Dancing with Others in Dreams

Dancing is an elegant art of graceful movement. To dream that you are dancing with others symbolizes some sort of connection and relationship to the other person. It can be used to represent a romantic union between lovers or friendly and potential intimate bond with family and friends. Dancing with another person in your dream can also symbolize that you both find comfort and companionship in one another.

To dream that you are leading the dance indicates that you feel life and things are in your control and grasp. You are not scared by the future because you know that others will be there for you if ever needed.

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7 thoughts on “Dancing with Others in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I was at work. I walked in a soft music was playing. A coworker came towards me and we began to dance passionately but innocently. The song ended & he walked away. I went to my desk & on the television was my dad (who is deceased). He was in a commercial. I began to scream in excitement because I never knew he had done a commercial & tears of joy flowed down my face. One of my Supervisors came to console me & I explained to her what I saw. I then woke up.

  2. I dreamed I was dancing with my great grandmother. She has been dead for 45 years. She looked just like I remember. We were what appeared to be outside, kind of foggy, we were holding hands, looked like a type of waltz, but free and just enjoying it together. I don’t ever remember anything ever about dancing regarding our relationship. It was a sweet visit out of no where. Strange.

  3. I had a dream whereby I was with the people from our church. I was having a friendly conversation with our pastors wife. All of a sudden I saw my pastor take me by my hands in sort of an open place and he started leading me in to a ballroom dance. He said to me while we were dancing that I would become a dancer at the age of thirty. I am currently 29. In the dream I seemed excited about it. After the dance he sort of became too touchy because he lifted the top i was wearing & said things while he was touching the sides of my belly. When the dream continued from there my pastor was now walking ahead of me and i had in my hand my little girl. As he was walking he laid under a tree looking like he was tired of walking. The tree that he laid under had a snake wrapped around it. Not far from where he was there was another guy who laid under another tree and it also had a yellowish snake around it. I grabbed a hold of my daughter and warned both of them about the snakes but they didn’t seem to mind about them. So i woke up

    1. How is it possible that two people miles away can have almost the same kind of dream. You dream is 80percent close to mine. Strange

  4. I had a wonderful dream and wanted some insight to it.. I dreampt I saw a girl I cared a lot about in the same room as me. We haven’t seen each other in years. She was wearing a white dress and I went over to her, took her and we began dancing. At one point, I looked at her and pulled her hair back and said “I’m really glad you’re here”. And she replied and smiled a huge smile and said “I’m glad I’m here to!” I asked her where she was moving to (I haven’t seen her in years so I have no idea what is going on with her) and she said “to Ana Daminigo…About 13 hours away. A very small town. The people I’m staying with have a weird thing about hanging photos on walls, so I can’t put lipstick on me”.I no idea what any of that meant.. No connection at all.. I kept talking and asking things… Because I didn’t want this to end.. Eventually I woke up and felt sad.. Everything felt very mundane around me..