angry. Then, I woke up crying. I was crying as if someone had died. I was so sad. I ended up having a mini anxiety attack. I don’t understand why this happened. Please help me understand this weird dream.

  10. In my dream I was being distracted so I can be kidnapped then while I was getting away this mans dog bit my elbow I felt it, I got away and found out my friend was in on it, I hid behind cars and was screaming for help then It was daylight I was weak with some family I didn’t know and feel to the ground feeling as if my life was leaving my body I’m crying so hard saying I was sorry over and over again specially to this women’s son who hated me his name was Brent or Kent, as he walked towards me and I’m crying harder since I’m pretty sure I’m dying since I feel so weak saying I’m sry to him he starts to cry almost as if he is about to forgive me, as I’m crying I wake up in tears with half of the back of my thumb in my mouth, as I wake myself from crying so hard in my dream I realize I’m actually crying loud in my house with tears on my face and the Back of my thumb in my mouth just as it was in my dream. This is the time when you wish you had someone to call or text or someone to turn over to just to calm you down.

  11. Just had this awful dream… It was later in life for me I owned a business and I was downtown and upon helping someone outside. Tragedy struck, me and many others were shot gun downed. But at the same time I couldn’t find the bullet wound on me. I lived everyday in fear after the day I got shot. Everywhere I went constantly watching my back crying for no reason, close friends seeing me etc etc. contemplating suicide in the dream to avoid this huge fear I had on my shoulders… Idk 🙁 just woke me up my nose is now all stuffy.
    Recently I’ve taken a break from smoking weed and I began to have more natural dreams. This is the first time I’ve had a nightmare that I was crying so bad that I’ve woken up. In a long time. I have been seeing a psychologist lately and the first ting I thought of upon waking was my doctor…
    Why is this happening!
    Anyone to help I can’t thank you enough!!!

  12. My dream was very vivid. I was at this love band club waiting for my ex boyfriend to get off from work. Lately I’ve been in and out of job interviews and in my spare time I would hang out with him. He has been very distant and cold towards me. In my dream he asked me why I was here? I said in hopes you can give me a ride back home instead of paying for a taxi. He said yes. Later on the night club closes, and then all of the employees left except him. I helped him clean up as he was packing up the music equipment. Since he has a strong case of PTSD he was telling me that he is now diagnosed with the highest degree of xanax. I tried to comfort him and said definitely no thank you from you Kim. I asked what is that supposed to mean. He said I don’t want a hug from a woman who looks like a whore in everyone’s eyes. I said “Are you joking me?! How do I look like a whore when I’m fully clothed, no cleavage out, and in some casual jeans? You’re only saying that because I have a very curvaceous body type who attracts most men. That’s the most shallow thing you can say to me when you not only loved but, know me inside and out.” then I ran off crying out of the bar into the middle of the street and left and decided to walk with police and juveniles to a they were headed to.

    And that’s when my sister woke me because I was crying in my sleep and she heard it.

  13. There is a statue I pass by everyday on my way to school. Last night I dreamed that it started crying, and tears were coming out of the statue. It didn’t move, but you can clearly see it crying. It freaked me out.

  14. I loved this girl for many years. Once or twice I told her how I felt about her. Her response was [something to the degree of], “I’m not looking for a relationship right now” or “I’m not very interested in you.” This took place from a year to about a month ago.

    Last night, I dreamt of her. She was in my bedroom, sitting on the floor. I was sitting on the floor too. I crawled over to her and looked into her eyes. She looked at me. She had red, teary (sad) eyes. I was not crying. She started crawling away from me. I called her and said hi. She replied hi back with a [sort of nervous, tired] smile.

    This was only a portion of the dream, of course. But I cannot find anyone who can “interpret” what it means when your crush (or someone else) is crying and your not. CAN SOMEONE HELP?

  15. i had a dream that I was crying in my sleep. I had a dream that my husband (who was deported) was finally coming to be with me and I was crying and people were saying “what happened why are you so sad?” and I said “these are tears of joy, I just received some really good news”

    I don’t know half the time what my dreams mean. sometimes I find myself looking on this internet for hours trying to find a really good site that can help me with some of my dreams but I’m never successful.

  16. I dreamed that there was a couple and I was going out to lunch with them. They had 3 or 4 children, can’t quite remember.
    Then I started looking at the children and I noticed that they all had the most beautiful blue eyes.

    I started to cry hysterically and I would cry even more when I continued to look at their eyes.

    I started to say ‘Praise the Lord’ and I continued to cry

    Any suggestions?

  17. I keep dreaming about my partner leaving me and I just cry and cry in my dream, often so hard I can not talk in my dream. Also everyone is very uninterested or sympathetic to me and they turn away. I just keep thinking, “but he promised to be with me forever.” and I am confused and crying. I don’t have any of these feelings when I’m awake. Why do I keep having this dream?

    1. My dear, you are insecure about your relationship. Perhaps subconciously you feel lucky to have your partner and perhaps you feel you are not up to your partners standards. Enjoy being together, if your partner leaves then thats what was supposwd to happen and eventually you will see it was for the best. Obviously insecurw, get over it and just accept that your partner is with you because they want to be.

  18. Not satisfied with the Christian meaning of crying in dreams. However, I could say that I felt sadness before I went to sleep because I received a regret letter after waiting for months. That mad e me sad but never cried in reality but I seem to have cried in my dream reflecting an emotion that was repressed. I maybe would encourage people to cry in reality when they feel sadness. I tend to belive that tears are prayers to God. He can comfort through His Holy Spirit.