Failing a Test in Dreams

If you have been falling behind on studying up for an exam, the anxiety will build up from your waking hours and lead you to dream about failing a test. Failure is a common theme in dreams due to the nature of stress and responsibilities in our daily lives. When you learn to manage your life into a happy medium, where everything is taken care of in an effective manner and proactively, dreaming of failing tests will rarely occur again.

It is also the brain’s mechanism to prep you for any unlikely or unfavorable evens by playing it out in your imagination.

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One thought on “Failing a Test in Dreams”

  1. hi, i’m 27 yr old dental surgeon. i ve this recurrent dream. I’m back in school.. Writing an exam. All my batch-mates are there. They all are writing the exam pretty comfortably while i’m just not able to answer the questions.. I don.t know the answers or i’m falling short of time. Even the people who were at the bottom of the class are writing the answers, while i who’s always been a scholar student am just not able to write anything. the dream ends.